Whenever you play a creature spell, tap target creature.

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Onslaught Discussion

griffstick on Are there any old cards …

8 months ago

Nice RambIe. I don't I've seen Onslaught befor. I really like that one.

RambIe on Are there any old cards …

8 months ago

Both are great!
I went with Onslaught & Smoke also Null Brooch & Ensnaring Bridge in my goblins deck
lol even one card draw per turn was enough to bypass the bridge

Grind on Queen Aikido

8 months ago

Interesting deck.
Idk but does not seem like it would be fun to play against a deck running constant boardwipes.
Although i see you do have some win cons like viscious shadows.
Anyway Onslaught seems weak here as you only run 8 creatures. This card could be replaced by Swords to Plowshares .
And Undying Evil seems like you want to survive boardwipe. Could run Boros Charm or Gift of Immortality instead.
Just some thoughts, Cheers!!

Epicurus on The Gobfather

1 year ago

I love absolutely everything about this deck. Don't change a thing ;)

Well, except that I would love to see Squee, the Immortal in there, and Furious Assault in addition to the Impact Tremors you already have, because you have no enchantment fetch, and that's a good effect.

Other cards possibly overlooked that are worth looking at:

Though I could never conceive of a list of cards you could remove to fit all of that in.

Finally, I do think that Chandra, Torch of Defiance is a better Chandra for this deck than Chandra, Fire Artisan. In my humble opinion.

Anyway, I started this giant comment by saying you shouldn't ever change a thing. I mean that. The deck looks amazing as is. These suggestions are just food for thought.


McToters on Tajic Hatebears

2 years ago

More red/white hate:

Price of Glory

Aven Mindcensor

Loxodon Gatekeeper

Imposing Sovereign

Tectonic Instability


Sulfuric Vortex

Blood Moon


Heat of Battle

Heat Stroke


I see you are already running some creatures like Leonin Arbiter that does what Stranglehold does, but thought i throw the suggestions out there anyway.

Another option for ramp which I'm sure you are well aware of is Smothering Tithe .

And i would personally run Vandalblast over Mogg Salvage unless it works well in your meta. Dont get me wrong it’s a sweet way to cheat cmc but it’s very contextual.

Maybe Assemble the Legion or Crescendo of War for funsies?!

Pal00ka on EDH Lovisa's lovetaps

4 years ago

Onslaught while not snowy taps down a blocker when you get an attacker on the board.

Olde_English on Make Zendikar Great Again | Tazri Ally Tribal EDH

4 years ago

dlamars: I've play tested Equilibrium a few times and it's always lagged a bit too much to mainboard. I do have it sideboarded just in case.

Onslaught is a card I'm testing. If it doesn't work very well I'm considering Mana Echoes or Flameshadow Conjuring

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