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Tuvasa, The Lit Commander / EDH
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Chandra585 on Card creation challenge

22 minutes ago

Raugrin Battlebluff


~ enters the battlefield tapped.

: add , , or .

: ~ becomes a 4/2 Elemental creature with first strike and prowess until end of turn.


VampDemigod on Squirrels.

27 minutes ago


And I would like to make clear to OP: I do love the meme. Meme is the way.

Caerwyn on Squirrels.

30 minutes ago

I am not going to close this as threads requesting for new hubs are fairly common (that said, OP should include a specific request to include a new hub).

However, I am going to go out on a limb and say that squirrels will not be given a hub anytime soon. Beyond the Squirrel Nest + Earthcraft infinite combo and Unstable, squirrels really do not see much play outside of the rare meme deck. They are going to need a lot more support before they become hub-worthy.

KorgK on [EDH] Eldrazi Kozilek Deck

33 minutes ago

Thanks for the suggestions! I changed it accordingly. abby315 Why wouldn't you play Titan's Presence? Isn't it a pretty cheap removal for colorless? I added some of your cheaper suggestions. I'll wait how much it will be and maybe I'll put some of the more expensive ones in too :)

VampDemigod on Infinite Counters on Callow Jushi?

40 minutes ago

You could maybe use vorel and make a counters-themed deck too, as another option.

Oloro_Magic on [Primer] - Ad Nauseam Combo …

43 minutes ago


So it is four layers of sleeves, they are as follows:

1st Layer: KMC Perfect Hards, these are honestly the best perfect fits on the market right now and they help a bit with the foils, however you can use any perfect fits you want Link!

2nd Layer: Any standard sized card sleeve, you can use some sleeves here that may not be of great quality but have art you like as well, currently I am using Hareruya Original Sleeves V1 Link!

3rd Layer: The third layer can be any oversized 69mm x 94mm sleeve, but I use KMC Over Sized - Character Guard Sleeves - Gold, KMC again makes the best quality sleeve for this layer Link!. DO also note that they come in different varieties, namely Silver and just Matte Clear. Also be aware that the silver and gold varieties have some imperfections in the filigree and as such I find it best to have the pattern face forward on the card.

4th Layer: The last layer is the toughest to get as the sleeves in question are now out of production. Functionally though you need a sleeve that is 72mm x 96mm. I use KMC Strong Hards but again they are very difficult to find these days (I myself am lucky enough to have hoarded them), Link!. I do not know of any alternative to these, especially given their quality, but they pop up on ebay from time to time, sometimes at very high prices though.

As for the deckbox, part of this depends on your inners, without perfect hards you will have more options, specifically I know the dex protection boxes can work, but I use an Ultimate Guard Twin Flip'n'Tray with the compartments taken out. The deck has to be split by about 15 cards between the two compartments, with room for tokens and sideboard on top as well. It is not wholly ideal but given the size of the box this system, in my view, is the most secure right now. Below I have attached some photos so you can see how it looks.

VampDemigod on Squirrels.

45 minutes ago

Then post this in the staff-created thread for suggesting tags.

Caerwyn can you or another staff member close this thread? It seems like this should have just been a post in another thread, and that it doesn’t need its own thread. Maybe I’m wrong in my evaluation?

crEepr on Ilharg, the Raze-Boar

46 minutes ago

lol I fond that combo as well recently. Seems pretty funny to be honest. Mono colored decks are awesome imo cause they allow you lots of room in the mana base with colorless lands and stuff. I finally have a use for the Bonders' Enclave I have lying around from an ikoria draft

zobster on Aggri Fle

54 minutes ago

I'm Considering taking away all equipments and swapping for counterspells and removal spells. My Ishai gains counters quickly just by opponents playing spells.

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