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Vanilla Sundae EDH
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Phyrexian Compleation EDH*
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Mardu Moon Tokens Modern*
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Discarded Treachery EDH
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The Government EDH*
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Oh So Salty and Mean EDH
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Mill Yourself... Now! EDH
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Gisela/Hidetsugu EDH
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Azusa, Just Lost... EDH*
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The Milloplasm EDH
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Holy Zombies EDH
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Blood Red Sky Canadian Highlander
EnbyGolem 1 1 $$$
8 rack b Modern*
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Klauth, The Hydramancer Commander / EDH*
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Hexapod 3 5 5 324 $$$$$
Mom, Giada Is Cheating! EDH
Last_Laugh 2 53 $$$$$
Return, from Memory EDH*
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Ramp and Burn! EDH*
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Phyrexian Compleation EDH*
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Ninja Variant Modern
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Animar master of monsters EDH
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Dead_Blue_ on The Meathook Massacre, keep or …

8 minutes ago

I don’t see it retaining its value post standard, in fact I expect it to drop dramatically

I’d compare it to something like Killing Wave

kookoo on Card creation challenge

38 minutes ago

Shrine of Boundless Growth

Legendary Enchantment - Shrine

At the beginning of your upkeep, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control for each shrine you control.

Make a 6 cost NONCREATURE card with "enters the battlefield or attacks" .

marco-piatti on Brother's War Spoilers

39 minutes ago

I'm all team phyrexia so i know i will end up Building an edh deck based on Gix. Also i love old school card style and artifact matter theme so i'm really hyped about this set.

I also like both new Urza. The precon one will replace as commander the MH one in my "fair" Urza deck since he really boosts artifact creatures and spawns constructs. The "set" one is IMO a fair card overall: nice ability on its own without being broken or a combo enabler/degenerate stuff engine like the modern horizon version. The meld PW is not that easy to achieve, i don't know if you can consistently pull it off in standard. In EDH is probably more easy to get but i wouldn't base an entire strategy on that.. i would probably use the esper one as commander and the PW version as a bonus in the 99.

Maison on Naya Zoo v1 (Explorer)

1 hour ago

Shuffler is rigged, I always get least 2 good lands a Burning-Tree Emissary perhaps draw a Voltaic Brawler.

Command only feels strong late game when I use 3 each op and +1/1 reach for end game. Klothys, God of Destiny feels so good in the 3 slot and against control/graveyard based decks, rarely gets answered.

Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves has turned so many games around for me.

I think I need more help with 1 and 2 drops for Explorer that can combine with BTE.

Renzisherekiddo on Your Deck is Mine (unfinished, …

1 hour ago

so I've built and played this deck, ideally you want to use Chromatic Lantern like effects so when you go to cast other peoples stuff you've got any mana color you need, some of which are Chromatic Orrery, Mycosynth Lattice Celestial Dawn, Smothering Tithe, etc.

Next you want protection for sen because 9/10 times she's not going to exist on the board by the time of next turn, you want effects such as Padeem, Consul of Innovation, Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots, additionally anything that gives indestructible is helpful to protect her somewhat.

from there fill in some counterspells, whether it be expensive ones like Force of Will, Pact of Negation, etc. or some inexpensive ones like Counterspell upto you.

also might want to throw in a Torment of Hailfire in case the "use other peoples win conditions as your win condition" doesn't work out

if you want to take inspiration from mine here's the deck Our deck - sen triplets communism

shwanerz88 on Nikya, Thinking is Frustrating

2 hours ago

seshiro_of_the_orochi some great suggestions and thank you for the upvote. Nyxbloom simply isn't in here due to money and this desk just kinda being thrown together with what was in my collection. Garruk's horde and Visier I've never really loved that effect so they both got cut in first iterations of the deck. As for Garruk's pack leader. I could've sworn it was in here. Good catch on that one.

philosopher on Boros death and taxes

2 hours ago

Hello Davidecavm,

  1. I rarely see Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer in RW taxes, so don't put it in.

  2. You are correct about fury. I recommend adding two Skyclave Apparitions instead of Wall of Omens. The reasons is that you can fetch Skyclave Apparition with your recruiter and you can blink it with Ephemerate.

3a. I have never seen a Sword of Hearth and Home in a D&T deck; however, it looks fun and i have always wanted to try it because its blink ability works with your enter the battlefield creatures. I recommend playing it if your local opponents play decks like titan or yawgmoth, as those are green decks.

3b. Sword of light and shadow is good against scam decks. I run Extraction Specialists in my mono white D&T deck because i like recurring my Thalia after a bolt and it's good against scam decks.

  1. Please update me on how Squee, Dubious Monarch is doing because it looks like a fun card and I have not seen it in D&T decks.

Ref: Extraction and Taxes - Streets of New Capenna Ver. https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/extraction-humans-taxes/

tonylomas on Unfinity brews

3 hours ago

Hello !! <3 Captain Rex Nebula and Queen Kayla bin-Kroog have u thought about any brews with these? fun combos/interactions non infinite?

Squee_Spirit_Guide on Gimme a Shamrock Shake with …

3 hours ago

Ooh, I like that too! It's kind of surprising how many options there are considering the faerie restriction. My first thought was the changeling route, but with a red splash for Pandemonium and Fling, although there might not be enough high-powered changelings/faeries to support that...

Crivaro on Budget Nightmare

3 hours ago

I see what you mean, thanks! It is already at the low budget it should be. But I've included it in the Maybeboard nevertheless. =)

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