Jazal Goldmane

Jazal Goldmane

Legendary Creature — Cat Warrior

First Strike

: Attacking creatures you control get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of attacking creatures

Jazal Goldmane Discussion

IHATENAMES on [EDH][Primer] Adeline Anthem Beatdown

4 months ago

I enjoy mono white equipment vultron in edh. I have run many over the years starting from the forged in stone starter edh deck and this deck reminds me I need to update my current brew (balan is at the helm).

I'd recommend looking into ramp. Legion's Landing  Flip Windbrisk Heights Oketra's Monument Loyal WarhoundGauntlet of Power just to name a few.

I'd revisit which equipment you run. Example Godsend Batterskullis fun. But generally bad in edh in my play testing. Blackblade Reforged highly recommended

Removal. This is gonna be meta dependent you seem kinda light on removal. Another boardwipe might be good only especially is kinda rough. I'd suggest something like Balancing ActOndu Inversion  FlipTragic ArroganceDusk / Dawn or a power toughness based wipe that keeps your weenies. (Erase a better demystify)

Suntitan Nahiri, the Lithomancer or other recursion. I know you are trying to play the aggressive game but a long term plan is always good.

Meta dependent but running silence? Much better in1v1 unless you are using it to stop a combo or stop interaction with your combo.

Tutors perhaps to make a Xtra copy of a few of your cards Search for Glory or Thalia's Lancers would hit lands artifact and even elspeth

Perhaps more lands 30 is kinda low 34 is the lowest I go. If you can't find what to cut for it look onto the BFZ flip lands for utility that can also be lands like Ondu Inversion  Flip

Other cards I just suggest that I like: Dawn of Hope Brave the ElementsJazal Goldmane Crescendo of War

Peoyogon on Haunted Treasures

7 months ago

I see Lurrus of the Dream-Den and Jazal Goldmane are already here but I was really hoping for a full-on cat bonanza, lol

Icbrgr on Modern Horizons 2 Wish List

10 months ago

Baseless Speculation!

I just wanted to see what the community wants to see in Modern Horizons 2. I honestly dont have any good guesses... but im excited to see what we are gonna get!.... I thought the snow support was kinda neat so maybe they will revisit the idea of giving an older mechanic more support in this set like Hellbent/Cumulative Upkeep or something?

Is there an existing card out there in particular that anyone thinks has the potential to get introduced into Modern like Memory Lapse or Jazal Goldmane ?

Is there any type of concept card that you wish your deck had available to use as a tool? I thought Prismatic Vista was a nice gift for just about every deck.

Bobs_Army on Rhys' pieces

1 year ago

Maybe add in Jazal Goldmane for a speedy win. Card works great with a ton of tokens.

KALE434 on New Phyrexia's Scourge

1 year ago

First of all thank you for the up-vote and secondly CodeKain I have not tried Jazal Goldmane yet might give him a try in the future if they even make anymore creature tutors for white or red. Just him being a 4/4 and costing 5 mana might be bit much for this deck and not being able to find him easily is all. But with all that said ill have to do some testing even found out if hes a good fit to the deck. Might have to update the list in the future. ;)

CodeKain on New Phyrexia's Scourge

1 year ago

Have you considered Jazal Goldmane? He is basically a white Craterhoof Behemoth, exceptional in go-wide strategies, especially if your commander has been killed repeatedly and casting it becomes too much of a nuisance.

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