Lurking Predators

Lurking Predators


Whenever an opponent casts a spell, reveal the top card of your library. If it's a creature card, put it onto the battlefield. Otherwise, you may put that card on the bottom of your library.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Lurking Predators Discussion

komradeeli on Big mana golos

1 week ago

Check out Lurking Predators . That card would be pretty busted in this deck.

SoldierButterMan250 on Ulrich, of the Krallenhorde Mid Power

2 weeks ago

Thank you for those cards, I've definitely been needing more ramp and card draw. I agree about Lurking Predators unless I add more creatures (which I'll have to keep looking) it may just be a dead card that needs cutting. And yes, combat damage is basically my main wincon at the moment. This is just a list I own some of the cards for, so I could just change the theme at any moment. I'm also fairly new to the competitive edh scene, but would love to play.

Profet93 on Ruric Thar Primal Stax

1 month ago

^ Dont forget stalking vengence, but even with those 3 cards, I don't think malignus is justified. It's just a big body. You don't have much in way of evasion or trample in the deck. It shines in a deck like Xenagos where if they have no blockers or removal, they lose. Even more fun to use berserk on it when they block with a 1/1 and watch the color drain from their face.

It's a cute, powerful synergy. But given that it is not centric with your game plan, it would be taking up a slot that is. I would much rather run an Inferno Titan as it works best with your damage doublers, is a source of (continuous) removal if I had to chose.

Its hard to remember what you had previously, I noticed a nyxbloom ancient. It can get very powerful. It might be worth testing at the least, as I have only had minimal experience against it (and the one time I stole it, I almost won the game, keep in mind I was the blue player).

If there is anything specific you would like my input on, I would be more than happy to help if I can. For now, I'm just excited to see how the changes play out :)

If you're really anti-blue, have you considered a City of Solitude ? It's spells and abilities, so Azami is no issue. City of solitude > Hall of gemstone possibly. Similar purpose, CMC, city is easier to cast. Moreover, you run no instants and few activated abilities (Ex: Feldon) that you would want to even activate on their turn. Furthermore, Hall of gemstone doesn't stop opposing dorks or artifact ramp. Lastly, doesn't the mono color player just choose their color? I definitely see how hall can mess with 2+ color decks, it's value is great for sure. But I think city of solitude is a better fit, since hall hurts you more than city does.

Lurking Predators , with almost 50% of your deck as creatures, can be pretty valuable. At almost worst, they cast removal on it and you probably get a creature. At best, it sticks around for a turn or 2 and you get some serious value. Do note, it sucks when they cast a boardwipe (usually after all your creatures entered) and another creature gets cast and everything dies. Nevertheless, still worth mentioning.

I also noticed you prefer to use dorks rather than cards like springbloom druid, wood elves, yavimaya dryad, etc... curious as to your preference on dorks > land ramp.

Pikobyte on [EDH] Bacon and Eggs - Atla Breakfast Club

1 month ago

For the combos:

  • Equip runed stalactite to Atla(any equipment that boosts toughness works here). Then activate mirror entity for 0, hold priority and respond to your own ability and activate it let’s say 500 more times for 0. All your creatures now become 0/0 and all creature types and die, triggering Atla(atla stays alive because of the toughness boost). You reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature and put it into play. Now the next entity activation resolves and again makes everything 0/0 and all creature types...... this way you get infinite etb triggers, 500 in this case.

  • For Entity + Altar it’s easier: Activate entity for 1, making everything a 1/1 egg, sacrifice any creature to altar and triggering Atla to get a new creature. Activate entity again for 1 to make the new creature a 1/1 egg and sacrifice it again to altar. This nets you 1 mana each time, let’s you find any creature you want and gives you infinite etb triggers.

Yes those combos can make you a target, but from my experience rarely do. Atla is fairly easy to deal with and you’re prob not the most dangerous player on the table in general, so ppl don’t focus on you too much.

Craterhoof had to go in my list because it didn’t perform how I wanted. I often revealed it as one of my first cards from Atla and it basically was useless. It’s great later when you have a board but useless early so it had to go.

Cream of the crop is a card I really like in other decks, but it doesn’t really matter here. Atla always hits a creature and cream therefore is less useless. It’s much better in decks like Mayael where you only get to see the top 5 cards, or in combination with Lurking Predators .

jamochawoke on UR Dragon: Reignited

2 months ago

E-Witness is gold. Regrowth is also pretty nice. Swan Song kind of sucks in the fact that it gives them a token that can actually block your big flying lizards. A much better card to run would be Silumgar's Scorn which will basically be Counterspell in your deck, or you could just run Counterspell as well. Icon of Ancestry, Tooth and Nail, and Worldly Tutor are all really strong.

For tutoring/filtering Winding Way is also pretty good, especially if you can find a way to cast it multiple times. That brings me to a pretty fun combo with it and other yard fillers:

Living Death , Patriarch's Bidding , or Rise of the Dark Realms are good game enders especially if you have Dragonlord Kolaghan or Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund in the yard.

As for tribal support/buffs I found these to be the best for dragons:

Dragoncraft01 on From the Depths of the Sea

3 months ago

I noticed you had Prophet of Kruphix in your future section. Unfortunately, that card is banned in commander. Of course, if you are playing with friends in your own play group, you don't have to mind the ban list lol. If you want another big flashy fish boi, Pearl Lake Ancient is a pretty good one. Also, I feel like a deck like this could use more ramp, such as Explore or Explosive Vegetation or anything you prefer. Finally, some more all around great cards in green are Genesis Wave , Primal Command and Lurking Predators as well as Finale of Devastation , and The Great Henge if you aren't too concerned about a budget.

Sleepius on Lurking Predators

3 months ago

Thanks for the comment! so I should take this time to explain some stuff on what I have going on in the deck with how its working. Generally my hand nets me generally a few lands to start with, but key is my opening hand usually has Llanowar Elves and Priest of Titania . Priest of titania allows me to tap for 1 for every elf in play. Depending on the match you are playing, if your opponent has an elf in play that grants you mana. I played a 4 player FFA with friends and one person had an elf deck. I dropped Lurking Predators turn 3, and on my next opponents turn I flipped out a Worldspine Wurm . Due to those cards I am able to get things out quick. so realistically, I have more than 19 lands ;). Elvish Piper handles those creatures in my hand that I can't drop due to mana restrictions.

Murkfiend Liege is actually in this deck more for the secondary ability, rather than the +1/+1 ability. His second ability allows me to untap all my creatures on every upkeep. So a FFA game (which usually me and my friends play, rather than 1v1's) I am untapping creatures at the beginning of every upkeep ( Elvish Piper ). The +1/+1 is just a nice bonus.

I hear you with Necropolis Regent , but she is mainly there to cover some flying, but her second ability is what i was after. Dealing combat damage, you put that many +1/+1 counters. So stuff just gets bigger and bigger. Kind of the secondary purpose of the deck really is they just keep getting bigger and bigger. As for Thran Quarry I agree its a tough card, but unless there is a destroy all creatures spell, I generally have creatures out, especially since Dryad Arbor is also a creature. In the years of playing this deck, I have never sacrificed it.

I agree with you on Omnath, Locus of Mana Victory's Herald and Purity . Those were sort of let me add in some stuff. Omnath as he gets big with mana, Purity as just protection but not really needed, and Victory Herald as a temp way of giving flying but Akroma Memorial does that just fine.

I think I will reduce down the deck by eliminating some creatures. Here is what I see immediately for reduction: Borborygmos Forgotten Ancient Giant Adephage Omnath, Locus of Mana Purity Victory's Herald

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