Final Fortune

Final Fortune


Take an extra turn after this one. At the end of that turn, you lose the game.

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Final Fortune Discussion

Polaris on Flashback and extra turns.

6 days ago

For your first question, casting Final Fortune and then flashing it back will give you two extra turns in a row. Flashing it back on your first extra turn will give you a second.

However, a trigger to make you lose the game will go on the stack at the end of any extra turn created by Final Fortune. Regardless of how you flash it back, you need some way to survive the end of the first extra turn (like Platinum Angel, Stifle, or Sundial of the Infinite) to get any benefit from the second.

TH3CACKL3R on Flashback and extra turns.

6 days ago


I have a question about the interactions between cards that give flashback, example Past in Flames, and extra turn cards, ex Final Fortune. If I flashback Fortune the same turn its cast do I get 2 turns? Or just the one? If I was the flashback Fortune on my "extra turn" does that give me an additional turn after that before I lose? Forgive bad formatting. I'm on mobile.

Jett2112 on Obeka the Thyminator

4 weeks ago

Maybe try Sudden Substitution. You can cast it targeting your Glorious End and an opponents creature to give them their last turn. Also that kinda works with Alchemist's Gambit, Last Chance, Warrior's Oath and Final Fortune if they cant win with the extra turn.

SynergyBuild on Best Commanders in EDH [Tier List]

3 months ago

In all honesty while I love these piles, I do think two commanders here are overrated. Yiddish, which while being a great storm commander simply casting it and connecting is hard enough now and we have good enough storm to go off in those colors without it at all, making it much worse than it used to be. Cards like Jeska's Will and Peer into the Abyss have been released and shown its just easier to run a pile like Kenrith, Codie, or Thrasios/Smasher for storm and I don't think Yidris is a relevant threat in the highest of competitive tables like it used to be.

Similarly, despite my love for Sidisi Food Chain/Hermit Druid piles, it sadly isn't a commander that has the legs that lists like Gitrog, Krark/Sakashima and other more focused decks I just don't see it where it used to be.

Also Sythis seems to be a tier lower than I'd expect, and I haven't seen more than one obeka list and it just seemed like a strange turns style deck based around trying to get a Final Fortune on an Isochron Scepter/Elite Arcanist is this the same list mentioned here? It ran the other sorcery turn spells of the same style and had snapcaster and friends to try and go infinite turns but felt too gimmicky for me.

RambIe on Ghostly Flame and Thran Lens

4 months ago

Other Note: Rakdos morph, I Love It!!!
Rakdos, Lord of Riots + Experimental Frenzy could play like Animar, Soul of Elements except you get access to cards like Gift of Doom, Grim Haruspex, Soul Collector
digging deep with Necropotence then casting Final Fortune could be game ending
let me know how this deck goes
p.s. nether of these cards would benefit you lens only effects permanents which means only cards already on the field, Mycosynth Lattice & Chromatic Orrery would be better options


5 months ago

It might be too unreliable but I love Puppet's Verdict as a unique sweeper. Its low CMC and instant speed has got me out of some tight jams too. Final Fortune also seems like a cool include if you want to go down a all-in (with a high chance of self-destruction) theme

McToters on #6 Vega & Winnfield

6 months ago

Hey there! Finally getting around to this. Sorry it took me an extra day.

So I’m mostly a red player at heart but I should have some ideas for you and it’s entirely possible you’ve thought of them before.

I always like to suggest Settle the Wreckage in creature-focused white decks for two reasons: 1) at a minimum it’s a board wipe that exiles opponent’s attackers and 2) at its max it can be a gnarly tool for ramp on yourself (not as ideal on non-token creatures but it’s still a novel idea). The other recent white wipe I rather like is Winds of Abandon . Yes, it ramps you opponents up but more than likely would be used late game. Also, if used you can think about adding in white ramp spells like Kor Cartographer and Cartographer's Hawk that need opponents to have more lands than you to hit those ramps. Seems conditional but that’s how ramp works in white. Again, even excluding those latter cards both wipes are very good to include IMO.

Another creature-focused card that could work here is Sneak Attack . Cost effective and still triggers Bruce’s ETB. Reconnaissance provides your creatures protection and untaps them if you’re in a tight spot.

Combat focused cards like Combat Celebrant , Seize the Day , Savage Beating , Relentless Assault seem more than ideal here since you want to keep attacking to trigger Bruce.

Cards like Chance for Glory and Final Fortune are personal favorites of mine (because I’m a reckless RED player, haha) that give you a quick second upkeep for Ravos, Soultender to trigger again (also one last chance to attack with Bruce).

I think Berserkers' Onslaught could come out for Avatar of Slaughter only because it gives you another creature. Bedlam or Goblin War Drums seem like great adds to a high-octane offensive deck like this too!

I hope these suggestions don’t discourage you. This deck looks awesome, and I’m not saying it would play better with these cards but that it would be the direction I’d personally take it. Overall, the deck looks incredibly balanced with your quantities of sorceries/instants/artifacts/planeswalkers/etc. My only other suggestion at the moment would be to maybe go down 1-2 lands, as it opens another two slots for you. I typically run 34 in most of my decks and everything runs great.

Great brew!

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