Ojer Axonil, Deepest Might


Temple of Power  Flip
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Vintage Legal

Ojer Axonil, Deepest Might

Legendary Creature — God


If a red source you control would deal an amount of noncombat damage less than Ojer Axonil's power to an opponent, that source deals damage equal to Ojer Axonil's power instead.

When Ojer Axonil dies, return it to the battlefield tapped and transformed under its owner's control. (Dying is being put into the graveyard from the battlefield.)

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Azoth2099 on Nekusar Control/Wheels v4

1 month ago

The story behind this deck is so cute, I love it. Let's get to it.

The first thing I noticed when evaluating the potential consistency of this list is that you need to trim some fat from your gameplan. Personally, I'd cut down to 30 lands, include a list of mana rocks & mana rituals, dial into the key pieces that are actually going to win you the game like Windfall & Ojer Axonil, Deepest Might  Flip by cutting stuff like Omniscience & Price of Knowledge for tutors like Mystical Tutor & Vampiric Tutor.

If you'd like, we can strip the list down and rebuild it from scratch together, I love Nekusar lol.

Vexiumm on Anim Pakal, Gnomes of Devastation

2 months ago

Some other adds you can consider for the deck with City on Fire is great, but you cannot play Ojer Axonil, Deepest Might  Flip with it. Your opponent gets to choose how the replacement effects stack. So, if you that or Fiery Emancipation in the deck. Ojer Axonil, Deepest Might  Flip is kinda of a dead card if you draw it or its on the field.

Crow_Umbra on Isshin, Two Combats as One

3 months ago

Thanks for checking my deck out, I appreciate it! No prob, happy to help.

Some of your swaps look pretty good. I would still recommend to try some lower cmc rocks than Chromatic Orrery. That 7 cmc can be a bit steep for ramp that's supposed to help set up more on earlier turns. Even Cursed Mirror could be a cool option since it can ETB as a copy of any creature and act as ramp.

If you want to round out your go-wide theme a bit more, I'd recommend Commissar Severina Raine as another group slug option that can also act as a draw piece.

Ojer Taq, Deepest Foundation  Flip is pretty cool. If you want to lean into the group slug damage stuff, give Ojer Axonil, Deepest Might  Flip another look. Most of the ping damage in the group slug stuff is 1-2 damage, so Ojer Axonil would bump that up to 4. Most of the group slug/ping options used by Isshin decks are Red. Speaking of which, Impact Tremors, Witty Roastmaster, and Purphoros, God of the Forge are all great options if you're going to be cranking out creature tokens.

Mondrak, Glory Dominus has been really solid for me as a token doubler and solid attacker/defender from the Indestructible counter. Mondrak also has a bit more versatility than Ojer Taq, since it can double all your tokens, although tripling creature tokens is pretty cool.

If you like the deathtouch anthem from Ankle Shanker, def check out Vault of the Archangel and Kaya, Geist Hunter. Kaya is also another token doubler that is a more budget option than both Mondrak and Ojer Taq.

Best of luck with your deck. Keep me posted on how it works out for you

Hybrow on Purphoros, God of Tokens

3 months ago

I recently made a couple changes to my Purphy.. added Song of Totentanz and Court of Embereth. Not sure if they are going to work, the Court might just generate hate.

I held off on adding Redcap (was also going to remove Beetleback).. I'm nervous about not having chumps to block with.

But I am looking forward to Ojer Axonil, Deepest Might  Flip ... Figure its a straight upgrade from Panharmonicon or Solphim, Mayhem Dominus. And there are ways to pump Ojer's Power with extra mana and Purphoros

Coward_Token on Lost Caverns of Ixalan

3 months ago

legendofa: haha, not as much, but I was also a bit dissapointed when I first read "Grim Captain" and thought it was going to be a cool Pirate card. Also, Bats sure are being white-aligned here.

Kinda confusing that most of the Gods like Ojer Axonil, Deepest Might  Flip are seemingly dead in the story

Maybe I'm too old, but I feel the "Craft" mechanic doesn't resonate with the Ixalan flavor of South American civilizations/the European age of exploration. Seems more fit for Dominaria or something similar with established artificer-lore. But yeah, I'm not the Minecraft generation so w/e.

Kinda funny that Angels are featured on a piece of card art that was used in the story, even though none were mentioned in the text. I imagine them just standing around silently in every scene, being ignored and not doing anything.

Optimator on Anarchy Burger

4 months ago

Urabrask  Flip - bit more mana and damage, eventually can recast all those great spells from the graveyard. Blocks

Blast Zone - a bit of removal in the land base

Geier Reach Sanitarium - maybe loot away extra lands?

Mikokoro, Center of the Sea - not ideal, but mono-Red

Valakut Awakening  Flip - could take a land slot

Shatterskull Smashing  Flip - take a land slot and add more burn

Song-Mad Treachery  Flip - could take a land slot, could steal a big creature and get across the finish line. Expensive, but synergizes with all your instant- and sorcery-stuff

Imodane, the Pyrohammer - huge force multiplier! A win-con. Probably a must-include

Ojer Axonil, Deepest Might  Flip - another force-multiplier. Might be redundant though

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