Welcome to TappedOut! Here's some frequently asked questions

How do I put my deck on the front page? What is Deckcycling?

Read this! What is Deck Cycling and how to do it right

How do I color my username like others on the site?

This is a special privilege for our upgraded users. Please consider upgrading at the extras page.

How do I get feedback for my decks?

Read this article.

This is a complicated question but the simplest start is to deckcycle or feature your deck. You may also post your deck to the forums and ask for help. A good deck description helps people understand what you are looking to do. Participating in the community is a two way street and sometimes you have to give to receive--give feedback on decks that need help and put your name out there!

What kinds of questions can I ask in the MTG Q&A?

You should ask only card rules related questions in the Q&A. If you have other questions, post them to the forums.

What if I find a card with missing or incorrect information?

Feel free to post in the forums requesting help! If you are an upgraded users, you can submit the fix yourself.

How can I change my username?

Upgraded users can change their username. When this happens, your content will all be moved to the new name and your friends and subscribers will be notified of your name change. Your old profile will also redirect to your new one.

How do I trade through this site?

You aren't allowed to trade at TappedOut until you've been around for at least 60 days. The TappedOut community isn't a trading community, so professional traders or people who solely want to trade won't find themselves catered to. Once you're here for 60 days, you can read this article for more details.

How does Featuring/Feature tokens work?

When you feature your deck, two things happen: For the next few minutes your deck is displayed in the top bar of the website, replacing the advertisement. It is displayed to a set amount of people, so don't worry about when you feature your deck, the same amount of people will see it. For the next 16 hours your deck will appear in the Featured Decks queue on the front page. A random deck from the queue appears on the front page during this time. You can keep track of how many clicks your deck got in the "Features" link in under the profile dropdown. You can use an interesting name and a helpful description to improve how many people actually click.