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itsbuzzi on Red Board Wipes

1 minute ago

I run in the format a bit and would like to add to the list as some of my favorites were not found. I would also like to add there are two types: large and small. Generally small red board wipes consist of 3 damage or less to the board whereas large board wipes deal more. I'll separate them into these piles. There are 2 things you are looking for when refering to red boardwipes: Mana cost and damage; you want the best bang for your buck in a sense. A semi-complete list of the best unique board wipes includes: (This list may be missing some, Gatherer missed Cinderclasm)

Small Boardwipes

Anger of the Gods: Deals 3 damage to each creature with exile clause for 3 mana at sorcery speed. A standard scale of a good board wipe.

Chandra, Awakened Inferno (Cast for 6 then -3): Deals 3 damage to each non-elemental for 6 mana at sorcery speed with potential upside after untapping next turn. Deck-dependent, if you only need a board wipe and don't need the other value this is not the card you need and isn't worth it.

Cinderclasm: Deals 1 damage to each creature for 2 (1) or 2 damage to each for 1 at instant speed. Depending on what you need the stop the instant speed is valuable as you can stop triggers ensuring what you are killing doesn't get bigger and play around any potential counterspell or protection.

Crush the Weak: 2 damage to each creature with exile clause at sorcery speed for 3 (2) or foretold to spread the mana across a couple of turns; not exactly what you want with a board wipe unless you can set it up this way. This card isn't really any better than Cinderclasm unless the is hard to cast or you need the exile clause.

End the Festivities: 1 damage to each creature and planeswalker for 1 at sorcery speed. A good standard for a tiny board wipe but is fringe in utility.

Fiery Cannonade: 2 damage to each non-pirate creature at instant speed for 2. Is deck-dependent, personally best used while piloting a pirate deck but otherwise is similar to Cinderclasm.

Flame Sweep: 2 damage to each non-flyer for 2 at instant speed. Very similar in utility to Fiery Cannonade but worse as flyers are more prevalent in the format and just in general.

Incendiary Sabotage: 3 damage to each creature at instant speed for 2 and sacing an artifact. Fringe where you need artifacts in the deck but the instant speed may be useful as described before but is somewhat on par with Anger of the Gods due to versatility but worse based on utility.

Radiant Flames: 1 2 or 3 damage to each creature depending on how many colors of mana used to cast at sorcery speed. This is a versatile board wipe and very much on par with Anger of the Gods perhaps better due to the ease of casting paired with the different modes on it but does not come with the exile clause.

Sweltering Suns: 3 damage to each creature for 1 with cycling 2 at sorcery speed. Very similar to Anger of the Gods which is a good place to be with more utility where you can get a new card from it at instant speed if it's not needed.

Vampires' Vengeance: 2 damage to each non-vampire creature. Essentially similar to Fiery Cannonade.

Large Boardwipes

Burn Down the House: 5 damage to each creature and planeswalker or 3 1/1 devil tokens with haste for the turn for 3 at sorcery speed. Depending on how much damage you need to include this one covers all your bases with additional playability with the devils.

Chandra, Flamecaller (Cast for 6 then -X): Deals X damage up to a max of 4 (unless other loyalty raising cards are used) to each creature for 6 mana at sorcery speed with potential upside after untapping next turn if it survives. Deck-dependent, if you only need a board wipe and don't need the other value this is not the card you need.

Draconic Intervention: X damage to each non-Dragon creature where X is an instant or sorcery card's mana value in your yard with the additional cost of exiling the instant or sorcery for 2 at sorcery speed. Deck dependent obviously but can go large or small just has a large additional cost. You'd want to get at least 3 damage off of this every time and more to make it really worth it.

Gates Ablaze: X damage to each creature where X is how many gates you have for 2 at sorcery speed. Very much deck dependent of course but if it fits the deck this is the card to run.

Hour of Devastation: 5 damage to each creature and each non-bolas planeswalker while losing indestructible for 3 at sorcery speed. This is similar to Burn Down the House where unless you need the additional text on the card just run Burn Down the House.

Kozilek's Return: 2 damage to each creature for 2 at instant speed with the additional bonus of exiling it from your yard as you cast an Eldrazi for 7 or more to deal 5 damage to each creature. Once again deck dependent of course but if it fits the deck this is the card to run.

Mizzium Mortars: For the board wipe mode (the only mode we are looking at) its 4 damage to each creature you don't control for 3 at sorcery speed. Not exactly the rate of a board wipe you want unless the bonus of the 1 sided boardwipe is that appealing.

Sarkhan's Unsealing: The board wipe mode is after casting a creature for 7 or more it deals 4 damage to each creature and planeswalker you don't control. Similar to Kozilek's Return but worse where you don't have the early game mode but better where it is repeatable. It doesn't look like you need this one unless it fits the deck.

Star of Extinction: The mother of all board wipes. Deal 20 damage to each creature and planeswalker while also blowing up their land for 5 at sorcery speed. Very over the top and you most likely can get what you need to do for less mana.

Storm's Wrath: Deals 4 damage to each creature and planeswalker for 2 at sorcery speed. Pretty much the best board wipe to deal 4 damage.

The Best Wipes at Each Damage

Generally speaking these are the best at simply dealing damage while staying mana conservative:

1 damage: Token hate or very aggro hate End the Festivities

2 damage: Inbetween of Token hate & standard damage Radiant Flames just due to the fact that for the same mana it can hit for 3 damage.

3 damage: Standard amount of damage It's very close but just for ease of casting Radiant Flames beats out the competition unless the cycling fits well or the exile clause is needed.

4 damage: Inbetween of Smaller and Larger amount of damage Storm's Wrath Not even a question is the best by far.

5 damage: Larger amount of damage Burn Down the House. It's close but the additional option of the card helps it beat out.

Anything Larger: Star of Extinction Basically, if you need to board wipe in red and need to deal more than 5 damage you're generally out of luck and should look elsewhere. Star of Extinction is not really a card you want to be running if you can avoid it the mana cost is just so high.

ketchupkidkenny2021 on Krenko, Drug Kord/Korvold

9 minutes ago


zapyourtumor on Ponza

23 minutes ago

Elder Gargaroth seems like a really slow threat. I'd replace it with some Seasoned Pyromancer, which is just a really good card and you can also pitch it to Fury.

zapyourtumor on Emrakul, The Promised Turn

31 minutes ago


just put double square brackets around card names

[[Spawnsire of Ulamog]] and [[Mirrorworks]]

griffstick on Card creation challenge

43 minutes ago

Pay the troll

Legendary creature - Troll toll police

: regenerate Pay the troll.

Whenever you're attacked create a treasure token for each attacking creature, unless they pay or sacrifice a permanent for each attacking creature. Gain one life for each toll paid.


Build Mirri in . Build it efficiently costed and aggressive. Make her do something with lands. She must have first strike and vigilance. She must have a tap ability that puts counters on creatures. She must grow bigger somehow as the game goes on.

Rebullet on Grixis Academy

1 hour ago

you could also play a single Raven's Crime so you always have a discard outlet even with it in the grave.

filiusromanus357 on What set or sets are …

1 hour ago

New Capenna! Love me some Art Deco and Demons.

Asgeren on See what's possible with the …

2 hours ago

A very creative and different way to play Zur! Brilliant!

Niko9 on Budget - Marisi, Breaker of …

2 hours ago

It looks pretty solid all in all, and the only thing that jumped out at me was Blade of Selves Because why not goad everyone at everyone when you can? It might not be super budget anymore, but it seems like it goes with the deck so well.

Oh, and there are a few other Pacifism type effects that have been printed in recent sets that are usually slight upgrades. Trapped in the Tower Bound in Gold Skyclave Apparition Fiend Hunter or there are the classic removal stuff like Darksteel Mutation or Generous Gift

Also, Unquestioned Authority if you want another Spirit Mantle effect.

Just a few minor tweaks because really, it looks quite nailed down. How much removal does Marisi draw? I feel like all of my commander decks would try to remove him as fast as I possibly could :) That might be the mark of a pretty sweet deck.

GrimlockVIII on Oswald Fiddlebender plus Kaldheim Gods?

2 hours ago

Ahhhh I see that makes sense.

Damn, was really hoping I could do some shenanigans with that lmao. Thanks for the explanation.

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