Creature — Beast


Tap: Put an 8/8 Beast creature token into play that's red, green, and white.

legendofa on When did you start playing, …

2 months ago

I started playing with the first Portal, kinda. That was the first set I got cards from. I spent the next few years off and on, getting bits and pieces of collections from people who were leaving the game or offloading bulk commons and uncommons. (I managed to get both Pardic Firecat and Diligent Farmhand and had no idea what Burst meant. I thought it was some action, like untapping, that the rules later dropped.) I started digging in a little deeper in Time Spiral block, then really jumped in with Alara. Since then, I've been either in deep or sitting out.

Favorite block is Alara. It was the one that I really got in with (if you missed that two sentences ago). I usually prefer multicolor builds to monocolor builds, and I wasn't in for most of Apocalypse and Ravnica. It has a unique and deep setting insert Return to Alara screed here. And the cards are just cool: Maelstrom Archangel, Godsire (Secretly pandering to the OP? Never!), Progenitus, Wall of Denial, Conflux, Sphinx of the Steel Wind, Lich Lord of Unx... Add in stuff like Ad Nauseam, the Cascade mechanic, and Noble Hierarch, and the introductions of Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, Sarkhan Vol, Tezzeret the Seeker, and Elspeth, Knight-Errant, and it had something for everyone. Planeswalkers were still brand new, and colored artifacts were a shocking and semi-controversial twist.

I don't like the one-set model. I understand that the three-set model and even two-set model had general dropoff after the first set, but the current model is too much, too fast. The mechanics are underdeveloped and unsupported. (In agreement with "it's always been that way" doesn't make it a good thing. I'm still waiting for Provoke to come back.) The planes are either shallow, limited in scope, or "open for exploration when we return" which may or may not happen.

The biggest and most disappointing change for me, though, is the official website. It used to have multiple articles a week: Making Magic, Savor the Flavor, From the Lab, Building on a Budget, Arcana, Card of the Day, theme weeks, it was all fun. Now, it's a couple of third-party articles, occasional short stories for the lore, and a bunch of promotion and self-advertising.

With my "it was better in my day" out of the way, I think the fundamentals of the game are in good shape. Aside from some cosmetic differences and minor rules updates, it's still the same game I was playing fifteen years ago, and there's a lot to be said for that. Sure, there's been some power and complexity creep, but aside from a couple of high-profile missteps that aren't totally without precedent (Urza block -> Mirrodin Affinity -> Zendikar Caw-Blade -> Throne of Eldraine/Ikoria), it's been well controlled compared to other popular TCGs. A deck from five, ten, twenty years ago can still find a home at least at the casual tables.

legendofa on Commander without the Legendary Rule

2 months ago

I'm going to go with, as always, Alara. TypicalTimmy already mentioned Godsire and Maelstrom Archangel, and I'm going to add Prince of Thralls, Hellkite Overlord, Blood Tyrant, and Magister Sphinx.

(For the curious, Empyrial Archangel and Sphinx Sovereign are the other two cards in the MNNO cycle. Either of them would work as well, I just don't find them quite as interesting.)

TypicalTimmy on Flamebound Conjuration

2 months ago

plakjekaas, the truth is, I really want Naya Tokens to be a solid thing in EDH. I know it already is with several builds, but the issue is that we have enchantments such as Parallel Lives and Anointed Procession, but nothing for red. Yes, I use Flameshadow Conjuring quite a lot, and this was heavily drawn from that inspiration. But, I wanted something stronger, more akin to the other two. With flavorful and mechanical red support, of course. The added was to help justify the wider effect, as yes I do recognize how powerful it is.

I want to eventually find a more laid back group who allows non-Legendary Commanders, such as Godsire. :) I think custom cards might be a bit far and I can't see any group allowing it - lest perhaps a balanced custom Commander, but definitely nothing within the +99.

DemonDragonJ on Double Masters 2022 Predictions and …

3 months ago

Godsire and Uril, the Miststalker could both use reprints, as well, to keep them affordable, and so that they shall be in the new card frame with updated wording.

Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares have been reprinted enough times, in my mind, so I would like to see a reprint of Unmake, which has not been reprinted in a long time.

Many of the lieges from Shadowmoor and Eventide either have not been reprinted in a long time or never reprinted, at all, so I definitely would like to see them reprinted, at some point.

SpammyV, I fully agree about Esper Sentinel, since I purchased a copy of that card for $14, and it now is $22, so I have no question that it will only increase in price if it is not reprinted, soon.

eliakimras on Ghired - Precon Primal Genesis - Heavy Upgrade

4 months ago

Hey! Kinda late, but I would like to suggest some stuff:

(Disclaimer: I have a budget way lower than yours, but I've been tinkering with Ghired for almost two years - he's my favorite commander. I'll break the suggested upgrades down into categories for better organization.)

Haste enablers:

Ramp: Run at least 15 ramp cards to make your deck flow smoother and faster.

Direct damage:

Extra combats: You don't have to worry about your opponents' answers if they never get to their turn, so...


Card draw: Alongside ramp, it is my main concern with Ghired. I want to be able to rebuild my board after a boardwipe.

  • Garruk's Uprising is a better Colossal Majesty, even giving evasion to your creatures.

  • I believe that Camaraderie can be substituted for Shamanic Revelation as the latter cost less mana. Mouth / Feed is another option that creates its own big token. Return of the Wildspeaker can either draw cards or buff creatures for an alpha strike.

  • Keeper of Fables triggers all other power-based card draw, while giving easy draw triggers to all your trampling creatures. Elder Gargaroth is a buffed, more versatile version of it. And remember: both can be cloned for extra juicy draw or extra tokens.

  • Sylvan Library is an overall great card filter for your regular draws. It gets better with shufflers like fetchlands and tutors.

  • Since your deck is focused on attacking and getting extra combat steps, Etali, Primal Storm might be a fun way to play your opponents' cards while lowering their life points.

Some cards I suggest you to remove:

  • Sundering Growth: you already have enough flexible removal. You will almost never be in a situation in which the token to copy and the artifact/enchantment to remove are optimal choices. Since you're running Eladamri's Call, Reclamation Sage might be worth including (and cloned for the enjoyment of your friends).
  • Starnheim Unleashed: one token is too little for a whole card slot in the deck. If you're foretelling, it costs a lot of mana to be worthwhile. The game might be over before that.
  • Growing Ranks: waiting a whole rotation to get a token which does not even have haste is not ideal.
  • Ghired's Belligerence, Full Flowering: good for a late game play, mostly dead until then. I like those, but I removed them in favor of more mid-game cards, since I might not last until 9+ mana.
  • Trostani, Selesnya's Voice: while on-theme, it does little to advance your win condition.
  • Thunderfoot Baloth: not an amazing buff. Your creatures are big already, and Garruk's Uprising takes care of the evasion.
  • Feldon of the Third Path: all-star when there is a lot of graveyard filling - there is none in this deck. (I really tried to keep him on my deck because I like the card, but most of the time there was no creature in my graveyard.)
  • Eldrazi Displacer: are you using it for a combo? I couldn't identify it.

Some cool lands for you to try out: (landbase is my favorite part of deckbuilding)

I hope I've been of some help to you. I didn't suggest many token-related cards because I believe that, as long as you have decent ramp, draw and removal in your deck, you can win to your heart's content. Wanna throw in a Godsire? Do it. Prefer to clone your opponents' creatures with Hate Mirage? Go ahead. But the fundamentals of the deck is what makes it flow consistently. Have fun and smash 'em all (and run Doubling Season for extra fun) ;-)

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

4 months ago

Ooh... Okay so I know it already has a card, but I'm using the name since I can't think of another name for it. Sorry.

The Chain Veil

Legendary Artifact - Equipment

Loyalty abilities of equipped Planeswalker cost an additional +1 to activate.

You may activate abilities of the equipped Planeswalker an additional time during each of your turns.

Equip Planeswalker

Big cost for big reward. I wonder how R&D works with this... If you equip your Planeswalker, activate twice, blink TCV and re-equip, can you activate a third time?

What if you have 12 mana and two walkers? When attached to, say, a Jace and you activate twice, can move to a Tezzeret and activate twice, then move back to Jace for a 3rd time?

OG TCV is still better, but this fulfilled the challenge so there ya go.

Turn Godsire into a Legendary Beast.

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