Ezuri's Predation

Ezuri's Predation


For each creature your opponents control, create a 4/4 green beast creature token. Each of those Beasts fights a different one of those creatures.

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Ezuri's Predation Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Should I Use Board Wipes …

1 week ago

Even in very creature-heavy decks, a wipe or three are often very useful. What do you get from three or four werewolves when the Goreclaw creature storm deck just went of and ended the turn with 127 power in play?

Ezuri's Predation is a great boardwipe in green, as is Apex Altisaur. Reckless Endeavor can be somewhat one-sided if your creatures are on the bigger end, also: Burn Down the House is great if you don't want the exile-effect from Hour of Devastation.

Lanzo493 on Should I Use Board Wipes …

1 week ago

I see nothing wrong with running Blasphemous Act at least. If it’s in your opening hand, it’s easy to just wait for a 1 mana board wipe around turn 4 or 5 and then build your board immediately. Outside of that boardwipe, though, spot removal can often be much more useful than boardwipes, especially in creature centered decks. Some good options are Vandalblast, Tovolar's Huntmaster  Flip, Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip, Druid of Purification, and Ohran Frostfang (since werewolves love attacking and all).

Ezuri's Predation is close to a boardwipe.

Vassile on None

1 month ago

Ezuri's Predation has a ruling that states, Players can’t cast spells or activate any abilities in between the Beasts entering the battlefield and fighting the other creatures. If the Beasts entering the battlefield cause any abilities to trigger, those abilities will be put onto the stack after Ezuri’s Predation is finished resolving.

If you used Esix, Fractal Bloom to target Royal Assassin, do the Beasts enter the battlefield then fight, then transform into royal assassins since Esix would be unable to trigger until after Ezuri resolves?

Mortlocke on New hubs to be added

3 months ago

Hello legendofa,

I propose a new hub to be added: Phyrexian. During Modern Horizons 2, 225 creatures were retconned into having the Phyrexian creature subtype to join Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider . Additionally, there were a smattering of Enchantments, Artifacts and etc that ether have the Phyrexian subtype or create creature tokens that do. Thanks to this retcon I now have a deck that has a Phyrexian tribal theme. For your reference, below is a full list of spells that were affected by WotC's Phyrexian errata.

Source: https://mtg.fandom.com/wiki/Phyrexian

Housegheist on Squirrel Infestation

4 months ago

Finally we get some squirrel suppport. Currently I'm working on a squirrel deck too - even if i know, that it will be a more... meme-like or fun-deck than somewhat competitive. I saw, you're suggest using Earl of Squirrel , so your playgroup doesn't mind using Silver Bordereds? Then I have a few silver bordered suggestions: Acornelia, Fashionable Filcher - pump effect and cute acorn-counter Squirrel Dealer - Funny card though Squirrel Farm - funny token creator

others: Ivy Lane Denizen - pumps your army

Scurry Oak - can go nuts with Ivy Lane Denizen ... get it? it goes nuts :D

Vanquisher's Banner - anthem and draw effect

Realmwalker - plays Top-cards and counts as a squirrel

Witch's Oven Sac-Outlet and the food-token generates a new Squirrel with Chatterfang

Vivien, Monsters' Advocate - generates Tokens which works well with chatterfang plus tutor-ish effect Sylvan Anthem - Anthem and card quality even on tokens

Swarmyard - regenerates squirrels

Return of the Wildspeaker - extraordinary strong card

Ohran Frostfang - let your opponent choose between trading or to let you draw cards.

Moldervine Reclamation - dying creatures wont hurt you anymore

Mimic Vat - See Moldervine Reclamation but repeatable

Adaptive Automaton - Anthem effect for Squirrels

Beastmaster Ascension - huge anthem

Creakwood Liege - Anthem and token generator

Ezuri's Predation - REmoval which works prett well with tokens

Bramble Sovereign - Because i love this card

Guerric on Lathril, Blade of the Elves

4 months ago

I've been playing elves for some time in both commander and modern, so I was excited to see Lathril spoiled. If I didn't already have a tricked out Ezuri, Renegade Leader deck I'd definitely be building this, because the only thing better than playing mono-green elves is playing green-black elves! I am a bit surprised that you are missing some elf staples such as Llanowar Elves , Fyndhorn Elves , Wood Elves , Elves of Deep Shadow , Farhaven Elf , and Springbloom Druid . These cards may seem boring, but they give you incredible acceleration, and you can also definitely justify dropping your land count a bit because they'll ramp you early and grab your lands for you from your deck. You also really don't need any of the mana rocks other than Sol Ring , they don't synergize with elves' game plan. I'd also heartily recommend Elvish Guidance , and an often-overlooked card that turns one of your existing lands into a Gaea's Cradle but which costs less than a dollar in real-world money. Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip does this as well, but it is more well-known and more expensive. For board wipes I'd recommend Kindred Dominance , which blows everyone else's stuff away while leaving yours intact, and Ezuri's Predation , which was recently re-printed and is now pretty cheap to pick up, as it will likewise leave your elves intact while giving you a bunch of tokens and destroying most of your opponent's stuff. I'd also commend your inclusion of the fabulous new card Haunting Voyage . This card is sheer gold for tribal decks in black!

Daedalus19876 on Advertise your deck!

5 months ago

grennpowerhouse: I'll take a look!

I'm posting my Koma list here again! I'm happy with the most recent set of changes, though I'm still waffling over Curiosity Crafter vs Coastal Piracy ... I also couldn't find my copy of Parallel Lives , so it seems we're going with Ezuri's Predation in that slot instead >.<

I'd love an upvote, I'm working my way towards +100!


Commander / EDH Daedalus19876


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