Runaway Steam-Kin

Runaway Steam-Kin

Creature — Elemental

Whenever you cast a red spell, if Runaway Steam-Kin has fewer than three +1/+1 counters on it, put a +1/+1 counter on Runaway Steam-Kin.

Remove 3 +1/+1 counters from Runaway Steam-Kin: Gain .

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Runaway Steam-Kin Discussion

KaptnK on

4 months ago

Asmoeus here are some suggestions around what I would do to improve the deck on a budget



  • Look decent. Gilded Lotus does have a high mana cost so would keep an eye on how often you cast it.


  • Remove Creative Technique (with your lower mana curve odds of you revealing something really good is low) > Add Arcane Denial as a good, cheap counter spell
  • Remove Fiery Encore (expensive and requires you to discard a high mana cost card to deal decent damage) > Add Solve the Equation (Tutor for the spell you need)


  • Remove Charmbreaker Devils (returning spell at random will not often get what you need, and does not have a way to get around blockers) > Add Runaway Steam-Kin (Will help you cast more spells and give you mana)

Other Considerations

t5686monroe on Budget Burn - Chandra's Incinerator

5 months ago

Barbarian_Sun_Pope i agree that the first stage wouldn't be a huge concern, the last stage seems a bit redundant w Chandra's Incinerator but i like the inclusion of some card draw in the deck.

coleslaughter the land count is down to prevent flooding since fetch and shock lands just wouldn't make budget, but Runaway Steam-Kin seems like a great inclusion.

i'd love to bring both those cards into the deck i'm just not sure what to take out. rn i'm thinking of dropping Shard Volley for The Flame of Keld and pushing Eidolon of the Great Revel to the sideboard to make room for Runaway Steam-Kin in the maindeck. maybe dropping Searing Blood out of the build completely ?

coleslaughter on Budget Burn - Chandra's Incinerator

5 months ago

I would recommend a bit more lands or mana ramping cards. Runaway Steam-Kin, perhaps?

Grubbernaut on Weird Storm (Temur-ish)

5 months ago

Manamorphose , Strike it Rich , Mutagenic Growth , probably Lightning Bolt . Crash Through could be good, too. Gut Shot , Lava Dart are always good.

Paradise Mantle seems really out of place, especially with only four creatures. I'd go to a minimum of 10 threats of the flavor of your choice -- maybe Runaway Steam-Kin could be good, especially if you go red-heavy.


nathanielhebert on Elemental Storm Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

7 months ago

Ooh, I think I see what's going on here, Fossil Find , Runaway Steam-Kin , Storm Entity , etc! I imagine it can combo-off pretty devastatingly once set in motion — a clever idea!

I know you're working within budgetary constraints, but I just added Flamekin Village to my elemental build, for a bit more haste. Not sure if it's Modern legal however.

nathanielhebert on The Lavakin Brawlers — Elemental Tribal

7 months ago

Saccox: Thanks for the suggestions — very interesting!

The "core" of the group Lavakin Brawler / Earth Servant / Claws of Valakut , came from an old casual deck I built from my collection, and I've since been auditioning better elementals to help bolster the original troop.

I'd been leaning on Brighthearth Banneret for ramp, and initially, I had Soulbright Flamekin to provide trample, and thought his ability could produce infinite mana, but it didn't work in practise. The Runaway Steam-Kin seems like it could combo-out a string of mana in the way I was hoping Soulbright might.

I had overlooked Smokebraider too, thinking of her more for mana-fixing, but might have to try her out as well. Coal Stoker looks promising too — with a Brighthearth Banneret in play, he's essentially a "free cast", and I'm always looking to fill up the board to help out the Lavakin Brawler 's fists!

Secretmeat on Lathliss Dragon Bae

8 months ago

You may be able to get to your big plays faster with Runaway Steam-Kin and Soulbright Flamekin , which are sort of rituals on a stick that you can get out early, but you might also consider running one or more of the rituals since you really need to make that one big play turn to start to dominate. Seething Song , Pyretic Ritual would work for this deck. Mana Geyser can also work in situations when you're falling behind at a larger table, though in three player games it can be tough to get big value.

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