Copy target instant or sorcery spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Reverberate Discussion

DemonDragonJ on Can Seething Song be Used …

5 days ago

If a player casts Seething Song , can they use two of the mana that that spell generates to cast Reverberate and copy the song?

multimedia on Infinite Kalamax

1 week ago

Hey, nice budget upgrades for the precon. Kalamax is sure fun when playing him with combos in mind.

You cut Twinning Staff from your upgrade? Staff is very good with Kalamax because Kalamax's copy ability triggers it. Staff is busted with Kalamax and a Fork such as Reverberate which is a great upgrade you've made. Kalamax + Reverberate puts infinite counters on Kalamax and if you copied an opponent's spell first such as Cultivate with Reverberate then you can resolve two copies of Cultivate. Adding Twinning Staff takes this interaction to whole other level because you can make as many copies of Cultivate as you want even infinite copies and resolve them.

Twinning Staff has interaction with Narset's Reversal which is another great upgrade you've made. With Staff each time Reversal is copied it makes two more copies and these copies can copy each other on the stack to put infinite counters on Kalamax. Just Reversal + Kalamax is very powerful, but this interaction can't put infinite counters on Kalamax only three counters. It's not infinite with Reversal unless you can make another copy of a copy of Reversal. Staff makes additional copies of Reversal.

Soul's Fire is a good budget win condition after getting infinite counters on Kalamax because it will infinite burn two opponents. With Twinning Staff copying Fire after Kalamax copies it you can infinite burn three different opponents.

Expansion / Explosion is another budget Fork. Consider cutting a few creatures and enchantments to add these three cards?

Kalamax can take real advantage of instant Forks and also just as much with low CMC instants that draw.

These instants help to keep your hand full of instants to have more of them to cast on your opponent's turns. Consider cutting a few creatures and enchantments to add these draw spells?

Good luck with your deck.

Neotrup on Do These Cards Function the …

1 month ago

Another difference is what happens when you copy your own spells, and if you cast Reverberate targetting your own spell, your opponent can Counterspell the original to fizzle Reverberate which is a pretty feel bad 2 for 1. If you cast Teach by Example and your opponent Counterspell s the next spell you cast, you'll still get the copy.

DemonDragonJ on Do These Cards Function the …

1 month ago

legendofa, one other difference is that both Reverberate and Twincast can copy spells cast by other players, which could be a major benefit, whereas Teach by Example can copy only spells cast by the same player.

legendofa on Do These Cards Function the …

1 month ago

It's different. Teach by Example can only affect the next spell you cast. It copies a future effect you control. Twincast and Reverberate copy any spell on the stack, i.e. something already cast, that can belong to anyone.

Teach by Example is proactive, the other two are reactive.

DemonDragonJ on Do These Cards Function the …

1 month ago

In Strixhaven, the card Teach by Example was printed, but it has different wording from Reverberate or Twincast , so I am wondering if there is any difference in how the cards function.

What does everyone else say? Does Teach by Example function differently from Reverberate and Twincast , or is it essentially the same, albeit with different wording?

IsThisWolfe on Veyran and Zada, Bestest of Friends

1 month ago

BrassLord, this deck is going to be my lower power level deck so I’m not trying to run too many combos

Yeah the goblin tutors would be pretty good considering some of the more impactful creatures are goblins, I’m still considering adding them but making cuts at this point is hard.

Expansion / Explosion : will def replace Reverberate with this.

God-Eternal Kefnet : will try and find a spot for this, I was considering it before but didn’t realized it said to cast the copy instead of just copying. That will make it work with Zada and like you said pairs really well.

Thanks for the feedback!

OmicronPrime on Operation: Desert Storm

1 month ago

XinZhao I like Reverberate in the deck because of it's versatility, I will have to evaluate cards like Bolt Bend for protection because my playgroup has definitely become keen that they can die on any given turn against Neheb.

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