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carpecanum on Bruiser Bruse Build by Bruce

39 minutes ago

Does Odric, Lunarch Marshal give his bonus before attackers are declared? That would mean you don't get to share Bruse's bonus but abilities from other creatures still work. Maybe Concerted Effort would be better.

K4nkato on Attractions and Pauper

1 hour ago

So the constructed rules say Attactions require a ten-card side deck with no repeat names. Unfortunately there are only eight legal attractions in pauper. Does this make attractions impossible to run in pauper?

tmurphy3100 on Prosper Test

4 hours ago


BlueGriffon on jeskai monk tribal

5 hours ago

just played and needed counters, mana rocks, and spot removal for creatures & enchantments. unblockable enablers were good but had to cast shu yun 4 times, and he got countered the last time which pretty much sealed the deal. I think 1 mana draw cantrips will continue to be important and might even be more important than other good instants that don't draw a card.

berryjon on Card creation challenge

5 hours ago

Tacos? Oh, you sweet summer child....

Cerberus Taco Cart
At the beginning of each upkeep, sacrifice this card.
"Huh, that lasted longer than expected..." - CMDR. Shepherd

(meme here; http://www.threepanelsoul.com/comic/on-threat-assessment )

You know what? Make a Mass Effect Universes Beyond card, themed around Space: The Convergence if it will help.

SacredAtsira on Zombies ... Ya Herd Me!

5 hours ago

After facing it in a Wilhelt deck, I humbly recommend Relentless Dead.

Good source of reanimation, and for Wilhelt, free card draw

bushido_man96 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

6 hours ago

SweetDreamsies, you didn't leave a comment on my deck.

DemonDragonJ on Phyrexia: All Will Be One …

6 hours ago

I am very displeased that Staff of Compleation costs 5 mana to untap, when Staff of Domination costs only 1 mana for that, but, I suppose that that ability is so expensive to balance out the fact that its other abilities cost no mana to use.

LordKunai on Army of the Suntree

7 hours ago

yoooo, love the deck. also a HUGE emmara fan. where's that Nature's Chosen at???

Max_Hammer on $5 Red Improv

7 hours ago

Hey, question here, have you considered Tooth of Chiss-Goria instead of Cathar's Shield?

This deck is really cool, but aside from being an 0-cost artifact, I don't really see the value in the shield.

Either way, you should definitely replace it with the simply superior Accorder's Shield if you don't like Chiss.

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