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NV_1980 on Lifegains

2 minutes ago

Your deck seems to be just about gaining life, but not using the gained life for anything. Life-points can be fuel for a whole host of interesting abilities. Take Aetherflux Reservoir; allows you to zap an opponent for 50 damage, at the cost of 50 life. Or something like Greed; allows you to draw cards in exchange for life. It's worth looking into options like these, as your deck will become much more interesting (not to mention powerful) as a result.

Fuzzy003 on How do multiple sacrifice triggers …

4 minutes ago

Example: I have Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker and my opponent has Manabarbs in play. If I tap a mana, take 1 from Barbs, my opponent then chooses to sac Manabarbs. Before this resolves, I tap my 4 remaining mana, putting 4 more sacrifice triggers on the stack. Can he choose his Manabarbs for all of the triggers or does he have to choose a different permanent for each trigger?

TheoryCrafter on What is Your Opinion of …

16 minutes ago

DemonDragonJ, If you wish to play the original dual lands in proxy that is your business.

As for me, I'm a stick in the mud about it. Even in a casual setting, to put proxies in my deck would to me be a lack of respect in not only my own deck building skills but those of total strangers as well. It means I'll put in the minimal effort to be competitive in a game where a well thought out and built budget deck can be just as fun and maybe make the occasional win over a more powerful deck and equally skilled opponent taste even sweeter.

Now, would that stop me from ever putting proxies in my deck? Not at all. I myself haven't been able to even buy a basic land card in over a year. My sister-in-law's nephew is big into Plants vs. Zombies and will play MTG with me from time to time. If I had a printer I'd love to do a Plants Vs. Zombies duel deck. It's really the only exception I'd make regarding proxies. However, those proxies would not leave my home and I would make that clear to him. I would also make every effort I could to get the actual cards and destroy the proxies.

Not to mention between Magic apps and this website I have enough resources for all my theorycrafting and decktesting needs.

You bring a deck to me with even one proxy I'll still play against it. Reasons and rules of engagements for acceptable use of proxies vary by person. Just please don't make a habit of it.

Pineal80l on JoJo's Legendary Adventure

50 minutes ago

Crow-Umbra thanks man! i have a Miirym and a Be’Lakor deck on my account as well if u wanted to check those out and give me tips there, they’re much more solid than this jodah deck is atm but i’d still appreciate feedback!

theBudgetZoo on tBZ_Adeline

55 minutes ago

Thank you for the suggestions NV_1980

hiddengibbons on Card creation challenge

1 hour ago

Karplusan Fire

Snow Instant

~ deals 3 damage to any target.

While you're searching your library, you may cast ~ from your library if you control a snow permanent.

Repeat challenge

Profet93 on Go Green Initiative

1 hour ago



How does Vernal Bloom for Yavimaya/Green Urborg been working for you given that opponents who didn't play green will be getting free green mana to cast spells with, thereby mitigating it's benefit to you. Do you wait to play one or the other, or is the value you acrue/acquire with vernal bloom make it easy to ignore any potential help to your opponents?

NV_1980 on Gym Leader Mayael Wants to …

1 hour ago

After play-testing 10 games with this against some of my own decks, here's what I found:

  • In 6 out of 10 games, I could only play lands and cast Mayael for the first 6 turns, after which I could start using her ability. In 2 out of 10 games, I could also cast a ramp spell and play one more land (so I could use her ability by turn 5). In the two remaining games, it took longer to utilize Mayael (7 and 8 turns) and/OR hard-cast creatures. In my meta, this is a bit problematic as it is just too slow. I understand you don't want to include mana-weenies, because they mess up the results of Mayael's ability, but maybe you could consider some more ramping options. Some more mana-rocks maybe? Arcane Signet, Fellwar Stone and Chromatic Lantern come to mind.
  • Mayael is quite vulnerable. In the games I tested, she was dispatched multiple times with ease. Since you're relying on her for most of your strategy, maybe include some more protection like Swiftfoot Boots, Boros Charm, Flawless Maneuver, Vigor, Asceticism or Archetype of Endurance.
  • The speed of your deck could also be improved by adding a few haste enablers; maybe stuff like Rhythm of the Wild or Fervor?
  • Last but not least, with so many nice high-cost beaters in your deck you could also greatly benefit from the use of cards like Cream of the Crop, Lurking Predators and especially Kodama of the East Tree.

Hope some of this helps. Good luck with your brew.

Daveslab2022 on Esper Splash

1 hour ago

This deck looks really fun! My only suggestion is replacing Sacred Foundry with Steam Vents. I know you need the red for Geyadrone, and having your red land also be blue will help a lot since you are base blue. It will help you cast Counterspell on turn 2, etc.

Oh, and since you say you are weak to control decks, some number of Dovin's Veto in the sideboard will help immensely.

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