Jeskai Ascendancy

Jeskai Ascendancy


Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn. Untap those creatures.

Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.

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Jeskai Ascendancy Discussion

wallisface on Banlist Open Discussion

1 month ago

Personally I don’t think we should have any unbans at the moment - the dust is still settling from MH2, and the format still feels very “alive” (imo it makes more sense to risk an unban during times when a format feels stale).

Even outside of whether this is the right time, I don’t think any of the cards on the ban list should be getting unbanned anyway:

  • DST has already been discussed heavily above. It be scary.

  • Artifact lands are an unnecessary risk to unban for no real potential gain. The tapped ones introduced in MH2 already effectively bought affinity decks back from the dead, and let them compete. While i’m not convinced the banned Artefact lands are strong enough to immediately break the format, they create more design issues than they should be, and are liable to just be re-banned in a future artifact-themed-set. Affinity players don’t need that heartbreak.

  • Rite of Flame makes too many decks too fast. It immediately makes combo front-and centre. As well as being equally as abusable as SSG, it also boosts Storm to worrying levels, as well as Jeskai Ascendancy combo. It’s basically SSG but also a spell, making it stronger in a bunch of scenarios. But the fact its an SSG-clone is enough to mean this should stay banned

Icbrgr on Jeskai Prowess Advice

2 months ago

yeah after another day of playtesting i feel silly about the thought of Jeskai Ascendancy...

Otherwise there is A LOT I really like about this strategy/decklist overall but it's definitely not perfect... its really explosive at times and other times clunky and Bipolar about being mana starved or mana flooded.

still tinkering with what the best list can be... not sure if im a poor/inexperienced pilot or if its just the nature of the deck as it is with the tools available. Light Up the Stage/Expressive Iteration are definlitly keepers to some ratio but there is an art to using them optimally im finding.

wallisface on Jeskai Prowess Advice

2 months ago

Typically Jeskai Ascendancy is its own separate deck, relying on that card to combo off, and having nothing to do with Prowess.

I don’t think the card has any place in Prowess - and if you’re set on using it, its better off used in it’s own combo-archetype

Icbrgr on Jeskai Prowess Advice

2 months ago

I was perusing Tappedout to see what sorts of new decks are around since the release of Modern Horizons 2 and I came across a Jeskai Prowess deck that I fell in love with and had to make it mine.

I am currently toying with the idea of ditching Lurrus of the Dream-Den in favor of main decking Jeskai Ascendancy but im not sure if its practical or not... other non-Lurrus builds ive seen use Stormwing Entity which is definitely powerful as well.

overall just playtesting and am open to suggestions.

Triggered Wizard

Modern* Icbrgr


Icbrgr on Jeskai Prowess

2 months ago

so ive been obsessing over this deck lately and have some things to note and suggest... Lurrus and pyromancer conflict with the companion mechanic... a substitute im filling in is Stormchaser Mage. Otherwise another piece of tech ive been tinkering with is Jeskai Ascendancy instead of lurrus; its neat but i think lurrus is the way to go... Quicken is somthing else im toying with to work with light up/ending and considering Shelter for staving off spot removal/evasion.

RicketyEng on The Code Meister

5 months ago

OH! I hadn't noticed the untap part of Jeskai Ascendancy . That's much better than just Prowess for all my creatures and looting for each spell.

The reasons you listed for Assault Suit are basically how I convinced myself to cut it in the first place (especially reason 1).

JCTenor10 on The Code Meister

5 months ago

I agree with giving Fractured Identity a chance, as it is an AMAZING followup to a boardwipe like Fell the Mighty or Yahenni's Expertise .

Assault Suit I dislike for many reasons.

1) being a 4cmc artifacts means it's unlikely to get dropped before Codie,meaning we will have to flicker with Long Road Home or one of your other cheats to play it, which means it is competing with your higher impact permanents just to gimmick someone out of playing permanents, which will require removal ASAP.

2) As a Zedruu player I have learned that there is no faster way to make enemies at the table the bad gifts like Codie.

3) if you want to dip into bad gifts route play Zedruu the Greathearted .

People will hate Fractured Identity , but they won't make you the archenemy because of it. As fun as bad gifts are, most of them are just not up to Codies speed. If you are going for additional Codie triggers, I once again suggest Jeskai Ascendancy ,it does better than any other at getting multiple triggers for it's price.

JCTenor10 on The Code Meister

5 months ago

Great Deck! I've been looking for a good non-gimmicky Codie deck that isn't all Hypergenesis or Living End . Have you considered Jeskai Ascendancy ? It has wonderful synergy with Codie and can infinite really easily. Also it let's you filter out permanents that accumulate in your hand when you have no way to flicker him which also helps your storm count.

Also, because you run with the realistic expectation that you will need to play some permanents to win, what's your opinion on the spells that cheat things in like Show and Tell and Tooth and Nail or Yisan, the Wanderer Bard

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