Chromatic Orrery

Chromatic Orrery

Legendary Artifact

You may spend mana as though it were mana of any colour.

: Gain .

, : Draw a card for each colour among permanents you control.

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Chromatic Orrery Discussion

Polaris on Does Pact of Negation / …

2 weeks ago

Pact of Negation, Sudden Substitution

Yes, this works. It's evil, but it works. Pact of Negation sets up a delayed triggered ability when it resolves, so if it resolves under another player's control they'll have to pay the cost.

However, there are a few ways around it. Once upon a time this would be a guaranteed kill on a player that didn't have blue (assuming Pact resolves, of course), but under current Commander rules, lands or creatures that can tap for mana of "any color" (i.e. Archway Commons), Treasure tokens, an effect that gives lands all types like Prismatic Omen, or an effect like Chromatic Orrery will let them pay the in the cost.

RambIe on Ghostly Flame and Thran Lens

2 weeks ago

Other Note: Rakdos morph, I Love It!!!
Rakdos, Lord of Riots + Experimental Frenzy could play like Animar, Soul of Elements except you get access to cards like Gift of Doom, Grim Haruspex, Soul Collector
digging deep with Necropotence then casting Final Fortune could be game ending
let me know how this deck goes
p.s. nether of these cards would benefit you lens only effects permanents which means only cards already on the field, Mycosynth Lattice & Chromatic Orrery would be better options

TypicalTimmy on Infinite mana in Boros

1 month ago

Forgive me if this is already something known by the community, but I just stumbled across.

Probably the easiest tribe to hit will be Soldiers, Goblins or Humans. As long as you have a total of 4 in play, you can Eldrazi Displacer one for and it'll return, giving you mana back, netting you +.

Sure it's colorless mana, but there are artifacts to filter this:

Or, you just run Eldrazi / Constructs and slam a ton of them down for colorless mana. Or you throw the biggest Fireball in the history of EDH.

In fact, if you get Myr Battlesphere out, it'll bring with it enough tokens to go infinite all by itself. With something such as Impact Tremors in play, you don't even need another spell; Just activations.

What's better is if an opponent goes to use removal as a response, you simply blink whatever they are targeting. Removal fizzles out and you continue with your wincon.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

TypicalTimmy on Tasigur cEDH

1 month ago

Scytec, yes unfortunately is just as affected by summoning sickness as . If you'd like to add two more infinite mana combos, here are two that each share a single card.

Additionally, Basalt Monolith goes infinite with Rings of Brighthearth. You tap BM, and while it is on the stack you add two additional mana of any color from any source. You use two of your total 5 mana to BM's untap ability. Now what happens is the 1st untap ability resolves so BM untaps. While the stack is awaiting the second untap ability to resolve, you tap BM for 3 additional . Now that it is tapped again, the untap ability may resolve. Now you can repeat this process again, sinking into ROB to copy BM's untap ability over and over again each time you activate it. But again, you need a way to filter your mana.

RelinquishedAttempts on Sisay and the Legends

1 month ago

A lot of your lands enter tapped, so even though it's expensive, you should possibly interest yourself with an Amulet of Vigor. And maybe more synergistic with your deck, an Archelos, Lagoon Mystic. A lot of your legendary permanents are also mono colored, so you should try and find more multicolored cards. I would have suggested Defiler of Souls if Sisay herself wasn't mono white. Also, it's any legendary permanent, so you could even run the cycle of shrines (Honden and Sanctum cycles), or just the rainbow one, Sanctum of All, since that would give you all the colors. On the note of rainbow dudes, Child of Alara, O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami, and Cromat (who is hilarious), or something like them would be good maybe.

A card that you really should have though is Spirit of Resistance (once you get some more rainbow permanents). The only problem with rainbow permanents is that they cost at least five each, though you will already be open to paying that since you are going to activate Sisay's ability.

Skip casting costs with Dragon Arch.

Since you really want to activate Sisay's ability, maybe something like Chromatic Orrery or Chromatic Lantern would be good. Faeburrow Elder is perfect for this deck too.

Watch out for aggro strats and anything that's efficient, this deck seems really slow.

Finally, sorry about this, but you should take all these suggestions with a grain of salt because I am also not the best at magic.

Gidgetimer on channel and chromatic orrery

1 month ago

Yes, you may spend mana as if it were mana of any color with Chromatic Orrery in play. It doesn't matter the if the original mana is colorless or one of the five colors, you may spend it as if it were any color.

Swebb87 on channel and chromatic orrery

1 month ago

If I cast Channel and pay 30 life to create 30 colourless mana, can I spend that 30 mana as any combination of coloured mana with Chromatic Orrery in play?

mlequesne on Lonely pilgrim looking for wide open spaces.

1 month ago

Hi there! love your deck, it's always nice to see new ideas come true. I also have a (almost) monocolor golos deck, and Chromatic Orrery has been a great addition because it helps you pay for golos as a backup for Cascading Cataracts, you may also try The World Tree

See you around! :)

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