Acererak the Archlich

Acererak the Archlich

Legendary Creature — Zombie Wizard

When this enters the battlefield, if you haven't completed the Tomb of Annihilation dungeon, return this to its owner's hand and venture into the dungeon. (If you aren't venturing through a dungeon, choose one of the dungeon cards you own from outside the game, put it into the command zone and put a venture counter on the first room of that dungeon. All effects of that room trigger. When you venture into the dungeon while you have a dungeon in the command zone, advance to the next room downward of your choice and triggering all effects of that room. When you have resolved the effects of the last room of the dungeon, remove that dungeon from the game. You can only venture through one dungeon at a time.)

When this attacks, for each opponent, you create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token unless that player sacrifices a creature.

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Acererak the Archlich Discussion

forneyt on Sarkhan's A** Crack

2 weeks ago

Would you consider Heartless Summoning? It heavily reduces the mana cost of your big baddies, fits in an early 2-CMC slot, and has a minor setback when your guys are already strong. Also, you can easily start casting Acererak the Archlich by turn 3 and get value from the dungeons early.

I would remove both Grim Wanderers and one Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma, add two Heartless Summoning and one Rhonas the Indomitable or Xenagos, God of Revels (for the power boost abilities).

MaxymuzGG on Help optimizing my Wilhelt Precon

1 month ago

K1ngMars in the combo part I think the same, also using Acererak the Archlich. I was thinking of using some tutors if going the combo route.

I just don'y know how powerfull it is! I just think of using it because in theory I kinda don't care what my opponet does, I just go get my parts and win! Since I don't own board wipes I can deal with the Sygarda user.

I also tought about counters, just don't know that with using combo/tutor/counter, the zombie hoard aspect will be lost......

The creature route is what I like but I struggle so much atm against those 2 players that sometimes it can get frustrating to do everything your deck offers and allways lose. RIP

Not looking for smash them every game, but looking for a good fighting chance!

brianizbrewtal on Wilhelt- Lord of the Horde

2 months ago

Cool deck! If you were to not cut out one of the 20 posted above, then I would 100% leave Acererak the Archlich in. It will infinitely venture into all dungeons with Rooftop Storm. Even if you don't want to combo win with two cards, it's a good option to have. Games have to end at some point lol

gwmort72 on Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!

2 months ago

Recently added Acererak the Archlich. I hadn't even realized how it went infinite with Rooftop Storm. With the number of tutors in black this seems completely broken.

Any tips or advice appreciated.

Ardees on Wilhelt, the Night King

2 months ago

Cool8t I am currently testing the Triskaidekaphile + Necropotence/Ad Nauseam combo over it. So far, I am happy with my choice.

My idea is that combo cards should also have some degree of utility beyond the combo itself. I have found myself many times holding Acererak the Archlich in hand with no real purpose. Besides its game-winning interaction with Rooftop Storm, the card itself is not that great of a deal. The dungeon system is way too slow for any optimized game and, if you want to hold on for the combo, you should refrain from completing Tomb of Annihilation, which is, however, the only way which Acererak can start creating some value by generating tokens. If rooftop storm is removed in any way, Acererak is borderline useless.

On the contrary, Triskaidekaphile is quite a value engine. It only costs 2 mana, it block early attackers such as Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, it gives you no maximum hand space in a deck with plenty of draw options, and it gives you an instant-speed draw as well, maybe when you're open for a counter but you don't go for it. It does not really matter that it is not a zombie, since you would not be able to sacrifice Acererak either with Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver. It combos beautifully with Necropotence and Ad Nauseam, which are both black staples on their own.

I've tested a few games already, for instance against an optimized Osgir, the Reconstructor (won 3-1), and against Winota, Joiner of Forces (won 2-1). Against the latter, both wins were with Triskaidekaphile's trigger. Thus, so far so good.

asparling_tappedout on Acererak combo

3 months ago

I see you're playing a lot of board wipes. Normally I'd recommend Cabal Paladin for an Acererak the Archlich deck, but I doubt it'd stay alive all that long. If you're really committed to this much creature hate, you might consider running Death Match.

I'd also recommend running some more generic removal (personally I run Unstable Obelisk in pretty much everything) as cards like Torpor Orb will completely shut your deck down.

multimedia on Wombo Zombo

3 months ago

Hey, good upgrades so far of the precon. Nice first attempt, but your deck doesn't have a Commander.

In the deck editor add the CMDR tag after Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver text.

1x Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver *CMDR*

When you save and return to your deck then Wilhelt will be the Commander with it's own category and card image.

Undead Augur is in the precon and cutting it is a mistake because it triggers to draw when it dies or any other Zombie including a Zombie token dies. Because it triggers when decayed Zombies die then it can be an excellent source of repeatable draw and it's a Zombie. Augur because it's only two mana is really good with Gisa and Geralf.

Nice foil Acererak the Archlich. Him along with Rooftop Storm is your best way of winning. A way to win with Wilhelt is Poppet Factory which is the backside of Poppet Stitcher  Flip. Factory removes decayed from Zombies letting you with a sac outlet repeatedly sac a decayed Zombie to create another one. Blasting Station or Altar of Dementia are win condition sac outlets with Factory.

If you want to infinite combo with Gravecrawler + Rooftop Storm then you also need a sac outlet which Carrion Feeder being a Zombie is helpful. Blasting Station or Altar of Dementia are also win conditions with infinite Gravecrawler. If Rooftop Storm is how you want to win then consider some more protection: Counterspell, Arcane Denial, Lazotep Plating? With 11 Islands Mystic Sanctuary can be a helpful land.

Some changes to consider including some cards in the maybeboard:

Good luck with your deck.

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