Tooth and Nail

Tooth and Nail


Choose one --- Search your library for up to two creature cards, reveal them, put them into your hand, then shuffle your library; or put up to two creature cards from your hand into play.

Entwine (Choose both if you pay the entwine cost.)

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Tooth and Nail Discussion

Reevah on UR Dragon: Reignited

3 weeks ago


The deck flaws itself by it's inability to stop certain things at critical times, even something as simple as tapping all my creatures or just one being removed for even a kill on one person, it also seems to only just fall short sometimes. For that regard it feels flimsy and honestly have no idea what is wrong with the deck. It could also be a piloting issue but I have been using UR-Dragon for quite a few years so I'm not sure on that. I'm thinking of adding along the lines of 2 countermagic spells just so I have that extra protection and/or stuff to get cards back.

I felt Scion works differently to Ur, and in regards a much more competitive variant of a dragon deck, I see it as dragon-combo personally. Tutoring for more dragons sounds good, but reducing them might prove a problem as I seem to have a habit of running out of luck drawing into more dragons than I actually need, sometimes just not seeing them at all. I already run heroic intervention but the considered cards I have been thinking over are -

Eternal Witness


Swan Song


Worldly Tutor

Tooth and Nail

Icon of Ancestry

The problem is finding /what/ to take out. I can take out removal for removal fine, but the recursion struggles to have a place. Akroma's Will will be going out though, I have barely used it when I have seen it which is disappointing really.

chrisiver on Tooth and Nykthos

1 month ago

If you can cast Emrakul then that's the best option for Tooth and Nail like you said. With only 18 lands you'll get stuck with one land alot though, I play burn and 19 is best for 2-3 lands consistently. Also Aspect of Hydra seems like a win more card, some Beast Within s instead would make this deck more interactive.

psionictemplar on Your deck is on fire.

3 months ago

Goldbloodedsf I do enjoy Tooth and Nail antics, but I think devoting extra slots to creatures will hurt my Collected Conjuring chances too much. On a side note, I can't believe I forgot to put the lands in. Kinda embarrassing, since I've cycled this a couple times already

seshiro_of_the_orochi on New and Improved WURMS

4 months ago

Gorgeous, very cool deck. Definitely a +1 from me. I have some cards you might want to try, but they are pretty much just gravy:

Vivien's Arkbow

Tooth and Nail

Vivien, Champion of the Wilds

DrkNinja on Windgrace landfall/tokens

4 months ago

FYI to @jexicanwrestler and the Op, Tooth and Nail into Avenger of Zendikar+Craterhoof Behemoth/Purphoros, God of the Forge are the strongest easiest combos for tokens/damage in Windgrace even without T&N.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on What are some under-rated or …

4 months ago

I tend to playnot so many Walters. But one I really like for dinosaur strategies is Samut, the Tested. If you can protect her, the +1 can win games if you have at least one Big attacker. The -2 is great value with Enrage triggers. And if you ever get to the ultimate, you might find that Tooth and Nail becomes better when it can go for walkers, as well.

Starsky2814 on Omnath, A Song of Creation and Chaos

5 months ago

unwucht, Carpet of Flowers should be a great way to make the deck faster and provide an over abundance of mana to empty into one of our sinks, most specifically Finale of Devastation. BTW I cut the Forest and replaced it with Dryad Arbor. So if we roll out an early Tooth and Nail that isn’t quite ready for Craterhoof Behemoth/Avenger of Zendikar, we can grab Emiel the Blessed/Dockside Extortionist for infinite mana (assuming there are at least 4 enchantments/artifacts on your opponent’s field). This will give us the win with a fetch grabbing the Dryad. Assuming it checked out, I had a turn 4 win with that combo in testing. Also, Chromatic Orrery has won me over in testing and will become a permanent in my list. Normally I’d say the card is too expensive and not worth the add, but it is so easy to get out by turn 4-5. Plus, I’ve known people to spend the same amount of mana into a Zendikar Resurgent and to me I feel like I get more out of the orrery.

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