Reins of Power

Reins of Power


Untap all creatures you control and all creatures target opponent controls. You and that opponent each gain control of all creatures the other controls until end of turn. Those creatures gain haste until end of turn.

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Reins of Power Discussion

Pakku on Melek, Izzet Paragon [PRIMER]

6 days ago


You can go ahead and replace some of the more expensive cards like taking out Personal Tutor and Time Spiral. There are some changes as well that I might reccomend such as the Wheel of Fortune could be switched out to Valakut Awakening  Flip so that other players don't get resources or just Windfall. Gamble could be a Solve the Equation. Imo these don't change the power dynamics pretty much at all while hugely reducing the deck's cost. Cut off Mana Crypt and it should be very affordable

On what cards to cut, a few come to mind immediately. Portent is pretty bad, Mana Flare should be taken out immediately. Ruby Medallion, Mystic Speculation, Long-Term Plans (this should honestly be Solve the Equation in my list as well), Muddle the Mixture is played only for the potential transmutes so it can be cut out, Twincast has little to no use in comparison to Reverberate. Dream Cache works well with Melek out as a potential value engine but it can be cut out as well.

I'd probably slot in AEtherize, Blasphemous Act, Disrupt Decorum, Reins of Power and maybe even test out some other 2-in-1 wipes that gets you cards back like Volcanic Vision, there are other fun cards like Blustersquall which enables you to tap an opponent's board in their upkeep but I'll leave thinking those to you.

BrassLord on Budget Multiplayer Creatureless Kaho

1 month ago

Hahaha, I seldom find taking an extra turn to be underwhelming! XD Might also be useful to have a bit of spell recursion. Something to consider about your commander is that if it dies and you send it back to the command zone, the next time you summon it, it's treated as a "new" creature, so it locks you out of spells that you exiled with it the first time around. So having some form of redundancy or backup could be useful!

I agree with you on the polymorph! In my build I run some man lands like Mutavault just to have another target, as well as a few artifact ramp that can turn into a creature like Chronatog Totem. I will say that the polymorph and proteus staff are pretty easy to tutor for in blue!

I did forget to mention, Reins of Power seems like it could put a lot of work in your deck. Since you're already running little to no creatures, this often leads to large amounts of unblockable damage, as you give your opponent nothing... but take from them... EVERYTHING! At worst it's a 4 mana instant speed fog, at best it can win you the game if an opponent has saved up enough board presence. Especially good against go wide decks like elf ball! Gave our local elf player fits the first few games I used it against em!

Best way to see how it works is to test it out! Good luck in playtesting, I'm for sure interested to see how it does!

K1ngMars on What is your pet tech …

1 month ago

Personally, Reins of Power. I run it in my Jhoira of the Ghitu deck.

The perfect card to fend off an attack, as when a creature changes controller, it's removed from combat: simply cast it during combat.

Are you losing because your opponent has a scary board or a big unblockable untargetable lethal voltron commander? Kill them with their creatures. This is especially aggravating if you control little to no creatures, like after a onesided boardwipe (looking at Cyclonic Rift and similar).

Your opponent has a creature based infinite mana loop (like with Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle) and you need that infinite mana at instant speed? Go for it. Just before the end step, be sure to sacrifice their creatures to a sacrifice outlet, if you got any. Just to be grateful.

Do you want to collaborate with one of your opponents? Team up with somebody and make your board attack in your teammate's turn.

The card's versatile, with style.

Abaques on Any group hug experts here?

4 months ago

The strategy I've used with my K&T deck (Clone Love) is clones. I give my opponents lots of cards and ramp and encourage them to deal with each other and leave me be since I'm rarely the biggest threat at the table. I then clone whatever the best thing on the table is, which is usually something pretty good since I've been giving everyone tons of cards and ramp. My deck actually wins pretty regularly but more importantly it can lead to some amazing games. It's probably my favorite deck to play too.

An important part of playing a group hug deck like mine is managing the level of hate directed at you at the table. I only really attack when I know that I'm not going to make real enemies or when I'm going to go for the win. A few cards like Ghostly Prison that disincentive attacks as well as a few gotcha cards like Reins of Power or Comeuppance can really support your goal of not being enemy number one at the table until you're ready to go for the win.

YourNeighborhoodGhost on

7 months ago

hey nice deck mate, had a very similiar some time ago. some suggestions: Collective Restraint , Illusionist's Gambit , Reins of Power , Domineering Will , Edric, Spymaster of Trest , Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist , Thaumatic Compass  Flip, Dawnbreak Reclaimer . i think thats enough :) good luck with your deck

Grind on For Shizzel-Saksizzel

8 months ago

Cool deck!!
Control Magic and Blatant Thievery come to mind, as does Sepulchral Primordial .
With Chamber of Manipulation you can repeatedly steal commanders and then sac to mr. Szat.
Expropriate is good but high cmc.
Reins of Power is good too.
Also Gonti, Lord of Luxury seems on-theme.
Cheers and im sure there are more ideas out there but these are just a couple. Have fun!

carpecanum on American Kung Foo [[Narset Voltron]]

10 months ago

Anything that gives your First Strike boss Deathtouch would be fun.

Mind's Dilation would be fun to cast for free.

Illusionist's Gambit, Reins of Power or AEtherize would protect you from aggro decks.

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