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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal



Copy target instant or sorcery spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

TypicalTimmy on Storm Scale: Throne of Eldraine …

3 months ago

Seems fair with those he reviewed. He left out a ton of other mechanics, though. For instance, he left out Magecraft from Strixhaven just as one quick example.

Going on what I have observed from Magecraft, if I were to rate it;

  • Popularity: Popular. It seems to have been a mechanic many players enjoyed, as casting spells and getting free value out of them is always a positive reward for players.

  • Design Space: Medium. Many planes within Magic's universe rely heavily on spell casters. This can easily be situated on worlds such as Dominaria, Ravnica, Kaladesh and more. This does not mean it would fit everywhere, however. For example, Magecraft might not make sense on Zendikar or Innistrad, where spellcasting schools are limited, or non-existent.

  • Versatility: Neutral. The entire idea of Magecraft is that you gain value for casting or copying spells. While casting is easy enough, it is the copying aspect that is a bit more difficult. Because the copying effect would also need to be considered, this was lowered from Flexible to Neutral. Otherwise, the mechanic is only functioning half-way.

  • Development/Play Design: Neutral. While it may be incredibly tempting to say that this is not problematic, the truth is that it really is. Special care must be given to ensure a player can not go infinite. For example, if a player were to Twincast a Reverberate, they can loop these together and create infinite Magecraft triggers. As long as care is taken with R&D, this shouldn't be an issue. Alas, because this issue potentially exists, it can not be any higher than Neutral.

  • Playability: Playability not affected. It is an incredibly straight-forward mechanic, that is very easy to use. Casting spells, and to a lesser extent copying them, is literally how the game works. Magecraft essentially rewards the player for playing the game. It can't be any easier than that. And while it is tempting to say that, in this light, it is unbalanced one must also consider Landfall in the same light. Players play the game by primarily playing lands, which Landfall rewards you for. So if the game can reward a player for playing a land, it should also be able to reward a player for casting (or copying) a spell. This is no different than having attack triggers, upkeep triggers, end step triggers, draw triggers... the list goes on. Therefore, isolating Magecraft for the rewards of casting (again, and copying) spells would actually run against many other established mechanics, making the argument nonsensical in nature.

Result: 2/5ths are positive and 3/5ths are neutral or in the middle. This should result in a Storm Scale of around 3 or 4, with it likely leaning toward a 4 as it would really depend on which other mechanics are being chosen for development at that time. For example, having Magecraft in the same Standard rotation as Landfall might incur too much power and unbalance within the games. What would likely result is players constructing decks primarily focusing on those abilities to "min-max" their value, creating mirror matches within the community. So really it is a 3.5, simply depending on what else is coming down the chute at the time.

multimedia on Strefan and his vampires

3 months ago

Hey, Creeping Bloodsucker is a new Vamp in the latest set Jumpstart 2022. It's a two drop repeatable no mana cost source of Blood with Strefan.

Braids, Arisen Nightmare is another newish card who's very good in multiplayer Commander for repeatable draw. Draw a card for each opponent who didn't sac, that helps to keep your hand full of Vamps to cheat onto the battlefield with Strefan. It too can be a repeatable no mana cost source of Blood by sacing a Blood token or Vamp. You can stack the beginning of end step triggers to resolve Braids first and then Strefan, that way you create Blood for each opponent who lose 2 life from Braids.

In Rakdos when your Commander has flying and you want to attacking with it then Azra Oddsmaker and Mask of Memory are good repeatable draw sources. No mana cost repeatable draw like this can really help to have Vamps in your hand to cheat with Stefan.

Chaos Warp and Feed the Swarm are important removal in Rakdos because they can remove an enchantment. I'm also a fan of Reverberate in Rakdos since it can copy an opponent's instant or sorcery which could be removal. Enchantments that restrict you from attacking can slow you to a halt or wreck you if you don't have some way to remove it. Stefan cheating a Vamp onto the battlefield from your hand tapped and attacking does get around Ghostly Prison effect, but that's only one Vamp on your turn and you'll have to pay mana to attack with Stefan.

Good luck with your deck.

TypicalTimmy on At what point are spells …

5 months ago

Isn't it upon resolution?

For example, I cast Lightning Bolt, hold priority and cast Reverberate targeting Lightning Bolt.

Once Reverberate resolves, the copy of Lightning Bolt goes on the stack above the original casting.

TypicalTimmy on Pattern Recognition #256 - Player …

6 months ago

TheOfficialCreator, playing like an utter asshole is fun on occasion. No, I don't mean targeting a single opponent in a 4-player pod. What I mean is, sometimes it's just fun to let the cannons loose and cause as much possible damage. No aim to win, just pure carnage.

But those games, for me at least, are few and far between. I just want to cast big dumb stupid spells.

As a Timmy, I do not look for combos. Many decks seek to have combos go off to win the game. Combos such as:

  • "Okay, my opening hand has X, Y and Z. If I can get A or B, those combo with X. If I get 1, that'll combo with Y. Z doesn't have the resources yet to go off. Okay so I drew A, so I'm going to XA and tutor for G which produces infinite mana to win."

No, I play like this.

  • "Here's a bomb that can entirely stand on it's own two legs. Oh here's another bomb. Want another bomb? Okay have two more. Overwhelmed yet?? Shit, Damnation. Alright, well let's Reverberate a See the Unwritten and rebuild."

I like to grind the game out with so many resources that my opponents exhaust all of their removal, and still can't keep up. Public enemy #1 baybee!!

If a game becomes Archenemy with me at the helm, I love it. Don't even care if I lose. And speaking of losing, can I get salty? For sure, ask Epicurus. But I don't get mad because I lost, what I am annoyed / angry with is when a deck fails entirely. Take, for example, the Dominaria United precon Painbow. That deck, surprisingly, sucks wet donkey ass. I don't know how many games I played with it where you could do LITERALLY NOTHING. I'm not upset that I am losing, I am upset that I wasted my time and money on something that doesn't function.

Listen, MTG is expensive and EDH is the worst offender (Outside of Vintage). If I drop enough cash into a deck to buy a friggen laptop, or a used car, it better do a helluva lot more than Draw. Discard. Go.

kookoo on Whole Lotta Red - Birgi Wheel Combo

6 months ago

Here's a not very important thing I just thought of: If you can afford it, consider running two Forks and two Reverberates so you can't be Surgical Extractioned or Extirpated as easily.

Also, Runaway Steam-Kin is kind of a delayed Birgi effect because you need to cast three non-lotus petal spells, but it is still nice, and with two or more copies Grinning Ignus will make infinite mana.

PinnedPhoenix on Whole Lotta Red - Birgi Wheel Combo

6 months ago

kookoo - hi!

I can definitely see Simian Spirit Guide here. the fact that it's effectively free means it can smooth out the deck's hiccups and occasionally help it go off a turn earlier. ditto for Lotus Petal. I'll consider adding them!

as for the others, I think they're just a touch too slow and/or inconsistent. I love Wheel of Misfortune, for example. it's a personal favorite of mine. but if you get outbid, it can easily ruin your game, and that's a big built-in risk to add to a deck like this one.

as for Ricochet Trap - it's a mana cheaper, but Reverberate is so good here because it can effectively act as another mana spell, which is huge. in fact, if you copy Seething Song, it's actually the best mana spell in this deck. that's a little too good to pass up, even if it is a bit more expensive!

kookoo on Whole Lotta Red - Birgi Wheel Combo

6 months ago

I wonder if you added some Simian Spirit Guides, Lotus Petals and some Mox Opals or Chrome Moxs, maybe a Wheel of Misfortune, would this be good in legacy?

I also recommend Ricochet Trap, because while it can't copy a spell like Reverberate can, it can counter a spell for less mana.

Triton on The Izzet Spell-Slinging Machine Gun

9 months ago

vasarto77 thank you for your suggestions and upvote! Reverberate is in there, I will definitely consider Twincast! Sadly Fork is a tad expensive for me atm… definitely will get it someday! Just a matter of finding something to cut, which shouldn’t be too hard!

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