Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Whenever enchanted creature deals damage to an opponent, you may draw a card.

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Curiosity Discussion

Heliogabale on The Crimson Permanent Assurance | Malcolm&Breeches

1 month ago

Thank you sub780lime, I like how you think outside the box.

My favourite suggestion of yours is the Sword, that is not a bad idea. I was initially considering Curiosity, and Curious Obsession maybe they need to be in there. I also just remembered about Quicksilver Dagger, that may be even better for this build.

I had never heard of the Rogue's Gloves, not sure they are efficient enough to compete. I would rather run Mask of Memory, which you made me think of so thank you!

Howling Mine is too much of a two-edged sword for my taste.

Anything you would cut?

TheRoaringRegisaur on Troubled Waters

1 month ago

Cool! Two comments: First, idk about Merfolk Secretkeeper. You don't need mill and it can't do damage without help. There are other cmc 1 merfolk. Mist-Cloaked Herald to attack before you get islandwalk, Benthic Biomancer, Cursecatcher, Merfolk Spy, etc. Comment two: I think you'll empty your hand quickly. For card draw, consider Curiosity and/or Seafloor Oracle. Also: make a sideboard, maybe with Merfolk Trickster or Triton Tactics

TheSurgeon on Troubled Waters

1 month ago

First off, I like this deck. Clean cut, simple and straightforward. That being said, I feel that it may be just a bit narrow in it's purity. I love the board pump and the cost reduction and how well it synergizes with being unblockable.

I feel that you have too much island giving. You only need one Island on the opp. side to make your entire board unblockable. Drop Spreading Seas, and Sea's Claim for 4x Tideshaper Mystic (spreading seas on a stick) and 2x each of Stoneforge Masterwork, and 2x Mask of Memory or Curiosity for some draw; or even 2x Bident of Thassa if you're finding that 20 lands is too rich for your low-ass curve. XD

Stonybrook Banneret honestly isn't doing anything for you, besides making other copies of himself cheaper. Otherwise, the deck is mostly 1 cost and 2 cost u-devotion creatures. Replace with some counter like Mana Leak or even more merfolk like Cursecatcher to synergize with your bounce effects. You don't really need a more hard counter than that with how fast this deck gets scary. Early game disruption and resource strangling is your real defense here.

multimedia on Cycle the deck, and destroy everyone

1 month ago

Hey, nice start on a budget.

When you add Pathways and other DFC cards that have lands on the backside you only add the front side of the card to your decklist. Pathways only count as one land in the manabase; don't add both sides, only one such as Riverglide Pathway  Flip, but not Lavaglide Pathway. Replace the extra Pathways in the manabase with a few more basic lands. Sejiri Shelter  Flip has a land on the backside, but you don't add Sejiri Glacier to the manabase. These DFC acts as extra lands as an addition to the total lands in the deck. If you have 34 total lands then Sejiri Shelter  Flip can be a 35th land.

Sol Ring, Command Tower and Path of Ancestry are three budget staples of Commander to consider adding. Trinket Mage can tutor for Bag of Holding or Elixir of Immortality, important cards to have more access too. Tandem Lookout can change who it's soulbond too and when your Commander has an effect that can do damage to each opponent then Lookout can be a repeatable draw source to draw a lot of cards.

With as little as 40 cards in your library Brallin or Glint-Horn Buccaneer can win you the game at your Cleanup step. If either is soulbond to Lookout or enchanted with Curiosity or Ophidian Eye, you have 8 or more cards in hand and have no effect that's no max hand size. At your Cleanup step you have to discard down to 7 cards in hand and you don't leave the Cleanup step until you have exactly 7 cards in hand, but this combo doesn't let you have 7 cards in hand thus you don't leave the Cleanup step. When you discard it triggers Ballin who then triggers to draw, you keep drawing and discarding your entire library until your opponents are dead or until you run out of cards.

Drift of Phantasms transmute is a budget way to tutor for Tandem Lookout, Ophidian Eye, Glint-Horn Buccaneer or any other 3 CMC card in your library and Transmute is a discard effect.

Cards to consider cutting:

  • Lavaglide Pathway
  • Pillarverge Pathway
  • Sejiri Glacier
  • Silundi Isle
  • Star Compass
  • Mercurial Chemister
  • Herald of the Forgotten
  • Boon of the Wish-Giver
  • Tormenting Voice

Good luck with your deck.

Senko-San-1 on Fork over your dinglehoppers

1 month ago

awsome! also i did some more digging for you and found some cards you might want :)

and don't forget to add in some fetch lands so you can thin out your deck and improve your chances of drawing the things you need. (when I mean fetch lands...I mean cards like Evolving Wilds or Scalding Tarn

also add in a Kozilek, Butcher of Truth or a Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre to prevent mill decks or to just reset after a bored wipe

Beebles on Malcolm, Siren of The Flying Dutchman | V-KHM

1 month ago

Hey maxmcnugget,

Yes, I can recommend building this deck if you do not plan to go infinite :). The value you are going to get through treasure with this deck is going to be a lot of fun also without combo. Not sure I would lean to that Thermo-Alchemist-spellslinger path though. Focussing on Mechanized Production/Hellkite Tyrant and Voltron might just be all you need, maybe adding some more counterspells to protect those wincons. But adding some more pirates sounds good too!

If I had to alter my list, I would likely remove Havoc Jester, Reckless Fireweaver, Arcane Adaptation, Coercive Recruiter, Curiosity and Sigil of Sleep. That gives you quite some spots to round up the deck in another way. Glint-Horn Buccaneer you can keep in the deck if you can agree with your playgroup you won’t use it to go infinite. If you only use it once a turn for example, it’s still a very good card in the deck I think.


gingerthewritingdog on Magic Bullet

1 month ago

The only current build of vial smasher that I have made is cedh, so its not a particularly fun deck, but its main gimmick is to use effects like Curiosity to make vial smasher and other pingers draw cards for you. I am currently not working on any decks, so I might check out how vial smasher does with some of the new partners from commander legends. I'll send you the list when I have it!

inker6405 on Mindwrack harpy's wrath

1 month ago

TLDR at bottom

Consumingkeribo sorry it took so long was looking for cards that you suggested and taking in what you said. this deck was based on the cards in the Theros: Beyond Death Ashiok, Sculptor of Fears plansewalker deck so my main goal in this deck is to make them lose thru mill hence why it's named after Mindwrack Harpy and to change that strategy would mean I would have to scrap the whole deck so even though you don't recommend it that's the win condition I'm going for

I like your idea of Sadistic Sacrament or Unmoored Ego but I don't think that cards like Curiosity or Rogue's Gloves will help with the mill strategy unless I put in more cards that allow me to "bring back the dead"

In the end thanks for the recommendations and advice I'm thankful that even thou I'm new you were willing to help and if you have anymore you like to share I'm always here.


deck focus/win condition: mill

liked ideas:Sadistic Sacrament, Unmoored Ego

thanks for the recommendations and advice and if you have anymore you like to share I'm always checking in

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