Mirror Entity

Mirror Entity

Creature — Shapeshifter

Changeling (This card is every creature type at all times.)

: Until end of turn, creatures you control have base power and toughness X/X and gain all creature types.

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Mirror Entity Discussion

EleshNornsFs on Commander - Rule 0: Looking …

2 weeks ago

Mirror Entity Activate it for one or more and then your Warden will have all creature types. Until end of turn anyhow. It will at least let you get off his second or third ability that turn.

Ziabo on Reaper king

3 weeks ago

What kind of a budget are you looking at?

personally I'd suggest running all of the talismans and signets to help fix and ramp your mana.

maybe less of the off scarecrows like Scrapbasket for example and run more changlings like Morophon, the Boundless and Mirror Entity

I'd say check our scryfall.com/advanced to look into better changlings and check out some better budget lands like Exotic Orchard

but other than that I enjoy seeing 5C tribals

also maybe Coat of Arms? ;)

BrassLord on 2DH "[email protected] ur sweepers" Clerics

3 weeks ago

Dang! I know it's close to 2 dollars, but Mirror Entity really would fit your bill! You can either pump your entire team, or stack his ability for 0 as many times as you want to make a lot of "sac"!

Single Combat might also fit your bill!

multimedia on The old bois

1 month ago

Hey, there's not much to say yet as this is just a list of cards you want to play, nice Swordtooth. Most of what you have so far on the low budget is good, but Decree of Savagery is not playable and Sun-Crested Pterodon, Elfhame Palace, Stone Quarry are really lackluster.

Do you own Gishath? I don't see him here, but I do see Atla. If you don't own Gishath then he's really not worth getting for $20 if you're on such a low budget. Atla is a fine Commander for Dinos and you have her. For $20 you could get many budget cards that are good with Atla rather than just Gishath.

Atla and Gishath will play very differently. Gishath is more straight forward, ramp and Dinos. Atla is more complex since you want ramp, sac outlets for Eggs and Dinos. Marauding Raptor is a combo Dino with Atla to kill an Egg right when it ETB. It also triggers enrage when a Dino ETB.

Some budget Dinos to consider adding:

Some budget cards that have good interactions with Atla and/or Dinos or are ramp:

Some budget land upgrades to consider:

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Atla Palani - Boardwipe Triggers

1 month ago

That's one reason of many that Mirror Entity is so good with Atla. At instant speed on last opponent's turn you can activate Entity for zero to make all creatures you control Eggs such as mana dorks and Atla. Since you activated Entity for zero all those creatures are 0/0 and they die all at the same time including Atla. Each creature who died triggers Atla including Atla triggering herself because before she and the other creatures died they were Eggs.

Gleeock on Atla Palani, Tender of Big Bois

1 month ago

Dragon Broodmother Self-enables egg triggers to devour & pumps out flying chump blockers. Also bonkers when followed up with Mirror Entity or Maskwood Nexus

ghostfire86 on Atheros God of Wifi

1 month ago

Change Thrilling Encore to Living Death. More bang for the same cost and speed. Personally I’d be greedy and use Rise of the Dark Realms instead of Angel of Glory's Rise. Also, I’d run Dictate of Erebos as redundancy and drop the Black Market.

Your deck pulls into two directions: 1) Aristocrats 2) Token Overrun

I’d advise dropping Mirror Entity and adding Bontu's Monument. The loops you have are enough to kill without dumping mana into the mirror for a big hit.

You’re short on draw. Taborax, Hope's Demise can help here while gaining a big stick.

Beware on Black Bolt | Athreos, Shadowborn [PRIMER]

2 months ago

There’s a lot of great interactions you’re missing here. Mortal Combat, No Rest for the Wicked, Black Market

I also don’t think this deck really even wants Sol Ring. Black mana is so deeply essential here the only situation where sol ring is useful is powering out Thrumming Stone.

Mana Confluence is a pretty weak choice of land considering the sheer amount of mana this deck needs. Expedition Map also feels like a wasted slot and should likely just be another apostle. Mox Amber is all kinds of mediocre imo. Same with Sol Talisman. Sure playing demons early is nice but will almost never actually win you the game.

Dark Confidant is unnecessarily risky when you’re running a bunch of expensive demons and angels, especially when Black already has access to large amounts of card advantage.

I also like having some kind of backup to avoid getting my apostles Pithing Needle. I chose Mirror Entity but there are plenty of other alternatives.

I’ve played this list off and on since the printing of Shadowborn Apostle:


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