Tainted Pact

Tainted Pact


Exile the top card of your library. You may put that card into your hand unless it has the same name as another card exiled this way. Repeat this process until you put a card into your hand or you exile two cards with the same name, whichever comes first.

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Tainted Pact Discussion

fadelightningmm on HULLBREACHER BANNED

2 weeks ago

jaymc1130 when did I mention cEDH? The community of EDH players is much wider than simply cEDH of course in cEDH where most decks are running a consultation oracle combo OA will be an instant win combination. In general, I’ve seen more abuse from HB than OA, but that isn’t to say that OA is bad. Rather I am saying that in the wider spectrum of EDH hullbreacher was a bigger issue than opposition agent. If the RC was looking specifically at cEDH I believe that Thassa's Oracle , Demonic Consultation , or Tainted Pact are more likely to see a ban before opposition agent with my money on oracle

Pikobyte on Ulrich, of the Krallenhorde Mid Power

1 month ago

A comp edh deck usually looks like that:

So basically cEDH is all about playing the best and most efficient cards. You just go for a quick combo win and try to tutor it up, stop opponents from comboing and assemble your own combo. Every card that doesn’t do anything of that doesn’t belong in a cEDH list. Tribals usually don’t support that very good unless you maybe go with elves. And your commander should be part of a winning combo like a food chain combo, or draw into your combo with infinite mana or another easy loop, like Urza or thrasios for example.

I assume that you haven’t seen much cEDH decks so far. Maybe you should watch some lists or games first. CEDH decks tend to be very expensive. Even Godo which is really cheap for cEDH tends to be around 3k. Multicolor decks are not uncommon to be 6-10k. Could be a waste of money if you don’t like cEDH in the end. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I don’t like it very much for example. I prefer jankier games up to high power

YamishiTheWickedOne on The Thirst Always Wins

2 months ago

I'm tempted to upvote this just because you actually have a good creature count for Edgar. I'm so tired of seeing decks with only like 30 vamps and most of them being upwards of 4 mana.

That said, I think you're a little bit heavy on artifacts/enchantments. Some like tremors are good, some like Shared Animosity are vital, but in terms on non-creature permanents, the only artifact you NEED is skullclamp. You have more than ample sacrifices thanks to Edgar to reload your hand.

I'm a huge fan of stuff like Carrier Thrall , Martyr of Dusk and Dusk Legion Zealot for clamp targets that give extra value. And my big 4 of Edgar decks are Shared Animosity, Skullclamp, Mavren Fein and Mirror entity. Maybe Obelisk of Urd ? Edgar doesn't need a ton of mana acceleration if your creatures are all small.

And tutors for clamp such as Stoneforge Mystic , Steelshaper's Gift , Open the Armory , Enlightened Tutor , Demonic Tutor , Diabolic Intent , Vampiric Tutor , and a new personal favorite in Tainted Pact all help a lot. The only real mana ramp I run is Phyrexian tower, Ancient Tomb and Dark Ritual.

One last idea would be to toss in Demon of Death's Gate and Westvale Abbey  Flip. The demon can be effortlessly played as early as turn 2.

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Wotc Bans Thassa's Oracle in …

2 months ago

First of all, I know this is a historic discussion, but standard was the closest to it so I am putting it in that forum. Anyways, several days ago Thassa's Oracle was banned in historic due to the large amount of Tainted Pact decks being played. I honestly feel that they should have banned Tainted Pact instead. First of all, this can still be done with Jace, Wielder of Mysteries , albeit slower. There are other decks that use Thassa's Oracle as well, and I think that they aren't dominating the meta anyways. What are your thoughts? Should wotc have banned Tainted Pact instead?

YamishiTheWickedOne on Edgar Markov's Vampire Horde [Primer]

2 months ago

Don't forget, Changelings are vampires. I feel like you don't really need enchantments beyond Shared Animosity, maybe Impact Tremors, Goblin Bombardment and maybe Phyrexian Reclamation and/or Legion's Landing, and that Mirror Entity is amazing here.

Also, consider Obelisk of Urd for buffs, and more tutors/draw power like Tainted Pact and Demonic Consultation . I run Stoneforge Mystic and Steelshaper's Gift because Skullclamp is the most important card in the deck.

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Did People Like the Mystical …

2 months ago

The reprints are fine and the art is cool. I don't think I will spend an extra $2 or more on some cards just for the art. As for cards like Agonizing Remorse or Eliminate , I will get the Mystical Archive art because it costs the same. Also, Strixhaven, Mystical Archive has had a large impact on historic, which I like. (Cards like Time Warp , Mind's Desire and Tainted Pact )

Milesfuzz on Anowon cEDH

2 months ago

If you're gonna keep up with other cEDH decks you'll probably want to up your fast ramp. Mana Vault , Mana Crypt , Mox Diamond , Chrome Mox and the likes. Altering your mana base to include Tainted Pact will probably help out a bit.

Swan Song is pretty efficient interaction you seem to be missing.

zAzen7977 on PHYREXIAN DOOMSDAY - Combo [cEDH Primer MH2]

3 months ago

Profet93, thanks for the +1 and your comment! You bring up some important points.

I’ve optimized the deck for Tainted Pact . I can use it to search for any particular card I need at the moment to complete a combo, since I only have 1 of each card in the deck. If I can steal an opponent’s Thassa's Oracle with Praetor's Grasp (which is more likely than not if an opponent is running blue), then I can cast Tainted Pact , naming a random card not in the deck, and exile my entire library for the win. I can also set this up with Doomsday , as I explain in the primer.

I considered Contamination , but the creature sac requirement prevents me from keeping it in play for long, since I run only a few creatures. Infernal Darkness accomplishes the same objective but I can keep it around a turn or two as necessary by paying life during my upkeep with K’rrik. The goal is to protect myself for at least 1-2 turns while I assemble a combo. You are right that Defense Grid is more effective during the early game, but this build is designed to win asap, and I rarely ever reach the late game where this becomes an issue.

You are also right that Drag to the Underworld is a lesser removal spell compared to others. However, in this build I mulligan aggressively to ensure that I can cast K’rrik within the first 1-3 turns. With K’rrik on the field I meet Drag’s devotion requirement, so I only have to pay 4 life and 0 mana with K’rrik to destroy any creature. Hero's Downfall requires at least 1 colorless mana to cast. I’m thinking in terms of speed, since each mana I have should go towards the 3 mana I need to cast Bolas's Citadel once I pull off Doomsday . So I would rather pay 0 mana to kill a creature with Drag and save my mana for Citadel.

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