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Jaya Ballard, Fiery Control EDH
Flux27 10 18 20 2628

Fear The Gravetide EDH
MadMoonwalker 41 $$$$
ChaosCat 1 1 84 $$
Oona's Summer Court EDH
Sunatar 6 5 3 2152
Marwyn, Elf Mother EDH
Eldrazi Distortion EDH*
Glade2729 1 69 $$$$
Jonchapman90 20 33 25 7083 $$$$$
5C Warrior EDH*
nightflam 2 1 35 $$$$$
W/U Aura Modern
Shliken 4 $$
Spirits 23 48 29 8400
Nillstan 5 5 107 $$
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CommandCast 111 127 22 17219 $$$$
Pir & Toothy Battle Buds EDH*
JumboCommander 8 16 4 1062 $$$$
Steel Wings Steal Wins EDH
WizardOfTheNorthernCoast 8 15 14 953 $$$
Jaya Ballard, Fiery Control EDH
Flux27 10 18 20 2628
Gwent 3 13 5 682 $$$$
Om nom Trample EDH
Kamerot 44 129 107 18676
FancyTuesday 13 73 8 8512
Immortality at a price Standard*
skulstads 4 23 15 3137 $$$$
Mono Green Stompy Standard
corboman 5 8 6 624 $$$
The Number 1 Matters Standard
Lordrain1922 5 12 9 1018 $$$
Going Rogue Modern
ZorrosRage 1 8 10 323 $$$$
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Muldrotha Stax EDH
Filetmignino 1 $$$$
U/G "Can't Touch This" Standard
Vehkinon 7 $$$
Endless Torpor Deck Modern
Daarkest 1 0 $$$$
Azuza's rampage EDH
aquaman423 6 $$$$
Rakdos Drain Standard
Ninja_Brian 2 2 23 $$$
Modular Teshar EDH EDH*
JsysC 26 $$

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Nillstan on A Satyr Deck Exists Now.

5 minutes ago


You dont even know how many people have suggested those to me XD. Problem is the pricetag. I'm tryna keep this a hyper budget aggro deck, and those both slow it down and almost double the price XD

TheLegendaryIceman on Huatli upgrade

6 minutes ago

I like this deck. I'm going to build this as my next deck.

AK_ZMS on SAVAGES! SAVAGES! Barely even human!

9 minutes ago

Great deck man! I really want to build a duel deck against this so my friends and I can have some nice budget decks to work with.

Serriten on Atraxa Steroid-friends

10 minutes ago

It's not there deliberately. I keep this build more casual. Doubling Season is in my super friends build.

albino34 on Warning: Riptide - Swim With ...

16 minutes ago

This seems like a really fun take on muldrotha, definitely a spin on what I've been seeing!

markbeloit on Card creation challenge

19 minutes ago

Sh*t, ninja'd

markbeloit on Card creation challenge

19 minutes ago

Land of the Buried Dragon


: Add

: Add one mana of any color. Spend this mana only to cast a Dragon creature spell.

: Until end of turn, Land of the Buried Dragon becomes a 6/6 red Dragon creature with flying. It's still a land.

Create a creature with haste, cmc 4 or less

Karns_Pyromancer on Does anyone else get targeted ...

19 minutes ago

I pushed my decks toward more and more competitive as time went on. I really enjoy stax and pox lines. Other people don't. I become, frequently, a target because I exploit the "new rules" I impose on the game.

How I deal with it is two-fold:

  1. Make new rules or say no. Static effects and Counterspells mostly, I recreate the environment in my imagined form. Do I often win? Well, I win my share. Variance and skill dictate wins.

  2. Play stupid decks. People are expecting stax? I'm going to play a Breya KCI deck and go as far as I can as soon as I can. If I win, cool! If not, I made the people targeting me feel bad for wasting their threats on a dumb deck.

Randomsome1 on Land Animation

22 minutes ago

Thanks everyone! I am happy I'm starting to understanding the game better =D

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