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Darsul on Storm Sprite

1 minute ago

Their is a lot of thoughts I have about this but, in short why call this storm? You have no "storm" payoffs. With that in mind look at other counter burn decks on this site and you can get a few tech thoughts up grades.

Like Scavenger Grounds should go. what can it help you cast? Stormwing Entity and Manamorphose . Tormod's Crypt would be better, it triggers Prowess and still cost 0.

Epicurus on Card creation challenge

14 minutes ago

Miasmic Languor


The first creature that enters the battlefield each turn enters with a -1/-1 counter on it

Next, make a card with the word "last" in the text.

vaerth on Merfolk Surprise (Korvold EDH)

18 minutes ago

I was surprised for sure.

Sorin_Markov_1947 on WGB Doom Foretold

29 minutes ago

I don't think Omen of the Hunt belongs here. It's just not a good card. You also probably want Yorion as a companion just because he synergizes so well with the Doom Foretold attitude. You'll also want more removal, like the fourth Binding the Old Gods and some spell removal like Heartless Act . Take a look at some of the other Abzan Doom decks around and see what works for them.

azja on Yuriko (Optimized) Primer

40 minutes ago

@ivan94 Hey, thank you for the interesting suggestions! I've never tried out any of those cards before.

I especially like Windcaller Aven because it has a cheap cycling cost, and gives one of my creatures flying until end of turn. I think Shark Typhoon is a bit too expensive though, since you have to pay a minimum of 3 mana to get a creature out of it. Some spice nonetheless!

klaudiohmm on Flavor Text Tribal, aka: Vanilla …

44 minutes ago

Hey! If you aren't necessarily running a Bear subtheme, maybe you should swap some of them for vanilla elves. You can strengthen your Elf synergy with Cylian Elf and Elvish Warrior , for example. Maybe a card like Nullhide Ferox works too. Your opponents may hesitate to activate its ability (if they activate, it loses hexproof but becomes unblockable), but I don't know if it is good or fun enough.

I think that other token generators can work very well with your commander. Avenger of Zendikar is a very strong creature that puts a lot of 0/1 tokens without abilities, so they are buffed by your commander. Deranged Hermit and Deep Forest Hermit can be very powerful in your strategy because they swarm the board, and G likes creatures on the field (you can use card draw like Shamanic Revelation or buffing effects like Beastmaster Ascension with better results). For card draw, maybe you should use Regal Force or something like it (benefit from tokens) or Guardian Project (tokens won't trigger it, but other creatures will).

If you go more for a token strategy, token doublers can help you a lot (that is, if you already have them or Quandrix commander from C21 didn't spike them). I don't know if the "return creatures from graveyard to your hand" is that strong. If it doesn't, maybe a token strategy works better. If you think that it goes against the idea of the deck (using cards forgotten in our boxes for ages), then really it's the case of running a lot of vanilla creatures (although I think that you should use them in the ideal quantity).

Don't know if it's worth, but you aren't running any boardwipes. Maybe Oblivion Stone helps you reset the board if opponents' boards become a problem. Other problem I see is recursion. I think that Eternal Witness is a green staple and maybe you should use it. Maybe swap a land for Bala Ged Recovery  Flip. To deal with graveyards, maybe Scavenging Ooze is a great addition.

I don't know if cards like Blossoming Defense or Autumn's Veil worth the slots. If you go for a token, more go-wide strategy, maybe lose a creature or other does not affect your game thaaat much. Maybe you should swap them for card draw or recursion cards.

That's all I can think for now. Hope it helps :)

Gleeock on Useful additions for thantis, the …

56 minutes ago

No problem. Lifelink is very good in Thantis as well. Particularly now that there is no dmg... then response to dmg phase (alot of people forget this). I've had someone swing 20 1/1's at me (forgetting about Whip of Erebos ) only to have Thantis get +20/20 & have me lose no life

akakassy on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

1 hour ago

swamps are still missing from DDR

ClockworkSwordfish on Gruul horned kavu

1 hour ago

I absolutely agree! I actually designed a similar build around Horned Kavu some years ago, seen here: RG Pauper. It might hold some inspiration for you!

Looking at your list, it's looking solid but there are a couple choices I don't really think are contributing to your deck's goal. Sylvan Brushstrider and Llanowar Visionary both feeling like they're kind of underperforming in a straight aggro deck like this. Yes, their comes-into-play abilities can be reset by the Kavu... but you only have four Kavu to go around, and do you really want to use one up paying three mana to gain 2 life? You should be more occupied with running your opponent out of life!

You already have plenty of creatures worth resetting, so in their place you might like some more aggressive creatures to help out. Orcish Hellraiser and Goblin Heelcutter are solid mid-sized critters that can help get damage through blockers. Kird Ape is the best one-drop this deck can buy, though you'd want to cut out some of those taplands for more basics. Reckless Abandon is another mana-efficient way to get a chunk of pile damage past enemy blockers, and combos well with Young Wolf ! Hopefully some of these ideas help give your deck a little more teeth. Good luck!

Inhaledbear on Octavia's Eight Armed Arm-y

1 hour ago

The list looks great, though I think you should add in Pongify and Rapid Hybridization

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