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LittleMy on Crucible of Worlds, Prerelease Uro, …

a few seconds ago

I think the Narset, Parter of Veils and Mystical Tutor are fine for the Misty Rainforest. If it's a little under value for rainforest, that's fine by me.

And in regards to what edition, it doesn't personally matter to me, I like the art on both. If it comes down to neither of us deciding, I'll flip a coin.

digitalJMC1 on Atsushi Copies

8 minutes ago

Very sex man like dragon guys lots

Spell_Slam on Eight-and-a-Half-Tails

23 minutes ago

Earnest Fellowship seems like a great choice here.Glory could also be an excellent addition. Sejiri Shelter  Flip is an easy include in your land package. Cloudchaser Kestrel seems like a really good inclusion as a backup to your commander and as removal and a random flyer.

Righteous Cause could be Patron of the Kitsune, I think. It's just a better card and you actually run a couple foxes to play it at instant speed occasionally. It will gain life even if players aren't attacking you, which is great.

In terms of some cuts, I don't think Spelltithe Enforcer will do much without more oppressive stax pieces already in place, which kind of makes it win-more, in my opinion.

I think Apostle's Blessing is the weakest of your protection spells and could probably go. Mana Tithe, while hilarious for its "gotcha" moments, will often stay stuck in your hand and not really give you much of a choice of what to counter. Cosmos Elixir definitely seems like the worst of your card draw options and could probably go.

I don't think Angel's Feather will work with your Commander's ability, as far as I understand. It's an okay card, but it seems mostly meta dependent.

DreadKhan on Damn Right and I'll do …

25 minutes ago

Oh, just thought of a couple more, Wandering Archaic  Flip and Dauthi Voidwalker can help deal with countermagic users, a perennial problem for decks without Blue. Archaic makes it very hard for other decks to combo off while it's out, and Voidwalker's ability to become whatever you want is a huge boon in a mono-Black deck. Note, if your Commander recurs Voidwalker, it will remember not only anything it previously exiled (it will still have a counter), it can 'see' anything another Voidwalker has exiled.

WithoutFX on Sakashima of a million other …

1 hour ago

Thanks for your feedback! I threw this together to get an idea of how it would play against my group with the cards I have since I haven't built anything simic in a long time, however you're totally right. The main issue I had was with draw. Initially I was focused on the ETB trigger value but as I was playing I was thinking of other ways I could balance the deck out. I also think it might be good to add another wincon like Laboratory Maniac/Jace, Wielder of Mysteries + Blue Sun's Zenith was well. Simic Ascendancy almost won a game as well with the Scute Mob combo.

I'm certainly going to add a few of the cards you recommended (The Great Henge is a bit expensive for my blood right now) and fine-tune things.

Thanks again Hav0cD3m0n!

KanisxKoda on Reaper

1 hour ago

Hey SirHerpaderp,

I'm actually just starting to get into squeezing in combo pieces into this deck and haven't really thought of making infinite mana into this deck, I probably should run at least the pedal to get infinite mana off Gitrog recycle.

I just dont know what to cut.....(#EDHlife) lol

Necrosis24 on What are some combos that …

2 hours ago

griffstick, I’m glad you said it because Selvala, Explorer Returned with any untapping shenanigans makes turns take forever especially if you have other triggers to consider. I love the deck but I can feel everyone else getting bored as I go through my twentieth trigger but they refuse to kill her because they want the card draw.

0rc on Dime-store Derevi (Competitive, Budget $100!!)

2 hours ago

TheChangeArtist, thank you so much for your enthusiasm! What cards/combos does your deck run off of?

DBCooper on $60 Sack of Elementals

2 hours ago

Great deck! Culling Dais may be an interesting consideration to replenish you hand and makes great use of sacrifice creatures. Great build!

Degaine on Splinter Shell

2 hours ago

Yes, it doesn't do that much, outside of removing one land and maybe max 5 others from enemy deck and having thragtusks.

Did similar one in the past, but RG version with combo: Mycosynth Lattice + Vandalblast. It was bad anyways, even having much more ways to interact with enemy, ie some ETB cheap creatures that destroys artifacts + Liquimetal Coating and other basic things.

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