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DankMagicianD on [Primer] Casting the Mythal: An …

5 minutes ago

I have an Inalla list myself, and it's one of my favorite lists to play. It's nice to see someone else with a similar level of enthusiasm for the deck.

DreadKhan on Knight deck

11 minutes ago

Well, Selesnya Sanctuary might bounce a land, but it taps for 2, so next turn you not only have less lands out, you have the same mana (and have some fixing), and you definitely have another land in hand if you need to play a big drop later. If you use Karoo lands, you lose the land, but you aren't down any mana. As for Ohran, I was thinking a singleton as a finisher, as it can both draw lots of cards and clear out blockers, both things you probably want. I'm trying to think of some good card draw options that fit in here, white has nothing I can think of that fits, and green tends to need a big creature out, or lots of creatures.

Rebuff vs Mana Tithe is a decent question, but I think the two serve different purposes. Mana Tithe mostly hits efficient plays, and removal plays tend to be cheap and leave mana to pay it. Mana Tithe becomes dead quickly most games though, while Rebuff can stay relevant.

I can explain some of what Knight of the Reliquary can do for you. It excels in a deck that runs lands that are high value, up to Gaea's Cradle type stuff, but there are many great lands out there that can take over the game that aren't $1k. It can easily fix you with a The World Tree , and all the while it keeps growing. You might also want some landfall payoffs like Felidar Retreat or Retreat to Kazandu , there are tons out there. If you fetch out a Sanctuary, note it will still bounce a land, and thus Reliquary can set up Knight of the White Orchid to fetch a land for you and actually get you ahead on mana, and that fetched Plains can then be sacrificed for a better land later. If you can bounce, flicker or otherwise repeat the Knight, you might actually end up pretty far ahead, as long as you expect your opponents to hit their land drops. You can also find lands that make creatures with Reliquary, or go big with Dark Depths as a finisher, it's an extremely versatile card, and has big synergies with a ton of stuff like Crucible of Worlds to generate big mana enabling quick wins. Even without leaning too hard into it's traditional uses, just using it as a Knight it seems like a good card, and I feel like you need more creatures in here anyways.

If you keep Knight of the White Orchid I would remove the ramp spells for Reliquaries, I think you have enough lands to hit 3 mana safely.

Hope some of this was helpful!

DadHumanPraetor on Feather Redeems Boros in EDH …

12 minutes ago

With the addition of strixhaven's "cast OR COPY" creatures such as Leonin Lightscribe and Lorehold Pledgemage I have slotted several copy spells and a Double Vision The dream is to create a loop by copying a copy spell to make infinitely large creatures and then Soul's Fire or Chandra's Ignition them at my opponent's faces. Wish me luck lol.

triickii on The Ur Dragon Updated 2021

13 minutes ago

Boki92 I'm not a fan of including Beledros and Shadrix in the deck, they don't do a lot to push the main theme and Shadrix would actually give opponents flying blockers. I've just ordered a Scion of Draco , I'll be dropping Surrak Dragonclaw . I can't wait for Tiamat either, this upcoming sets looks like it's going to full of dragon goodies!

DankMagicianD on Ezuri League

16 minutes ago

A Forest was swapped out for the new Barkchannel Pathway  Flip, a straight upgrade. Feed the Pack is one of my favorite cards, but it can be very feast or famine. Its replacement, Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider , has a much higher floor while still being very threatening. Finally, Prime Speaker Zegana has been replaced by Toski, Bearer of Secrets . Both are great at drawing cards, but Toski's indestructibility and lower mana cost edge give him the edge. I really want my card draw to be cheaper.

Higgybeans on Reap the tides precon - …

1 hour ago

Khalni Heart Expedition is already in the list. Zendikar Resurgent is great in this deck because double mana. I personally didnt use any of the mana dorks to try and keep the price down but you could easily cut some of the weaker creatures to replace them. If you wanted to use mana drain and other counter magic, I would replace some of the bounce spells like peel from reality, as they do the same thing just a little better.

Raomeas on Knight deck

1 hour ago

DreadKhan About the Rebuff the Wicked i placed Mana Tithe in place of that card since i thought it would cover more cases.

Bow of Nylea is a great idea.

If i include bounce lands i don't think Ohran Frostfang would be a good idea since he is quite expensive in comparison to the rest of the deck.

Maybe a substitute to Knight of the White Orchid would be a good idea? I heard Knight of the Reliquary was good but i can't really see his use, or maybe some Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers ?

multimedia on Alesha, No Idea

1 hour ago

Hey, nice version of Alesha.

New sets Modern Horizons 2 and Strixhaven has lots of budget goodies for Alesha. The first two cards can tutor for and put Master of Cruelties into your graveyard.

  • Vile Entomber : best card of the bunch to consider adding since it's repeatable Entomb with a deathtouch body who Alesha can reanimate.
  • Unmarked Grave : tutor for any nonlegendary card and put in your graveyard.
  • Goblin Bombardment : now a $1 and it's one of the best sac outlets in Commander especially with Cruelties. After making an opponent have 1 life sac Cruelties to end that opponent and repeat next turn by reanimating Cruelties.
  • Karmic Guide : now a $1, powerful with Alesha because she can reanimate it which then can reanimate any other creature in your graveyard. Karmic can put itself back into your graveyard by not paying the echo cost making it easily repeatable.
  • Zephyr Boots : give Alesha flying evasion and it can be repeatable loot to fuel her reanimation.
  • Access Tunnel : another Rogue's Passage , less mana cost to activate.

Viscera Seer is a one drop sac outlet to abuse reanimation of the same creatures with Alesha and it also can help your draws with repeatable scry. Solemn Simulacrum can be repeatable basic land ramp and draw when reanimated with Alesha. Ravenous Chupacabra can be repeatable creature removal.

Exotic Orchard is another rainbow land. Spectator Seating and Vault of Champions are Bond lands that ETB untapped if playing multiplayer Commander. Talisman of Conviction and Talisman of Hierarchy are two more two drop mana rocks.

If interested in any of these suggestions then I offer more advice including cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

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