Luminous Broodmoth

Luminous Broodmoth

Creature — Insect


Whenever a creature you control without flying dies (is put into the graveyard from the battlefield), return it to the battlefield under its owner's control with a flying counter on it.

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Format Legality
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Historic Legal
Casual Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Standard Legal
Arena Legal
Highlander Legal
Custom Legal
Gladiator Legal
Limited Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
Pre-release Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Luminous Broodmoth Discussion

1empyrean on Esper Stuff

1 month ago

Unfortunately, your Luminous Broodmoth and Nightmare Shepherd combo actually doesn't work. After the creature changes zone, from graveyard to exile in this case, Broodmoth's trigger can no longer bring the card back (the same is true for Undying and Persist, which work exactly the same).

If you really want to do something mean with Shepherd, steal someone else's creature and sacrifice it.

Heliogabale on First attempt BW

1 month ago

I am only saying this because you mentioned this is your first Commander deck: going down the infinite combo route and playing this many tutors will result in very similar games for you. If consistency is your focus that can be a good thing, but if it is your only deck it can get repetitive fast.

I would lose some single effect cards like Hymn to Tourach or Lapse of Certainty and select cards with recurring effects like Court of Ambition and Liliana's Caress.

Fate Unraveler is a walking Underwold Dreams. Rackling is a living version of The Rack.

In most cases, Memory Jar makes all your opponents draw 7 and discard 7 cards when you trigger it. That can be a win for you with the right setup.. I second Bloodchief Ascension as mentioned above, with or without Mindcrank.

Consider adding either Teferi's Protection or Flawless Maneuver. You may want to Invest some space for spot removal like Vindicate and Anguished Unmaking or Despark. As for mass removal, you may find Winds of Abandon more satisfying than Fumigate if you have a board.

Try Children of Korlis with Necropotence and your Commander or Enduring Renewal.You can add recursion that fits your mechanic with Luminous Broodmoth.

Finally, I think you would like Sangromancer. I do.

Hope you find something useful, welcome to the Commander format!

cfost827 on Karador EDH Deck (Hulk/Boonweaver Combo's …

1 month ago

TriusMalarky - haha thanks!! Yeah, I'm basically just retooling the whole Karador deck to make it more fun for everyone. I removed all the hate bears (besides Teeg) and all the tutors so far, along with Hulk and Boonweaver + Pattern Rebirth/Academy Rector.

I took whatqwerty advice and added Spore Frog and Caustic Caterpillar. I'm also basically going more of an Toolbox/Reanimator route adding in some creatures to win through combat and that are powerful. Kokusho, the Evening Star, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Craterhoof Behemoth, Massacre Wurm, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, Luminous Broodmoth, Razaketh, the Foulblooded, etc.

Also, I'm adding more utility cards and things that basically just always blow up my opponents stuff. Aura Shards, Plaguecrafter, Abrupt Decay, Ravenous Chupacabra, Krosan Grip, Despark, etc.

Just going to try making some of those updates for now - still trying to construct the deck a different way.

But I appreciate all the feedback! I'm open to anymore suggestions all :)

BigRed907 on Ruin Rat ability vs. Luminous …

2 months ago

The situation I have Luminous Broodmoth and another 2/1 creature w/out flying on the field, my opponent has Ruin Rat, I attack with 2/1 creature and they block with Ruin rat, they both die, my creature comes back on the field with flying counter, but can ruin rats ability exile that creature before it comes back to the battlefield? Is my 2/1 creature in the graveyard before it comes back with Broodmoth?

ImaginitiveRascal on What is Dead May Never Die

3 months ago

I don't know about this, but in situations where the card says "return to the battlefield (Athreos, Shroud-Veiled, Luminous Broodmoth, Sorin, Lord of Innistrad), would Kunoros, Hound of Athreos cancel that?

Tzefick on Teysa Karlov’s Double D's

3 months ago

It's a shame they have flying (considering Luminous Broodmoth) but have you considered Vesperlark and Reveillark?

Lhurgyof on Ghave That Bitch an Infinite Combo [Primer]

3 months ago

Any thoughts on Luminous Broodmoth? While it doesn't go infinite easily, getting twice the value from etb/ltb triggers might be useful.


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