Animate Dead

Animate Dead

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature card in a graveyard

When Animate Dead enters the battlefield, if it's on the battlefield, it loses "enchant creature card in a graveyard" and gains "enchant creature put onto the battlefield with Animate Dead." Return enchanted creature card to the battlefield under your control and attach Animate Dead to it. When Animate Dead leaves the battlefield, that creature's controller sacrifices it.

Enchanted creature gets -1/-0.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Animate Dead Discussion

KibaAlpha on Liesa's L.I.P.S

1 day ago


I've recently added Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker, that you SpecimeN87 for that suggestion, so I don't currently see the need for more redundancy as I've also included Animate Dead and Reanimate.

I had Howling Mine and Font of Mythos to ensure my opponents had cards so I could force them to discard. Reconsidered that and have since removed those two.

I like Grim Haruspex myself, I was just concerned with the forced draw it places on me. Being a creature I suppose I could just sacrifice it if I don't need the cards any more. Consideration and testing to be done.

Omniscience_is_life on Animate Dead, what does it …

5 days ago

Animate Dead is indeed a reanimating spell for just 2 mana--it is considered to be the best reanimation spell behind Reanimate.

How the card functions is this: you enchant a creature card in a graveyard. Animate Dead returns it to play, but since it previously had the text "enchant card in graveyard", and the card is no longer in the graveyard, that has to change. So it rewrites its text to say basically just say "enchant creature".

But if someone destroys Animate Dead, then it kills its former host along with it.

Oh, and it gives it one less power as you said ;)

JabberJ3T on Animate Dead, what does it …

5 days ago

So the card Animate Dead is a card and I keep reading it over and over and it doesn't make any sense. This seems dumb because I can read most beta cards and understand what they do but this Theros card doesn't make sense. I think what Animate Dead does is reanimate a creature but that can't be right cause then it would be a 2 mana reanimated that has a downside of one less power? Other than that I don't know what else this card would do?

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha's Madhouse ⫷Primer⫸

1 week ago

SpecimeN87. Thanks for posting on a few of my decks! While I agree with the Reyhan/Ishai suggestions, I'm not sure either of these would make the cut due to keeping the avg. cmc super low to the ground and competitive (and tbh, somewhat out of a personal bias towards planeswalkers in edh).

I think I'm good on mill and card draw but want to try Twilight Prophet at some point. For recursion without using my creature cast for turn, I run Animate Dead and eventually want to run Necromancy over Dance of the Dead (or possibly both) whenever I run into a copy locally.

multimedia on Dragon riders

1 month ago

Hey, well done, nice update especially the cutting of Knights for more Dragons. Nice upgrades of cards that care about Dragons, but you could expand on this further. You've doubled your budget by adding only three Dragons.

Streamlining is the process of cutting out filler cards leaving you with cards that matter more for your deck. Blood Knight and Silver Knight are vanilla Knights who don't really help gameplay thus my advice is avoid these types of Knights. You're still playing too many Knights that are not helping gameplay.

My advice is don't include a Knight because it's a Knight, being a Knight is a bonus. Instead include it because it has other good abilities that can help Dragons or efficiently make Sylvia better. Taurean Mauler is an exception, it's just a three drop Dragon that's also a Knight. It's both types of creatures as well as can grow big in multiplayer Commander when have many opponents which is good with double strike. Instead of playing many four drop Knights play four drop Dragons?

You also use streamlining to better the mana curve which helps gameplay by reducing the curve which happens when you cut out unnecessary high CMC cards such as Rowan's Stalwarts, Worldgorger Dragon, Ancestor Dragon, Caged Sun. Worldgorger Dragon is only good in decks that want to combo with Animate Dead to make infinite mana and infinite ETB triggers of creatures. You can't combo with Worldgorger, all it's doing here is exiling all your permanents including all your lands until it leaves the battlefield which would hurt gameplay more than help it. Rowan's Stalwarts tutoring for Rowan, Fearless Sparkmage is not worth it since Stalwarts is a really bad card for five mana and Rowan is subpar for five mana too.

Example of a streamlined midrange creature base with Dragons and some Knights (sorted by CMC):

The few Knights in this example give you more than just being a Knight and the emphasis is even more on Dragons not Knights. More four and five drop Dragons to take more advantage of early game ramp and Sylvia's double strike.

In the example the high CMC Dragons have been reduced to the best ones you have. Khorvath is also a high CMC Dragon who you want to cast. Worldgorger Dragon, Ancestor Dragon, Demanding Dragon, Eternal Dragon, Sunscorch Regent, Runehorn Hellkite, Skyline Despot are subpar compared to the other high CMC Dragons here thus you don't need them. In the place of one of these Dragons consider adding Sarkhan's Triumph? It's an instant tutor to search for any Dragon letting you choose the best Dragon at that point of the game.

Shall I continue in another comment about how to streamline other areas of your deck?

Caerwyn on Using the graveyard as a …

1 month ago


Alpha already had various ways to interact with the graveyard--there might not have been mechanisms to fill your graveyard with relative ease, but it was clear from the very beginning of the game that the graveyard was intended to be useful. Five cards, spread across three colors (though mostly black) specifically allow you to use the graveyard as a resource: Animate Dead, Nether Shadow, Raise Dead, Regrowth, Resurrection.

Alpha also already had exile, though it went by "remove from the game entirely": Swords to Plowshares and Disintegrate.

Arabian Nights skipped over these effects, but they came back very quickly in Antiquities, which also expanded graveyard shenanigans to Blue, and Legends, which had more recursion options.

Then we got The Dark, which is the first real set to focus on using the graveyard as a tool outside of "get my card back"--cards like Eater of the Dead, Frankenstein's Monster, and Grave Robbers, which allowed you to weaponize your graveyard for additional boons. The Dark also saw the introduction of Tormod's Crypt, the first real piece of dedicated graveyard hate.

Even in the initial sets, it is clear that the graveyard was designed to serve as a possible second hand and, by August 1994, it was clear that the graveyard was to be considered a resource in other manners as well. Saying that it was "originally designed to be the modern equivalent of exile" ignores how many early-game effects interacted with the graveyard, as well as ignores the fact that exile has existed since the game's very first set.

any_response on A Prosper Doomsday pile

1 month ago

Hello swarm intelligence, I am really drawn towards Prosper, Tome-Bound as a commander and would like to incorporate Doomsday as a wincon. I know of some piles that use one of the extra turn spells red has to offer, but i really dislike them, so i am looking for alternatives. My best idea up to know was to wait for a payoff to be on the battlefield and a cheap instant in hand to go for an instant-speed Worldgorger Dragon/Animate Dead-pile, using Tibalt's Trickery as the top card of the pile to exile with Prosper, but that can only be a plan C at best, as a lot of setup is required.

Do you have better ideas to offer? Best case would be of course instant speed and as mana-inexpensive as possible, but feel free to post everything that comes to mind, maybe we can work something out from there :)

multimedia on Firja, Judge of Valor Budget EDH

2 months ago

Hey, well done so far on a budget.

Consider the Emeria Shepherd + Pyre of Heroes interaction with basic Plains? Shepherd is an Angel to reanimate because then she along with Plains can reanimate any nonland permanent. The interaction of these two cards comes from being able to sac an Angel to tutor for to cheat another one onto the battlefield and then reanimate the Angel you just saced with Shepherd. Just by playing a land Shepherd can get a nonland permanent into your hand such as Mind Stone to cast to help to trigger Firja.

Angel of the Ruins has a powerful ETB effect and is another nice Angel with Shepherd because any land can return Ruins to your hand to then plainscycle to search for a Plains. Another interaction with Pyre is repeatedly sacing the same Angel such as Angel of Despair and reanimating it with Shepherd as long as you have Plains.

Firja as a five drop starts the chain nicely with Pyre when saced to get a six drop Angel such as Valkyrie Harbinger and then Harbringer the next turn gets Shepherd. From there get back Harbringer with Shepherd and then sac it later on to get Sephara, Sky's Blade.

Profane Tutor is a budget low CMC tutor that you cast from suspend. Open the Armory is a low CMC tutor to get Mask of Memory or Animate Dead. Dawn of Hope can do a lot when your Commander has lifelink as well as has evasion.

Court of Grace can be repeatable Angels as well as draw from the monarch. Flying Angels especially ones with vigilance can help to defend for you to keep the monarch, not letting your opponents do combat damage to you. Cleric Class is another one mana card that can help to gain life to trigger various effects and the other levels are good too.

Apprentice Necromancer has interaction with Sun Titan to repeatedly reanimate any 3 CMC or less permanent for one black mana. With Titan in your graveyard reanimate him with Necromancer. Titan ETB reanimates Necromancer and Titan has haste thus he attacks reanimates any other 3 CMC or less permanent. At your end step Titan is saced putting him in your graveyard to reanimate again with Necromancer on your next turn and repeat.

Titan can reanimate Evolving Wilds which is fuel for Emeria Shepherd. Because of Titan For one black mana you could repeatedly trigger Shepherd two times until you run out of Plains or nonland permanents to reanimate/recur. Patriarch's Bidding and Victimize are upgrades for some reanimate spells and Bidding is now a budget card.

Dark Ritual is one mana to help to cast a second spell to trigger Firja or use it to help to cast Firja since she's double black mana cost. Orzhov Signet, Talisman of Hierarchy, Mind Stone are some budget mana rock additions/upgrades. Caves of Koilos, Shineshadow Snarl, Snowfield Sinkhole, Path of Ancestry, Esper Panorama, Ash Barrens are some budget lands to consider adding.

If interested in any of these suggestions then I offer more advice of cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

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