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legendofa on Card creation challenge

1 minute ago

The Kunech Serpent

Legendary Creature - Snake Spirit

The Kunech Serpent can't be blocked.

Whenever The Kunech Serpent deals damage to a player, each opponent shuffles a nonland permanent into their library and you draw a card.


Create a new card with one of the original Ravnica mechanics. Bonus point if it's off-color but still makes sense.

Abzkaban on Ghave That Bitch an Infinite ...

4 minutes ago


Let me clarify what I meant for Walking Ballista . Of course it wipes the table with infinite damage with a free sac outlet available, but I meant it can go infinite with a sac outlet OR Blood Artist . Still a three card combo but in a different way. Remove the counter from Ballista to ping itself which kills it. Mikaeus brings it back with another +1/+1 counter. This creates an infinite death trigger loop which allows Blood Artist to drain the board. I didn't mean to imply that it needed Artist in addition to the sac outlet.

I do like the idea of using Natural Order especially because it bypasses my hand and puts the creature right out on the battlefield. Summoner's Pact is an option, but I'm not sure I'm completely sold on it. It feels win-more. If I have infinite mana to easily pay its cost to avoid losing, I'm likely already winning anyway. Otherwise I pay the same amount as Natural Order , but it only goes to my hand.

It's likely I'll end up adding Walking Ballista considering the number of different combos it brings with it. It already looks more versatile than Triskelion , and it will give me something to do with infinite mana besides continue to use Ghave. Lower cmc is always a plus, too. I'll play around with a few other things before I decide on any official cuts.

Thanks for the ideas!

SpookyToe on Momir's Liberals

12 minutes ago

Tyty myboy DeeLight, already got a future sight in there, vizier is sexy, will do

kevinscheurwater on Karlov's shenanigans!

13 minutes ago

Hey VexenX,

Cool list! I also play Karlov as one of my main decks (Karlov's Will). I like your take on playing him creating tokens, the only thing I wonder is: do you have enough ways to make tokens on a steady base? Ofcourse now with the new set you are gonna have a blast with afterlife :)

Myself i switched a bit more to Voltron. With a lot of small life givers Karlov often grows from 2/2 to 12/12 in one turn in a 4-man game and then I just start swinging people in their faces :)

Again awesome deck and def a upvote!

Rigol on Simic Ramp

14 minutes ago

And what do you think about adding Wilderness Reclamation in this deck?

vomitpile on Gruesome Goblins (RNA Standard)

14 minutes ago

It can potentially kill bigger creatures so maybe it deserves some sideboard space but it feels too slow main, priest isn’t faster but it definitely has a higher ceiling if you’re in a good position and synergizes with menagerie better

Rigol on Simic Ramp

16 minutes ago

Omg I love this deck! The glitch with Incubation / Incongruity is on MTGO or MTGA?

FastIsFaster on Jund Elves

17 minutes ago

Might I ask, why no Steel Leaf Champion ? Its a great T2 play that can really put an opponent on the back foot

Polyarchic on Ob Nixilis Unshackled Deck

22 minutes ago

Pabangue I haven't actually used it yet, it was just an idea I was playing around with for a while. I do kinda want to start working on it again I'm just not sure which direction to take with it

CardTyrant on Ixalan Park (#1 Gishath EDH) ...

23 minutes ago

sleepyhead1991 Honestly, never even thought of it. When I update the deck, I might have to do that.

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