Splendid Reclamation

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Splendid Reclamation


Return all land cards from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped.

golgarigirl on So...Gates

1 month ago

Well, if you're getting lands onto the battlefield as a main strategy anyways, packing a few large spells that are known closers (Torment of Hailfire and Expropriate come to mind, but you definitely don't have to use those exact cards, since they're expensive, but you get the idea) are a solid backup. Landfall-type strategies is another natural fit, with Scute Swarm, Avenger of Zendikar and Field of the Dead as example closers.

The biggest trick with gates is that they're nonbasic, so a lot of the traditional ramp and landfall-enabling, like fetchlands, doesn't work on them. So I feel the deck would be leaning heavily into drawing a lot of cards (something all three of your colors are really good at), and then getting extra land drops per turn with Azusa, Lost but Seeking- effects. You could even lean into self-mill (which black and blue excell at), and then recur lands with World Shaper, Ramunap Excavator, and Splendid Reclamation. That, however, is risky again from the graveyard-removal angle.

Some of the other posters mentioned a voltron angle for the commander, and I definitely see that as a possibility too! I just wanted to lay out some other options.

Yesterday on Can I discard Song-Mad Treachery …

1 month ago

As long as it's not on the stack, Modal Dual-Faced Cards have only the qualities of the front face of the card. You can't discard Song-Mad Treachery as a land.

Likewise, you wouldn't return it from the graveyard to the battlefield with Splendid Reclamation, as it isn't a land card. But you can play it as a land from your graveyard with Ramunap Excavator, as it doesn't specify "land cards" in its oracle text.

DrukenReaps on Teneb, the Harvester

2 months ago

Alright I suppose these are what I'd choose to keep then- Teneb, the Harvester, Pull from Eternity, Harness Infinity, Planar Birth, Eerie Ultimatum, Sun Titan, Minion's Return, Unholy Indenture, Emeria Shepherd, Splendid Reclamation, Animate Dead, Eternal Witness, Timeless Witness, and Noxious Revival. This is if you want to lean fully into those cards that win the game.

Dread Return, Reanimate, and Reclaim are ones that I'd still try to find a spots for above the others.

dqcoulter on Custom Commander: Atlask, Morass Shaman

3 months ago

I forgot to mention Ramunap Excavator and Crucible of Worlds as well, to replay all the lands you mill, possibly Splendid Reclamation and Ancient Greenwarden

UltimateRoxas40 on Xyris, the Endless Wheel [PRIMER]

4 months ago

Pikobyte Splendid Reclamation has been great with this deck. I usually get it after a wheel or two, which helps me get enough mana to cast more wheels if I haven't found my Phyrexian Altar or something like it.

But Xenagos, the Reveler is an excellent suggestion. I'll need to get one to fit in here.

UltimateRoxas40 on Xyris, rider of wheelies

4 months ago

I like the deck! It seems like you run a lot of symmetrical draw type cards, and while that does make more Snake Tokens over time, it might be too advantageous for your opponents. I've had a few games where the extra cards our opponents drew off of Horn of Greed were much more valuable than us creating a few Snake Tokens, so I personally don't run a ton of those cards in my Xyris deck.

Vexing Shusher is an excellent idea, I'm going to work on finding a way to slot it into mine. Being able to make our Wheels uncounterable feels really good, especially since our opponents might be finding fresh Counterspells in their new hands.

One suggestion I would give is Splendid Reclamation. It's a fantastic late game card after you've wheeled a few times. You might not need the extra mana, but it's always nice to have.

Dete on Borborygmos Enraged EDH

4 months ago

le podria Field of the Dead cambiando una basica o Cinder Glade por q no tiene tantas basicas.

si le ponemos Vesuva podriai ponerle tmb Dark Depths+ otra pa copiar Thespian's Stage, en volada pa hacer mas mana rapido ponerle tierras locus.

The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale en volada pa mantener al resto mas piola.

Ash Barrens, Crop Rotation, Expedition Map, Elvish Reclaimer, Evolution Charm, Realms Uncharted son todos buenos pa el enfoque en tierras y 4 son buenos pa buscar las de arriba.

Druid Class, Khalni Heart Expedition,, Azusa's Many Journeys  Flip, Rites of Flourishing, Summer Bloom, cualquiera es buena pa esto.

ponerle otra copia del kruphix podria estar weno Augur of Autumn/Wayward Swordtooth

Scute Swarm hmm es muy weno jajaja,Tireless Provisioner, Veteran Explorer en volada son buenos tmb. Splendid Reclamation+ScapeshiftThe Mending of Dominaria, dependiendo q tanrapido lo queri hacer.

Dosan the Falling Leaf/Vexing Shusher/City of Solitude/Defense Grid pa tener un poco de defensa contra counters y otras cosas.

en mi opinion sacaria: Glint-Horn Buccaneer (mas q nada por q no me gusta mucho noma),Living Twister, sacaria 1 o 2 de cualquiera de los encantamientos q cuestan 5/6, Bag of Holding en volada tmb, Dragon Mage, Krosan Grip y/o java

podrias poner cartas con cycling o retrace, tmb Rites of Spring esta wena pa ponerla y Treasure Map  Flip le puede dar un poco de mas seleccion de cartas. hmmm le dejaria igual Mulch y añadiria Winding Way por lo mismo.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Triomes and Vesu

4 months ago

You can't tell me what to do! Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle is pretty awesome with them ;)

Any basic land type fetch effects are obviously great (Wood Elves, Kor Cartographer). Splendid Reclamation is generally great with cycling lands. A cycling cost of 3 is obviously cool with Zirda, the Dawnwaker. Bounce lands such as Boros Garrison work fine for the convenient late-game cycling.

Finally, I really like my Zagoth Triome in Archelos, Lagoon Mystic

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