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Pabs4444 on Abzan Knights

2 minutes ago

Thanks. I already have Cast Down as a maybe card. Assassin's Trophy already is a 2 mana destroy effect whereas Seal Away is more restrictive but 2 mana instant speed exile. I'm open to adding Cast Down if indestructible and legendaries aren't too much of an issue.

Monomanamaniac on Modern elf surge

2 minutes ago

I've been debating running collected company as a 4 of in the side board for swapping directly with primal surge against the right decks actually. I think in most cases collected company is more useful, aside from the monster t4 when I can drop primal surge with elvish archdruid and then finish the game either that turn or next. DRmagic2017 thank you for the suggestion, I'm always willing to look at and try to adapt to new strategy, if you have any thoughts on the number of copies of things. Btw, originally I opted out of collected company because of the already high cost of the deck, but it's come down considerably

Joker207755 on Dino’s remake

6 minutes ago

greeb1957 thanks for the idea but I want to keep them up still for attacks

Rawries on Shields up! Forward!

9 minutes ago

Spidersilk Armor seems like a cool addition. I'll have to play with the deck a bit more to see if I need it. Murkfiend Liege's last ability seems super powerful, but I want to keep my creatures power as low as possible for the other mechanics I have like boardwipes and the stacks.

KingLard on Kraken the Ice

11 minutes ago

You might want to replace Clockspinning with Fate Transfer for instant results

willwrdn on Surveil to Prevail

12 minutes ago

This isn't working as well as I would have liked. Gotta do some substantial revamping

Gleeock on Weak EDH Archetypes?

14 minutes ago

Not really an archetype but I would love to see more "redirects" and a "redirect matters" archetype - I find them to be more fair AND PRODUCTIVE than counterspells.

I would love to see some parallel punishment for targeted spells effects.

As far as pushing current unpopular archetypes... I really want them to keep pushing "gifting" strategies. They gave us an elf that draws when we buff opponent's creatures.... but not much support for it for eg. Maybe more durable vows or (infectious vows) - that can bounce from card to card.

TheBoraxKid on Jhoira of the Ghitu

16 minutes ago

Also, you gatta get that Wasteland and maybe even Maze of Ith in there for some spicy lands. It should be especially easy since you're only 2 colors, although, I can understand your reservations since your cards are so mana intensive.

DrkNinja on Rule #2: The Double Tap ...

16 minutes ago


Hehe whoops.

vomitpile on [GRN] Dredge

17 minutes ago

Alternatively, Lotleth Giant can be a win condition for a more combo style deck like what this is trying to do

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