Vernal Bloom

Vernal Bloom


Whenever a Forest is tapped for mana, its controller adds to his or her mana pool.

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Vernal Bloom Discussion

Fuzzy003 on The Great Pestilence

6 days ago

Something like Ashaya, Soul of the Wild, Nissa, Worldwaker, Yedora, Grave Gardener or Vernal Bloom are cards that will help with ramp. Cryptic Gateway can use tokens to get the bigger bugs into play.

Scroll Rack can help stack your deck for your commander's ability.

As for what to take out that is a little harder and what I always struggle with.

Good luck with adding and taking.

KBK7101 on Multani, Maro-Sorcerer - Growth Spiral (v1.50)

2 months ago

Ended up going with this ( and that ( as my new basics. Card Kingdom had enough in stock so that I could grab them all in one package. Am legitimately excited for swapping those out. Picking out basic land art is honestly one of my favorite parts of deckbuilding and finding some that "match" my commander gives me the same feeling as finding a cool combo or synergy. Thanks for the heads up on those!!

Ashaya is for target/all "nonland permanent" protection. Cyclonic Rift and stuff like that. Not something I have to deal with in games here at home, but something I'm sure I'd see in public games. Veteran Explorer is a bit weak, I agree. It was mainly a politics/group hug thing anyway. Debating cutting Spore Frog and Zendikar Resurgent as well due to it's high cost and the fact that Vernal Bloom and Nissa, Who Shakes the World do the same thing but for cheaper (the ramp part, anyway. Not worried about the draw part).

Cards that I have here at home that are probably going in are Thought Vessel (Which I swore was already in the deck lol), Grothama, All-Devouring (again), Crop Rotation and Akroma's Memorial.

Grind on Yeva Flashes

7 months ago

Cool deck!!
Maybe Vernal Bloom over Dictate of karametra?

Head CoIIector on The Beast | Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider

9 months ago

I'm just gonna say it... Command Tower????? Forest is strictly better. Likewise, Three Visits is also strictly better than Rampant Growth. Personally, I like Mindless Automaton better than Harmonize here. It'll almost certainly net more cards overall for the same 4 mana. Definitely think Gyre Sage should be here. could probably drop Sakura-Tribe Elder for it.
And Caged Sun and Vernal Bloom are always options.

Massacar on Yurlok, Mana Burn Strikes Back

11 months ago


So I try to accomplish similar goals with some of my other creatures/enchantments, but in a way that effects everyone and not just one player.

I'm currently running Zhur-Taa Ancient, Heartbeat of Spring, Mana Flare, Overabundance, and Vernal Bloom that accomplish this goal.

Additionally I have several Magus of the Vineyard type effects to give everyone mana whether they tap a land or not.

GreenHamma on Idk what it is

1 year ago

Is there any creatures you are specific "I will not take these out"? I have a few suggestions mainly about the ramp and how to make it more consistent/efficient.

You don't need gen wave and put in play cards. For example...

Hey check out my deck Gruul Hydras

If you want genesis wave to be optimal going all out on getting it pumped up is the way to go. There is an old school Gen wave deck that was pretty good i would refer to it for extra tid bits.

Peoyogon on UglyPope

1 year ago

Hmm... I would actually suggest running more basic forests (or snow forests) so could run Vernal Bloom and Extraplanar Lens. Since the vast majority of your Mana demand seems to be green, this might be an efficient way to ramp fast into those big creatures if your Mayeal is killed or out of commission.

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