Skirk Prospector

Skirk Prospector

Creature — Goblin

Sacrifice a Goblin: Gain .

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Skirk Prospector Discussion

KBK7101 on The Fine Art of Cruelty

5 days ago

Are Skirk Prospector and Brightstone Ritual really worth it with only eight goblins? I know Krenko can make stupid amounts of them, but the payoff seems a bit low with so few of them. I'd consider dropping them and maybe a land or two. Maybe add Chaos Warp and/or something like Enchanter's Bane for some protection from enchantments, Pariah's Shield for more defense from Hidetsugu's tap ability, Knollspine Dragon to draw massive amount of cards after Hidetsugu levels everyone and maybe Hellkite Courser to cheat out Hidetsugu out of nowhere.

Love the deck, though. Kamigawa is such a cool plane and I love the new Kamigawa Ink Secret Lair arts.

Stardragon on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

okay heres simple efficient espergob.

Etherium Recycler


Sacrifice an artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool

"When a something dies or a machine breaks on esper the etherium is reused for other things"


an esper flavored Skirk Prospector nothing inspiring but simple isn't always bad

make a Vampire

lagotripha on LILIANA’S TREASURE HUNT (Zombie Combo MH2)

2 months ago

This feels like the old Haakon, Stromgald Scourge combo lists that tried to abuse Basal Sliver and Skeletal Changeling.

There are definitely other combo lines that should play nice with this - Ashes of the Fallen would let you combo with Wild Cantor or Myr Moonvessel, Skirk Prospector/Universal Automaton would offer a second combo line for non-bombardment.

Enduring Renewal. I love the card, It is jank. The 'reveal your hand' is a massive drawback. Similarly, Kethis, the Hidden Hand felt close to working for similar but didn't quite.

PapLaRiviere on Grenzo, Dungeon warden

4 months ago

Hi there, I hope all is well.

I have been watching your deck for a couple of days to see if anyone would respond to your request for help. Perhaps the community could better help you if we had a better idea of your vision for the deck. You mention "Tokens", but little else. How do you want to win the game? With a few tokens pumped to great power going into the midgame (going tall)? With lots and lots (even infinite amounts) of smaller tokens flooding the battlefield in the early game (going wide)? Do you like lots of combo possibilities? What is your budget?

My first thoughts as I look at your deck is that your average mana cost is pretty high. I also feel you have way too many Creatures in the deck regardless of the strategy you plan to build around. Likewise, I feel your mana base would probably benefit from 2-3 more lands and a couple more mana artifacts (rocks). I am not sure you are doing yourself a favour by trying to make this deck R/B - most folks who run Krenko tend to go with a mono-red build.

I have a Goblin deck; Krenko's Goblin Swarm [Primer], which embraces a go wide-combo battle plan. The primer outlines my win conditions and why I chose each card in the deck. The combo/synergy section gives some insight as to how the cards work together with one another. I realize that your vision may well be different than the one I have for my Goblin deck, but perhaps it will provide food for thought.

You do have some good cards in your deck and you're off to a good start. Now it is time to zoom in and focus on a battle strategy. As an aside, I notice that you have Skirk Prospector in the deck twice.

Once we have a better idea of your goals and budget, I suspect the community will be eager to help you choose the best cards to get the job done.

Take care,

lagotripha on Thrumming Approach

5 months ago

I like this, put a single dragon in.

This makes searching for thrumming feel a lot better- it gives you two win conditions; cast a thrumming stone or see 5 approaches with Seasoned pyromancer.

While I'd love to reccomend Lightning Shrieker for this spot as this is likely the only deck that likes its drawback, Thundermaw Hellkite , Velomachus Lorehold or Bogardan Hellkite , with sideboard Chromium, the Mutable or Steel Hellkite is going to feel better to play.

In terms of consistently ramping to 5, there are a few budget red green lists that use the 'ramp to Stormbreath Dragon or Glorybringer ' plan to look at for ideas. Generally speaking its some combination of elf, sprawl, Mind Stone (which dodges a lot of removal), and various Elvish Mystic variants.

The trick is going to be filtering and lands - If this is to be a budget deck, I'd go all in on mono red - elf/sprawl is great but just casting Skirk Prospector , Wild Cantor Desperate Ritual and mana rocks will work. Red green will mean moving more heavily into green - looking at casting things like Harrow or Search for Tomorrow , but much of red/green mana is balanced around silly cards like Wrenn and Six or Scapeshift , making a competing mana base tricky to judge - elves' dorks aren't just good because they make mana, they are good because they also are creatures to give stats and trample to.

You are going to want to look really carefully at the balance between land/approach/other - I'm not sure what the most space efficient way to ramp to 5 is with that in mind - I could see this being blue artifact ramp, where you Reshape for thrumming (functionally getting 8+ copies of your combo piece)- it'd take some testing.

Finally, the biggest hurdle and oppertunity. Surgical Extraction . If you are in a meta where it is sideboarded, you need it yourself. You can extract the thing they extract to deny a target, and can set up a transformative 'exile all approaches' sideboard where you are suddenly a 40 card stompy ramp deck with a high proportion of answers.

RambIe on [need help] Greedy Dragon

6 months ago

Love it
cmc looks good, mana supply is far greater then the demand and the synergy is fantastic
Great job
Only weekness is currently you only have 9 ways to draw, two of wich require discarding first, try to get this number to 15, artifact draw and wheels that draw 7 would really accel in this deck.

Goblin Welder can be just as much of an offense removal as it can be a defensive recursion
Skirk Prospector would let you cast your commander on turn 2 and still ramp you into turn 3
And Goblin Chirurgeon can help protect your commander while also advancing your Boardstate
Keep in mind the skirk and chirurgean can sac to themselves

BrassLord on Basic Goblin Deck

7 months ago

Hail, Goblin Brother! Krenko is a great introduction to playing commander goblins!

With Krenko, haste enablers are at a premium so you can start churning out gobbos as fast as possible, so things like Crystal Slipper , Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded Lightning Greaves Goblin Motivator Torch Courier Goblin Chieftain Goblin Warchief Hellraiser Goblin are all decent ways to get the goblin train rolling!

Not sure how you feel about infinite combos, but Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker , Goblin Recruiter , and Conspicuous Snoop gives you infinite hasty tapped goblins that you can convert to infinite mana with Skirk Prospector or infinite damage with Mogg Fanatic . Moreover, your commander goes infinite with Thornbite Staff and either Goblin Sharpshooter or Ashnod's Altar .

Once your deck gets going, Goblin Assassin is a great way to keep your opponents creature count low

Goblin Chirurgeon has a weird name and is also useful in keeping Krenko around.

Over everything, I'd recommend Skullclamp . Mono red is notoriously known for it's difficulties in generating card draw. With the clamp, you're able to turn your board into pay one draw 2s. Bonkers value!

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