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Tsukimi on Card creation challenge

18 minutes ago

Whoops, not sure how I was that far back so here's the correct prompt:

Jasnah Kholin, Radiant Supreme

Legendary Creature - Knight Radiant

You may look at your opponents hands.

If a spell or ability you control would counter a spell or ability a player controls, that player discards a card and you gain 3 life.

: Jasnah Kholin, Radiant Supreme phases out.


"'Power is an illusion of perception...Some kinds of power are real -- power to command armies, power to soulcast. These come into play far less often than you would think.' —Jasnah to Shallan"

Tried to avoid spoilers but also do justice to one of the most ruthlessly determined and intelligent characters in the cosmere. Jasnah has plans on plans on plans, so i tried to pay that homage while referencing her ability to.... travel.

Make a character from stormlight archives. If you'd rather not check that out (even though it is amazing) then do a wildcard.

rick132 on Foooooools

33 minutes ago

Unexpected Results Eruth, Tormented Prophet Iymrith, Desert Doom knowledge pool

legendofa on Bloomburrow

1 hour ago

More bad predictions and random thoughts.

Baylen, the Haymaker is a great name. Literally making hay while swinging haymakers. Baylen is balin' while bailin' you out.

Got some discard with Bandit's Talent, always happy to see that.

Darkstar Augur is my pick for hit of the set. Reasonably costed, lots of card advantage, and an evasive attacker. Lots of good stuff. Starfall Invocation's up there, too.

My next theme deck is cards that are just fun to say. Start with Polliwallop and Hypothesizzle.

Wick, the Whorled Mind feels like Commander bait, but it's probably there to tie in WOE for a Standard Grixis Rats deck. Fair enough.

wideline1414 on Lord Xander Flicker Clone

1 hour ago

How has this deck played? I have a similar deck and I am afraid it will be hated on with Xander as the commander.

FormOverFunction on Making cuts

2 hours ago

I think the sorceries, enchantments, and other non-creature/equipments look reasonable so I would probably start dropping creatures and artifacts. Cut a creature, then cut an artifact. Repeat until you’re down to 100. “But FormOverFunction, that will cut way too many creatures and equipment pieces from my creature/equipment deck!” You’re correct! You will eventually (or maybe rapidly) run into creatures and equipment pieces that you would MUCH rather have than one of the planeswalkers or enchantments or sorceries... and that will help you pick even further. The trick is to not run into something like Resolute Strike that makes the decisions even more difficult ;p At it’s core, I would approach this as a 100% creatures and equipment deck and then try to pick which of these other cards really deserve to be in the deck amongst the core cards. Those other cards should be looked at (at least while I’m building non-theme decks) as traps or bait to lure you away from what you’re actually trying to do. There will always be an enchantment that would be PERFECT for the deck... after the deck does what it’s supposed to do. The danger is you’ll get tricked into adding them up to (and past) the point where the core function of the deck begins to fail.

FormOverFunction on A Booster Product for the …

2 hours ago

sergiodelrio exactly. Honestly, if any of you would want to know what it was like to be a magic nerd in the nineties it might actually work to go to somewhere like Bodrum, Turkey and attempt to buy cards (and play with them!) without the internet.

RiotRunner789 on Equip

3 hours ago

Ichor Wellspring: Are you bouncing or recurring this? Not worth it otherwise.

Unwinding Clock: Not enough artifact lands or Mycosynth Lattice.

YamishiTheWickedOne on What is a Man? (a …

5 hours ago

@Vessiliana anything you'd recommend cutting to keep Phyrexian Altar? Not quite sold on Ripper but I'll keep testing. Citadel on the other hand is functionally a 6 mana "I win" button. Been testing it out and I think that should give you an idea of how I feel about that card in Edgar.

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