Brago, King Eternal

Brago, King Eternal

Legendary Creature — Spirit Noble


When Brago, King Eternal deals combat damage to a player, exile any number of target nonland permanents you control, then return those cards to the battlefield under their owner's control.

Brago, King Eternal Discussion

DreadKhan on EDH Reaper King Changeling

3 days ago

Brago, King Eternal is absolutely hilarious in Reaper King decks, as long as you find blowing up permanents funny. Verging on anti-fun, but I love him with Krenko to churn out goblin tokens (I use less changelings and more ways to find Maskwood Nexus instead in my Reaper King deck).

He's a pain to get out, but if you can get Haakon, Stromgald Scourge out, he lets you recast your changelings, which is both great with Reaper King and with stuff like Scarecrone to draw some cards in a pinch. I find changelings are one of the least bulky tribes, so being able to recast them is usually helpful with Reaper King blowing stuff up.

I switched a Forest for The World Tree, very useful with changelings. I run it with Maskwood, but it's fine without it if you've got +10 changelings to bring out, using it should both put you ahead and put everyone else in the stone age, but it is a bit of an 'all my eggs in one basket' scenario.

Ervefel on Bouncy Castle

1 month ago

I really like both cards but decided to choose Blinking and Flickering effects over bouncing effects in this build. Paradoxical Outcome is a great way to protect your board and gaining card advantage but i decided to add Cosmic Intervention over it because it returns the cards back to the field. Evacuation use to be in the deck but i wanted more cards to allow Brago, King Eternal to get through so i added Spectral Deluge instead because its one sided.

OdinPlaysGames on Niv-Mizzet Superfriend!

1 month ago

Some options for flicker effects on Niv you could add include Deadeye Navigator, Thassa, Deep-Dwelling, Ephemerate. If nothing else, I would DEFINITELY add Brago, King Eternal. You can flicker your mana rocks and planeswalkers that you minus once per turn, which will allow you to pop off with multiple activations, even better if you get out your Doubling Season.

multimedia on Im new to this

2 months ago

Hey, well done for being new, for less than $50 you put together a deck and included many untappers which are good with Garth. Interesting Wizard subtheme with Azami.

These are all staple budget cards in Commander and other than Sol the other cards are rainbow ramp/color fixing for five colors.

You lack a win condition, a game plan to win the game. Jeskai Ascendancy can combo with Retraction Helix + Sol Ring or Everflowing Chalice to make all creatures you control as big as you want, loot (draw/discard) as much of your deck as you want and Sol makes extra colorless mana.

When you control Ascendancy target Garth with Helix. If you control Sol then tap it to make two colorless mana and tap Garth to return Sol to your hand. Cast Sol for one mana which triggers Ascendancy to untap Garth and repeat. Use this combo to make Garth huge to attack. Regrowth cast from Garth can recur Helix to make this combo repeatable.

Unblockable is a powerful ability to give a high power Commander since you only have to do 21 Commander damage to a player for them to lose the game. Whirler Rogue's activated ability can make Garth unblockable and Whirler is a creature who benefits from blink to create more Thopters.

Consider expanding on blink with more repeatable sources? Teleportation Circle is good, but more repeatable blink will give you more chances to reset Garth and since you have so many untappers that's kind of important to get more out of Garth especially with Jeskai Ascendancy and Murkfiend Liege. Soulherder can repeatedly blink Garth at your end step. Brago, King Eternal can repeatedly blink Garth when it attacks and does combat damage to a player. When this happens Brago triggers to blink any amount of nonland permanents you control which includes Garth as well as any creatures who have an enter the battlefield trigger.

An effect that's good with Garth, blink and untappers is haste, to be able to tap Garth the same turn he enters the battlefield (ETB). Temur Ascendancy gives Garth haste as well as repeatable draw since Garth and Shivan Dragon have more than 4 power. With Ascendancy and blink from Soulherder right after Garth ETB then you can tap him to cast any one of the three instant options: Disenchant, Terror or Braingeyser. Only one of these three because you're blinking Garth at your end step which is not a main phase.

Brago, King Eternal's blink is different since it happens at the end of combat meaning that at your second main phase if Garth has haste he can tap to cast any of the options including the sorcery speed options: Black Lotus, Regrowth or Shivan Dragon.

If interested I offer more advice in another comment. Good luck with your deck.

adboyer on Power Level Help

2 months ago

Hey folks, I have just finished tuning up my budget Brago, King Eternal decklist but I am in a bit of a conundrum. Brago is a powerful value engine, so I know sometimes he can get hated off the table, which is why I like the token-themed deck that I based my decklist on since it is a bit lower caliber.

The deck can feel clunky sometimes so I don't know how well it will perform in my playgroup over the long haul. However, I have managed to pull out some wins with the deck, so I am not sure if this fear of mine is well-founded.

I know that assigning a number to a deck doesn't mean much for power level, but if y'all could give me your initial impression of the deck that would be immensely helpful.

Lanzo493 on Staxation without Representation

3 months ago

Spelltithe Enforcer can get some more taxing done. Silent Arbiter can halt the battlefields. Crawlspace is even better since it doesn't limit your opponents attacking each other. Archangel of Tithes is one of the coolest taxing effects available on a creature (and the only one that forces people to pay mana to block). Norn's Annex is another unique tax effect since it requires colored mana to get through. And we can't forget the best taxing effect ever: Mystic Remora. Pair that up with Brago, King Eternal and you'll be drawing lots of cards for little mana. Also, Archon of Emeria is one of the best effects along the lines of Ethersworn Canonist you can run.

multimedia on Oloro

4 months ago

Hey, well done for a first deck on such a low budget. I haven't seen this Commander before.

When you're just starting out building decks in Commander it can be helpful to have some basic deck structure guildlines to follow.

This is just a basic structure to get things started. It doesn't cover everything and your final deck may have different numbers for each part of the structure such as you might have more creatures. Some cards can cover more than one area such as Palace Jailer who is creature removal and can be repeatable draw which is really helpful.

Ramp is something all Commander decks need since you don't want to only rely on lands/land drops to make mana. You have Sol Ring which is really good, but that's where the ramp ends here. Only Sol is not enough ramp.

I always explain to new Commander deck builders that you need to be able to sacrifice (cut) some of the fun cards to add ramp to your deck. Since doing this will help gameplay so that you can more easily cast your Commander and the other big fun cards you want to play. In the case here my advice is consider cutting at least 9 cards to add more budget ramp?

Some cards to consider cutting to add more ramp are creatures who don't do enough for their mana cost: Gods' Hall Guardian, Living Tempest, Dread Rider, Shepherd of Heroes, Kor Celebrant, Ronom Unicorn, Brinebarrow Intruder

Like ramp all decks also need draw that comes from single draw effects and more importantly repeatable draw sources. Currently your deck has three good single draw effects Baleful Strix, Champion of Wits, Cloudblazer and one repeatable draw source Jace, Wielder of Mysteries. There's a reanimation theme here that can get you more draw from these creatures which is good, but consider more draw?

Jailer and Rose can be repeatable draw sources with the Monarch Emblem. When you have the monarch then you draw a card at your end step. Only one player in the game at one time can be the monarch and it can change players. As long as you are monarch you get the repeatable draw at your end step which is a big advantage.

For an opponent to become the monarch they have to do combat damage with a creature to you or play a card/effect that makes them the monarch. When this happens you loose the monarch and that opponent becomes the monarch. You can get back the monarch though by doing combat damage with a creature to the opponent who is the monarch or playing a card/effect that makes you the monarch.

Some cards to consider cutting to add more draw: Withercrown, Grave Endeavor, Arcane Endeavor, Smite the Monstrous, Extract Brain, Wand of Orcus

The area of your deck that you have a lot of is removal. I count 23 single effects of removal here. You can afford to cut some removal to improve other areas of your deck: Withercrown, Befuddle, Iron Verdict, Smite the Monstrous.

If you're interested I offer more advice in another comment. Including explaining how blink from single effects or repeatable such as Soulherder and Brago, King Eternal can be powerful here. Would you like me to continue with more advice?

Good luck with your deck.

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