Cryptic Trilobite

Cryptic Trilobite

Creature — Trilobite

Cryptic Trilobite enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

Remove a +1/+1 counter from Cryptic Trilobite: Gain . Spend this mana only to activate abilities.

, : Put a +1/+1 counter on Cryptic Trilobite.

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Cryptic Trilobite Discussion

Fun_Vampire_ on Willowdusk Revamp

7 months ago

If you want to get super mana consider the following: Devoted Druid You can put a bunch of +1/+1 that cancel out the -1/-1 counters for burst mana. Cryptic Trilobite Get double the mana back by removing a bunch of +1/+1 counters Marwyn, the Nurturer + Staff of Domination Once you have put five plus counters you go infinite mana.

Abzkaban on Ghave That Bitch an Infinite Combo [Primer]

9 months ago


That’s fair. RL cards have just spiked in price which is ridiculous. Survival is the most expensive card I own and even was before it grew in price. And I traded for it, so it was the best deal I ever got. And I say that knowing I picked up Earthcraft when it was $15.

Yeah Grim Tutor is okay. It’s a good tutor in mono black, but in multiple colors I’d only run it after all other tutors. I’m excited for Rushed Rebirth, but I don’t know if I can justify a cut for it. You have to have something on board to use it much like Natural Order or Pattern of Rebirth , but it only grabs something of lesser cmc. That means saprolings won’t help, and it will almost always grab either Young Wolf or Viscera Seer as we won’t get to keep Cryptic Trilobite with it. However if you aren’t running Survival, then there’s the slot!

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the deck! It is by far my favorite one I have.

Paeldroth on Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenies - Subira EDH

1 year ago

Made some adjustments. Removed Cryptic Trilobite, Akki Underminer, and Chandra's Pyreling. Moved Irencrag Feat and Ruthless Invasion to the maybeboard, and added War Cadence and Magus of the Moon to it as well. Added Bomat Courier, Bag of Holding, Flameblade Adept, Iron Myr, Manakin, and Priest of Urabrask to the main desk.

Ultimately Brash Taunter requires a certain playstyle that I don't think Subira wants. It is an excellent card for a deck like Torbran, Thane of Red Fell but Subira needs that 5 mana to play 3 other cards instead of one that requires some attention.

Abzkaban on Ghave That Bitch an Infinite Combo [Primer]

1 year ago


Vivien, Monsters' Advocate

5 mana plus the requirement to play a creature in order to tutor for a creature whose cmc is limited by the first creature we play? That’s pretty bad as far as tutors, go. Besides we already have 13 tutors that aren’t Protean Hulk, all of which are better than Vivien. That’s more than enough I think.

Cryptic Trilobite, however, is an excellent combo piece with Ghave. I just haven’t done the math to decide how many combos he enables and whether or not he’s worth replacing one of the existing combo pieces

WielderofMysteries on Ghave, Guru of Aristocrats

1 year ago

UPDATE: Some pretty large changes are coming soon, such as the addition of a Cryptic Trilobite combo line, and some persist combos probably arriving at some point in the near(ish) future.

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