Thousand-Year Storm

Thousand-Year Storm


Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, copy it for each other instant and sorcery spell you've cast before it this turn. You may choose new targets for the copies.

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Mythic Rare

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Format Legality
Oathbreaker Legal
Arena Legal
Historic Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Pioneer Legal
Legacy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Custom Legal
Unformat Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Block Constructed Legal

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Thousand-Year Storm Discussion


7 hours ago

is Thousand-Year Storm to high of a cmc? I think it'd be cool

saj0219 on Selling Some Cards!

1 month ago

Hello all! I have a handful of cards I'm looking to part with. I'm planning to list them on TCG player at the end of the week, but figured I'd give everyone here first crack at them. It's mostly little stuff, but there are a pair of reserved list cards in pretty good condition I'm planning to part with.

I can take payment through PayPal, and shipping is covered in all purchases. Generally, I'll ship under $30 in an envelope, and $30+ in a bubble mailer with tracking. Prices should generally be about 10% below the cheapest card of similar condition I found when I pulled them from TCG, but if I'm off, feel free to let me know! I've noted condition for the more expensive stuff and am happy to provide pictures, though generally everything on this list is NM.

Again, if you're interested, please let me know! I'm happy to adjust as the market changes, and I'll remove items from this list as they're sold. At the end of the week, I'll be posting these on TCG.



Monomanamaniac on Kaza's Wizard Fleet

2 months ago

I like this deck, I've always wanted a red/blue wizard deck and this one has a lot of potential. So I do want to disclaimer and say that my suggestions are not criticisms, and also I did not consider your budget or your collection lol. Lastly this is suggestions with just a cursory glance. Azami, Lady of Scrolls is pretty amazing in any wizard deck. Sol Ring, Izzet Signet, Arcane Signet, Fellwar Stone, Wayfarer's Bauble, and Talisman of Creativity are all low cost mana rocks that will help your deck ramp quickly. Mystic Sanctuary, Steam Vents, and Reliquary Tower are decent utility lands. Counterspell, Cyclonic Rift, Vandalblast, Expansion / Explosion, Blue Sun's Zenith, Chaos Warp, Curse of the Swine, and Fact or Fiction are all really good answer cards (I know rift is 20$ but it's still a staple). Baral, Chief of Compliance, Adeliz, the Cinder Wind, and Vedalken AEthermage are amazing utility creatures. Thousand-Year Storm turns all your spells into storm spells. Primal Amulet  Flip helps mana costs and then copies spells. There's a few more things I can't really think of any, but my sources indicate that x spells do real well in a deck like this. Hope some of these help.

resplendentobscurity on Omnath the Vala-cutie

2 months ago

Hi there,

I just saw your comment on RoaringBunny's list, and you mentioned wanting to try Thousand-Year Storm as a win condition.

Not sure if you're still wanting to try it, but I did the same thing with my list, if you want to check it out.

Idea is to storm off with Thousand-Year Storm and Summer Bloom and ping people down with Oboro, Valakut, and a prismatic omen effect. Also works well with Mythos of Illuna (which I see you're running as well), especially in conjunction with Mystic Sanctuary.

resplendentobscurity on Omnath, the Molten Pinnacle EDH

2 months ago

Love the deck! I run a similar list, except I try to leverage using the ramp spells so I've leaned into a spellslinger theme, using Thousand-Year Storm and Summer Bloom as wincons, and I've really been enjoying it.

To refer to the comment about Oboro, I run it in my deck, and with Dryad of the Ilysian Grove effects it does work with Valakut! But being able to pay 1 mana to draw a card and maximize those extra land drops makes it worth running imo. Though, I don't have Cloudstone Curio so that may fill the same role and may not feel as necessary.

It may not fit here, but Mystic Sanctuary does some serious work for me. Especially with things like Mythos of Illuna and Ghostly Flicker

alulien on Riku, Master of the Arts

2 months ago

I played with Thousand-Year Storm previously but found that I wasn't going Storm-style and casting a bunch of spells, rather I'd cast a single spell/creature and do one copy to maintain mana for counters and etc. on opponent's turns. If I was going all in on the spellslinger approach then it would be an auto-include, but as is I think Swarm Intelligence fits that slot better being less conditional on multiple casts/turn.

Thank you for the suggestion, TetrAggressive, input is always appreciated!

TetrAggressive on Riku, Master of the Arts

2 months ago

Heard you like copies, Thousand-Year Storm might be right up your alley.

enpc on Lithoform Enginge: Not Broken, Definitely …

2 months ago

DragonSliver9001: Your comment was short so I'll reference it directly:

"it does do things well actually."

Without any context or evidence to back up this claim, the comment is basically "the card is good and I should know". The issue with that kind of discussion here is that your evidence is effectively you staking your credibility on the card's value. This means that any discussion in disagreement may come across as a personal attack on you, becuase that's the only available talking point you've given. I would highly recommend against using this kind argument, as it will typically lead to popele feeling/getting attacked.

"Your reasoning that "its bad" doesn't even fit with what the op said about going in every deck"

I didn't ever say the card was bad. I called it win-more, underwhelming, a multitool, bulky and that it falls short. While it might sound like I'm splitting hairs here, the distiction is important. The card is perfectly fine in a vacuum. It copies a bunch of stuff and who doesn't like free copies.

The problem though lies in the fact that it tries to do too many things. There are already cards that do each of these things, for abilities we have Strionic Resonator and Rings of Brighthearth, for copying spells we have Mirari or stright up, cards liek Thousand-Year Storm and for creatures we have cards like Flameshadow Conjuring and Bramble Sovereign. While some of these are not colourless, they are all much more efficient at what they do because they focus on one specific thing.

But for Lithoform Engine, because it tries to do everything, you end up with it costing a decent amount of mana to play (Aetherflux Reservoir does the same and can actually just end the game) and then also costs a fair amount to activate, considering that you have to tap it. And the fact that they are all tap abilities is what I was trying to illustrate before - since you can only use it once per turn, it fits into an awkward space where you want to use it on good spells/abilities but if you're using it on spells/abilites which would win the game by themselves then it just becomes win-more anyway.

So for a casual deck, the card is fine, but cards like this have a tendancy to get cut pretty quickly once poeple start refining their decks as it lacks focus.

As for not aligning with OP's comments, the comment was made that most EDH decks will want to run this. I then stated that I'm sure there will be a bunch of decks that will want to run this becuase they think it's awesome but it ends up not really doing much. I then expanded on my comment. I fail to see how this doesn't align with what OP was talking about.

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