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ThrillMill on Atraxa's horrors

4 minutes ago


I can't believe it's been 2 Years since we last spoke! I felt the urge to touch base because of the most recent Forgotten Realms Set that's just dropped contains 3 horrors to consider in Atraxa's color scheme. I was interested to see what you thought about them. My own Horror EDH deck continues to see play and is always undergoing attempts to make it a touch more refined. I'd say I win about 15% of the games I play with it on MTGO. So much fun tho! Hope you're well. Cheers.

Phule451 on Draconic Treasures

15 minutes ago

If you don’t like lands coming in tapped, swapping Fabled Passage to replace Evolving Wilds might be something to consider. Conjurer's Closet will help you get extra ETBs, especially from your commander, or at worst give your dragons pseudo vigilance. Also, Tyrant's Familiar can serve as great draconian removal for you. Hope this helps.

legendofa on Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Crimson …

16 minutes ago

Coward_Token Good picks. I'm going to go with Sorin-Arlinn-Davriel, with at least one other because it's still technically two separate sets.

For the conflict, Davriel hits most of the sinister bad guy points, and Arlinn's solidly on the good guy side. Sorin is willing to work with the heroes. Unfortunately, even though they all live on/come from Innistrad, there's no real indication they know each other.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Card creation challenge

23 minutes ago

Morgl, the Oracle

Legendary Creature - Elder Murloc Shaman

Ward - ~'s controller draws a card.

At the beginning of your upkeep, conjure a 1/1 blue and green Murloc onto the battlefield.

Tap three untapped Murlocs you control: Add , or .



Create another Murloc.

carpecanum on Sneaky Hobbitses

34 minutes ago

Roil Elemental ? Not quite budget but you've got your control/ramp synergy there.

Coward_Token on Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Crimson …

35 minutes ago

Yeah that Hydra card is way worse than the Dragons I've mentioned; it's such a strange choice seeing as it was printed in a plane-unspecific set. Mind you, I'm not super happy about Ulvenwald Hydra either (how big is the forest supposed to be if multiple giant Hydras are slithering around in it?), but at least it's appearance is appropriately uncanny.

All the post-War of the Spark Premier sets have had conflicts between individual planeswalkers so yes, I think we can expect it here too. I think Nahiri will sit this one out since it wasn't that long she was featured, she's already done serious damage to Innistrad, and Zendikar not being in danger anymore means she's probably not prioritizing hurting Sorin much.

With an entire set dedicated to Werewolves, it would be strange if they left out Arlinn Kord  Flip.

Fish_Plissken on Upkeep Tribal

41 minutes ago

My command zone: https://imgur.com/a/cdn4EL5

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