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StayFrosty110 on PIRATES

16 minutes ago

Alicia these pirates look like they could be on the black pearl I tell yee, good job matey ARRRRR

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

41 minutes ago

I would say Masy's spark ignited in a similar way to Narset. She was reading through her sister's library and began to find books in languages that were not of their world. Languages never scribed by any culture that existed. But she was able to teach herself all of these languages, and it began to form and paint the knowledge of a vast multiverse. She then realized Kasmina somehow had not only knowledge but access and began to theorize that there must be some sort of "aetheral bridge" one could cross over to reach into these worlds.

That revelation is what ignited her spark - similar to when Narset learned that Tarkir's history has been repeating and changing an unknown number of times and that this was not their first time existing

Crow_Umbra on Kakariko Graveyard Tour™️[Primer]

44 minutes ago

Thank you for the suggestions UltimateRoxas40, they're great. I hadn't originally thought of adding Windgrace to the deck, but I should have, since I originally had some of his "play an extra land" effects in here.

I have a copy of both Urborg and Filth! I'll probably swap out one of the big bodies, maybe the Daemogoth for it.

The Necrobloom looks like a lot of fun too. Hard to pass up having Field of the Dead in your command zone. I think my best friend might end up building it.

Lol we seem to be on super similar wavelengths a lot of the time KBK7101. Are you thinking of building Disa the Restless? She looks like she could be fun with some Maskwood Nexus shenanigans.

On the note of similar wavelengths, I tend to be on a similar one with Noire_Samhain, when it comes to being interested in Graveyard & Aristocrats stuff. I also wanted to give them a shout out since the refinement of their Coram deck gave me ideas for mine as we brewed him in parallel.

Quickspell on [Primer] Slimefoot and Squee's Corpse …

58 minutes ago

This sounds fun! My favourite card is Atsushi, the Blazing Sky. Ever since it was printed, I have tried to make it a consistent wincon. I have searched every possible way (manually, without looking online) to come up with a way to break it and use both it’s abilities to win. There are multiple, but without heavy tutoring they are hard to pull off.

I finally found a solution in Slimefoot and Squee. With Phyrexian Altar you can just win the game.

Here is how:

  1. Cast Slimefoot and Squee
  2. Cast Atsushi, the Blazing Sky
  3. Cast Phyrexian Altar
  4. Sac S&S + Atsushi to the Altar to make two mana and create three treasures.
  5. Use the mana and two treasures to reanimate both creatures.
  6. Repeat 10K times. Each time you will be left with an additional treasure.
  7. Repeat again, but this time have Atsushi exile cards. You will loose treasures, but you have enough and can make new ones inbetween.
  8. Repeat any number of times to exile your whole deck.
  9. Cast everything with your treasures.

Since you have the altar, you might as well add Atsushi:)

abstractfive on Giada, font of hope: Tribal …

2 hours ago

It really doesn't seem like you have enough life gain to justify / make use of The Book of Exalted Deeds.

umtebink on Add list to inventory disabled?

4 hours ago

I want to add the Tricky Terrain precon to my inventory without having to add all the cards individually. In the past I have found a listing of precon decks from a user on this site, copied the card list, created a new List in Tappedout, then the created list would have an "Add to Inventory" button available.

I have followed this procedure again for Tricky Terrain, however when I view the created List I do not see the "Add to Inventory" button, only "Create deck", "Full Edit", and "Quick Edit". I have tried opening other lists and have the same results.

Has the "Add to Inventory" feature of Lists been removed or something? Or is there some other method available to mass-add cards to inventory?

yserah42 updated Diaochan, Artful Stax

4 hours ago

6/17/24 -- Took out winds of change because it's card negative and underperformed in the games I've played with it. Brought in magnetic theft after realizing that it's actively insane in this deck imo.

VeniVidiVorthos updated Conquistadores del Hernan Cortes

4 hours ago

Major deck overhaul thanks to Modern Horizons 3! It's now a reanimator themed conquistador deck, it's got a lot more OOMPH to it now! Still needs plenty of play testing, though.

Walterabcd on New commander rules makes my …

8 hours ago

THIS IS REAL. I REPEAT, THIS IS REAL. The black mirror is real, the black mirror is really powerful, effective and 100% reliable. My name is Walter Brian, I want to thank Dada Magical for giving his black mirror to me. Since he gave me his black mirror, I became rich, successful, protected, informed and powerful. I was browsing through the internet one day when I saw multiple testimonies on how Dada Magical has helped so many people with his black mirror. I thought it was a joke at first but I gave it a try and contacted him. He sold the black mirror to me and told me how to use it and all that I need to do. I followed the instructions just as he told me and to my greatest surprise, it worked just as he told me. The black mirror is still working for me. The mirror also brings good luck, blessings and information. Contact Dada Magical now on his email; [email protected] and he will help you also with the black mirror just the same way he helped me. Thank you Great Dada Magical.

Icbrgr on Winter Moon

11 hours ago

just to be clear the land destruction spells are primarily being held/aimed at there basic lands; rather than preventing the search for the basic my thought is to outright get rid of them because typically Modern decks run 2-4 basics on average?

totally get where your coming from though with the prevention of the search angle I can definitely dig that approach... as far as the meta goes I honestly have no idea how fast or even if my LGS will change/adapt after MH3/assassins creed I'll have to wait and see.

beets on Ice Cream Knuckle Sandwich (With …

11 hours ago

Do you like Suspicious Bookcase or Glaring Spotlight? They aren't listed on your maybeboard, so I wasn't sure if you had already considered them. Love the deck!!

Crow_Umbra on Neon Light Speed [Primer]

12 hours ago

Thank you for checking out my deck CommanderMeanderer, I appreciate it. I hope the primer was informative, but I'm probably overdue for an update.

Cursed Mirror is a fun card that I try to play in my Red aligned decks whenever it makes most sense. I love its utility & flexibility.

hootsnag on Oloro White Blue Black Creatureless …

13 hours ago

No to Amphibian Downpour for sure. Necrodominance is nice but I can't use it here. It exiles cards that go into my graveyard which defeats the purpose of this deck. I LOVE Abstruse Appropriation. I will most likely add this. I also need to add Insatiable Avarice

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