Etherium Sculptor

Etherium Sculptor

Artifact Creature — Vedalken Artificer

Artifact spells you play cost less to play.

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Etherium Sculptor Discussion

Valengeta on Myracle Workers

1 month ago

I would change Mind Stone with Etherium Sculptor, maybe add some Myr Retriever to scavange losses and Thoughtcast for more draw as you'll empty your hand quickly. This way, 20 lands is more than enough. Cranial Plating might be good to help kill the enemy

wallisface on Budget Mirrodin Besieged

1 month ago

Some thoughts:

  • I don’t think Altar of the Brood helps you here. You’re never likely to mill your opponent out this way, and i’m not sure its a strategy you want to be pushing.

  • the upcoming card Consider seems useful for this deck, for helping you find Mirrodin Besieged while also filling your graveyard. Mishra's Bauble is also amazing for the same reason. Likewise, Chromatic Sphere and Chromatic Star hugely accelerate your gameplan - you could easily end up running a bunch of these effects and creating a very fast & consistent engine.

  • I’m surprised you’re not running more copies of Salvage Titan - it seems like a great way to fill the grave and accelerate your win.

  • You need Mirrodin Besieged to have a chance of winning: you should be running the full playset.

  • I don’t think you need Etherium Sculptor. It’s not an artifact, and most your stuff is cheap. I get it helps with Mystic Forge but that feels far too narrow a use-case (Personally i’d also ditch the forge).

  • Relic of Progenitus is better than Tormod's Crypt here because it draws you a card. This ties in with many of my suggestions above, bug you really want your artifacts to be cheap, and replace themselves. That way you’ll find your win condition quickly, and have the fuel required to achieve it fast.

RambIe on What Conversations do you not …

2 months ago

wotanaz1337 you are so right, this just happened Saturday night. Two of us were just playing causal Timmy decks and the other one running The Locust God had Sensei's Divining Top+Etherium Sculptor I felt like he was about to combo off so when he tapped top to draw I responded with Nature's Claim first he freaked out saying the games are taking to long (we were less the 20mins into 1st game and I already had him and the other player around 16 life) then not only did he scoop he refused to play for the rest of the night even when the others arrived

Valengeta on The Empire

2 months ago

No problem man. Looking closer at your deck, I would try this:

If you can afford dual lands like Watery Grave or Drowned Catacomb it would also help a lot

Valengeta on The Empire

2 months ago

I would change this to include Green, maybe a Simic version. You're going to need the Ramp abilities of that color if you want to play stuff, activate stuff and play answers. Or you could at least use things like Etherium Sculptor, Cloud Key, Semblance Anvil, Foundry Inspector, Jhoira's Familiar or Palladium Myr

As it is, I think it's very slow paced for Modern. Also, you don't have much in terms of board pressure or hard removal. You're too exposed while trying to set up the Empire artifacts

DBCooper on Ways Of The Relics

4 months ago

Honestly this is really great. I would definitely note that, given so many 0 cost cards like Memnite you will be seeing hand issues mid game, and likely want some draw power. I would definitely suggest Thoughtcast for this, as you will always hit that affinity trigger in a deck like this.

Otherwise, I find that Etherium Sculptor speeds everything up, and can make this deck even more aggro.

Finally, Unwinding Clock is a really cool card that makes Steel Overseer and similar cards overwhelming very quickly.

Great work! I really like this deck!

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