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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal



Whenever a creature is dealt damage, Repercussion deals that much damage to that creature's controller.

Wan-Shi-Tong on The Jeremy Renner App Experience

1 week ago

Hi! I really like the Deck and the intro. I would recommend End the Festivities over Blazing Volley. Plus i'm not sure if the deathtouch instants work the intended way, because the ability of Tor Wauki the Younger should go on the stack and resolve before he has deathtouch. One of my personal favorite cards Brash Taunter could work for you, although it has anti synergy with wither. Another card that works nicely with damage based boardwipes is Repercussion.

Cloudius on Watch the World Burn Rebooted!

4 weeks ago

SacredAtsira Thanks for the suggestion! Toralf was in my original deck list but I've moved him to my Maybeboard cause my deck has very limited ways to deal EXCESS noncombat damage to creatures. Typically I'd either have Toralf in play but not drawing into my Earthquakes, Blasphemous Act & the likes or vice versa.

I'm using Repercussion instead as I feel it is a stronger replacement. Being an enchantment, it is harder to remove than Toralf. I've win games with a timely Repercussion combined with Blasphemous Act before, taking the opponents by surprise. The down side is that it also affects me, while Toralf only hits opponents.

Cloudius on Burn the World

1 month ago

A few key recommendations:

Blasphemous Act : Good removal which can be casted at a reduced cost most of the time.

Repercussion : This card won me games in the most epic manner when combined with Blasphemous Act. Earthquake or the likes.

Brash Taunter : Opponents will think twice before attacking you if Taunter is untapped. You can also repeatedly ping an opponent. So much value. Oh wait, I did mention Blasphemous Act?

Pyrohemia : Repeatedly punish your opponents and keep the board clear of mana dorks. Works especially well when you've an indestructible creature in play to keep the enchantment around. Or you can always cast a creature after the wipe.

griffstick on "Menace" to Society

1 month ago

I've been ponerding Repercussion for the longest time. I just am worries about it backfiring on my. All that has to happen is remove Iroas, God of Victory when I attack and I might end up killing myself. I know if the card Repercussion sticks around and my cmdr also sticks around its a powerhouse.

The other cards don't work because Iroas, God of Victory prevents the damage.

Thanks for the upvote.

BPWyndon on "Menace" to Society

1 month ago

Repercussion because damage... Pariah and Pariah's Shield because your commander is indestructible.

amarthaler on JosephStardust

2 months ago

Hello there! I hope your Rakdos deck is going well. Just wanted to update you a fun combo recently added to my Kaervek deck that did in fact win me a game the other night: Repercussion + Blasphemous Act. Of course I had to Demonic Tutor to retrieve Repercussion, but it was an easy cast with Seething Song available (because I only had 4 lands out) at the time. Patience is a virtue with my deck - definitely had to wait for the right time to play Repercussion and Blasphemous Act on the same turn and also ensure my creatures were dead. It ended up doing 13x8 to one opponent, 13x3 to the next opponent, 13x5 to the last opponent, and 13x1 to myself. Fun times!

amarthaler on EDH Sarevok, Deathbringer & Popular Entertainer

2 months ago


Out: Pestilence - Pyrohemia - Heartless Hidetsugu

In: Repercussion - Blasphemous Act - Lightning Reaver

Needed to make room for Repercussion and Blasphemous Act which both have good synergies with some win conditions, so easy choice there. Heartless Hidetsugu just draws so much hate its almost a waste of mana to cast - but its still in the maybe pile. Lightning Reaver looks like a fun card and seems like it will fly under the radar - plus Fear will be tough to block for some opponents so the consistency of it getting counters should be relatively high.

amarthaler on EDH Sarevok, Deathbringer & Popular Entertainer

2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions, KibaAlpha!

I am definitely going to try out Repercussion and maybe find a way to get Blasphemous Act back in to pair up with it.

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