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Gleeock on Sram, Senior Edificer EDH Budget ...

2 minutes ago

Love it! I do dislike adding ineffective 0 drops just for the sake of draw (especially if you just get more ineffective crap with it). I prefer to beef up my 99, while putting my opponents on the doomsday clock, AND still drawing plenty. Also, regarding Captain's Claws - I agree, that card has been invaluable with so many mass-sac decks in existence. Other cards that have provided sac fodder for me are: Sword of Body and Mind,Moonsilver Spear Most people don't like the cost on the 2nd one but sometimes it has been awesome to suddenly turn Sram into a flying token deck.

Timmmmey on Mono White Soldier, Help Needed

3 minutes ago

What do you think is wrong with your deck? This is your deck, not mine; here's what I suggest.

Throw in some Thalia's Lieutenant and Champion of the Parish. They help give you an early lead in the early game.

I feel like Hero of Bladehold costs too much money and mana for what she does.

Are you sure you want to run that many planeswalkers? I run Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip because he is a cheap creature that can flip into a planeswalker. Plus I feel that Elspeth, Sun's Champion costs too much mana too late into the game to be useful as well. You need to lower your average converted mana cost.

If you want the deck to be cheaper run only Plains if you have to.

Daru Warchief isn't legal in modern btw.

Hope this helps!



RevDonkey on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

15 minutes ago

I couldn't find Sigiled Starfish. Thanks!

ClawhammerLobotomoy on Deck of infinite life

17 minutes ago

The idea is nice. Seems like you're going for a word soup thing with Odric, Lunarch Marshal also.

I'd suggest looking into Sacred Cat as a one drop with lifelink that you can get back if it dies.

Since you're running Mastermind's Acquisition you should be able to throw some of the 'what if' cards into the sideboard only, and grab them when needed.For example, Grand Abolisher is a great side board card, but could just fizzle if the opponent doesn't interact on your turn much.

That goes for Authority of the Consuls as well. If the opponent doesn't have any creatures, it is a dead card in your main deck. You could remove both copies from the main and have one in the side board and just grab it with Mastermind.

I'd argue that Kambal, Consul of Allocation could possibly be the same here. if the opponent is a creature heavy deck, it wouldn't do much work.

I think you should look into cutting down some of the creatures to balance it with some non-creature spells as well.

Fatal Push is a stupid good removal card if you have the cash.

I love Aetherflux Reservoir as a win condition. If you can get the combo off, it is great, but this deck might be a bit slow for that. I've typically only seen/played this as the win-con in some white artifact "storm" decks. In fact, I have one that I mess with on MTGO. Aetherflux storm

Maybe look into going towards a control/prison style archetype and adding cards like

These will just deny the opponent any actions while you set things up.

I'm not that great at building decks, so don't take anything I say as gospel or anything.

Agent_Fire on Red/White Ally Deck

22 minutes ago

I recommend removing weapons trainer or adding more equipment and adding more non basic lands in the form of duels.

N3XT on Bartlamorfus

24 minutes ago

Ur suck

N3XT on Bartlamorfus

24 minutes ago

Chamber999 on Nazahn EDH: Claws to Arms

26 minutes ago

Have you considered adding Odric, Lunarch Marshal ? In order to share the keyword abilities that your cat creatures have or get when equipped.

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