Whenever a creature is dealt damage, Repercussion deals that much damage to that creature's controller.

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Repercussion Discussion

Profet93 on Norin Nonsense (Optimized)

1 week ago
  1. How has Repercussion been for you? With blasphemous act and a glacial chasm I can see it work. But without any way to tutor for enchantments and only an expedition map for lands, how consistently do you get both off together and when you don't, how impactful is repercussion on it's own?
  2. Lighting bolt is just a 1 cmc removal spell and outpost siege will almost always be used for draw. Bonus points if you use it with top by tapping top to draw a card in response to the trigger, trigger resolves, exiling top. That way, you know you will always be able to cast the card that is exiled. Although it is less of a concern in a low-cmc build like yours, I thought it worth mentioning. I am almost always happy to see outpost siege unless I have a hand full of lands. Think of it as a red phyrexian arena of sorts.
  3. How has ruination been for you?
  4. My decks aren't really updated, I just like commenting on decks and picking people's brains regarding their thought process and hopefully a suggestion or 2 will make it through.

OnTheCurve on Norin Nonsense (Optimized)

1 week ago

Hi Profet93 and thank you so much for your valuable input on my Norin deck! He is by far one of my favorite commanders. I get t he impression you have been running Norin for some time considering all of the recommendations you have provided me.

I will do my best to address each item:

Yes the Hero's Blade was in there just for that reason but in recent play I have found that it has not provided me with enough value to warrant it remaining in the deck. I also was running equipment protection with Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots, but again the value was not there. Sure they would protect the extra creatures in the deck but did not provide a step forward in the game. I have since removed these and have added one of your recommendations. Heat Shimmer and Dualcaster Mage. These two plus Imperial Recruiter seemed like the right changes considering the Recruiter can fetch virtually half of the creatures in the deck . The additional win con is a nice touch as well.

I find with such a low mana curve I have not run into mana issues. I will also be removing Shadowspear as well adding in Smoke as well as Gauntlet of Power. the mana ramp will assist with the low mana rate as well.

So far out of 18 games I have played Norin as won a Whopping 14! This has come from a variety of ways with ETB Purphoros, God of the Forge, Genesis Chamber, Repercussion + Blasphemous Act or mass creature damage with Glacial Chasm on board. nominal creature damage and of course politics. Norin never really feels like a threat to anyone until he goes off. Evenly depleting everyone for damage without being the aggressor.

some of the items you recommended like Lightning Bolt / Outpost Siege do not tickle my fancy due to the singular damage. I prefer equal damage for political reasons and the simple fact that 1 damage per ETB is not enough for my liking.

Now Terror of the Peaks is on order for me already and Ruby Medallion and Sensei's Divining Top are both great suggestions that I will be scouting out additional copies to add to Norin. Very valuable recommendations!

I Prefer the Curse over the Sword due to the low CMC and lack of equip cost. The Wheel of Misfortune is also a quality suggestion and an extra wheel effect that could prove valuable mid to late game. Light Up the Stage and Ignite the Future do seem good. I did consider them during my initial build but leaned towards Stolen Strategy for the repeat effect. Most games I hold onto Warstorm Surge and Confusion in the Ranks for both their high CMC and lack of board utility. I might give your two suggestions another kick at the can!

I do have an extra Crucible of Worlds on tap that I could use and that coupled with fetches could trim down the deck thoughout the game. I like your idea on this.

I have no budget for this deck so i am also considering the better more powerful Gauntlet of Might but having trouble locating one! My playgroup is ULTRA aggressive hence the style of this build.

All in all I am having loads of fun with Norin. He is slowly becoming my most played deck and with some of these suggestions I am looking forward to seeing how they fair in battle!

I thank you for your beefy comment and time you took with the recommendations my friend. When I have some free time I will check out your profile and decks. Return the favor you gave me :) Cheers!

nicktibe on Piru, Dragonstorm Reanimator

2 weeks ago

Repercussion might be a great idea for a wincon

freezerboy on Gisela's Fury

1 month ago

Got a couple good potential damage options here. Mainly taken from my own deck Scorching Winds that I've found to be pretty useful. We have a different theme, but you may find some others that I've forgotten especially since you're running Repercussion:

Volcano Hellion, Martyrdom, Pyrohemia, Star of Extinction, Flamekin Village, Master Warcraft, Intimidation Bolt, Comeuppance

I've had some good success using the last ditch effort cards like Chance for Glory, but that's personal preference of course. Always good to see a Gisela deck.

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Personal Play moments you are …

4 months ago

Had a Repercussion and a Glorybringer in play in my mono-red Neheb, the Eternal deck. One of my opponent's elf deck pops off, and he swings all out at me - I take it, and go from 40 to 2.

Next turn, untap, cast Insult / Injury, Dualcaster Mage it, swing at one of the non-elf opponents with Glorybringer, which deals 4x2x2 = 16 damage to a Llanowar Elves. Then Repercussion deals 16x2x2 = 64 damage straight to his face and kills him, even before blocks can be declared.

CaptainToll on Green Marchesa, True Hair

5 months ago

ghostfire86: thanks for the suggestions! Pariah and Guilty Conscience have already found their way into the deck.

  • Pariah's Shield is too heavy of an investment in a game for me (8 mana for the effect and then there is no protection against cheap removal).

  • Volcano Hellion specifically states that its damage cannot be prevented, so I figured it won't work.

  • Repercussion is nice, but I do not have one at the moment. Will definitely keep an eye out for it.

  • Vigor same as with Repercussion.

  • Pyrohemia seems very nice and I might find room for it.

  • Shivan Meteor while great art, is too narrow for me.

ghostfire86 on Green Marchesa, True Hair

5 months ago

Best ways to use and abuse this commander and the stronger parts of this build.


Pariah's Shield

Guilty Conscience

Volcano Hellion




Shivan Meteor

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