Mana Echoes

Mana Echoes


Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, you may gain for each creature you control that shares a creature type with it.

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Mana Echoes Discussion

Guerric on [Primer] Casting the Mythal *Update*

1 month ago

Thanks beastmenwarrior! I haven't had the chance to try that iteration yet, so while I added the Mana Echoes combo to the primer I hadn't yet done it with Bloodline Necromancer, even though I knew that's its possible. Technomancer is definitely the hottest new card since Pyre of Heroes.

Guerric on [Primer] Casting the Mythal *Update*

1 month ago
Finally with Neon Dynasty we have some a new addition! Ruthless Technomancer is here to stay, and add yet one more way to perform the Rite of Endless Sacrifice (infinite combo; see primer). This was welcome, as there hasn't been a worthy card for this deck since Kaldheim gave us the powerhouse uber-tutor and combo-enabler that is Pyre of Heroes. This one doesn't disappoint, and also can just provide some ramp and recursion when we aren't ready to combo off. I've updated the primer with how to do the combo with Mana Echoes. I believe you can also do it with Bloodline Necromancer, but I haven't quite got my brain around that one yet, and I'll update if and when I do! I also made one other marginal update, and may due a second one with some other minor tweaks soon.

1) Anathemancer OUT Ruthless Technomancer IN

Ruthless Technomancer is amazing for all of the reasons stated above and more. It's just a must play for the deck. Shout out to beastmenwarrior for drawing my attention to it while I was heavily focused on updating my Yuriko deck with cards from this set. I have a beautiful foil version of Anathemancer, but unfortunately its probably the weakest link. It really only combos with kicked Rite of Replication to win outright, whereas Supreme Inquisitor can work with any infinite token generator to win the game. Other than that it can provide some chip damage, but that doesn't cut it as much most of the time.

2) Decree of Pain OUT Toxic Deluge IN

This one is pretty straightforward. Toxic Deluge comes down much earlier and gets around indestructible and other annoying mechanics like that. This deck is fast and we always have something to do with our mana, so tapping out to wipe the board, even if it nets us a bunch of cards, isn't what we want to do here. I'll probably pop decree into my planeswalker deck where the draw might help more, but its just too slow for this deck.

Guerric on [Primer] Casting the Mythal *Update*

2 months ago

To StefanStremel and others, I can pretty much forecast what the next update will be. Other than the other two changes from my prior post, Ruthless Technomancer definitely is going in. The combo is just another way to do the ritual of endless sacrifice without even a sac outlet, and is really easy to do with Mana Echoes, and while it's a bit of a headache it can be done with Bloodline Necromancer too. I will update the primer with a detailed account of how to execute these combos when I do so. It also is good just as a second recursion piece with some ramp even if not comboing off. There aren't really too many other cards from Neon Dynasty that make the cut, but this one is enough! As beastmenwarrior said, it is now an auto-include.

I am curious what the community of those who play this deck think we should cut to add it. I see three main candidates at the moment. Deadeye Navigator is a fabulous card and great for repeating double Inalla triggers, but as a 6cmc piece that we can't copy I wonder if its becoming a bit too slow for the current incarnation of the deck. Similarly, Supreme Inquisitor and Anathemancer are most powerful as win cons when we do Rite of Replication shenanigans, but I wonder if I really need both. Please let me know all of your thoughts!

Wuzibo on Weakest Mono Color

2 months ago


My friend's wasn't uncompetetive. unchecked he could take over the game very easily, and when there's 4 or 5 people on the board, it's hard to keep any one person down. Sliver Overlord lets him tutor most of what he needs for the slivers, and you have to realize, most of us went in on the decks. I was probably the "cheapest" player. But the group wasn't too nitpicky about proxying anyway. you just like, couldn't do a deck of proxies. I had divining top as a proxy for a long while, for instance, cuz that was very expensive back then. Slivers have their own ramp too. He could go infinite with Sliver Queen very easily off Mana Echoes and something that lets him spend mana as though it were mana of any color, and that sliver that makes other slivers untap whenever another sliver enters the battlefiend combined with a sliver that lets slivers tapped for mana. If he has enough slivers on the board, he might not even need mana echoes. He had access to funds. He went in on the lands pretty hard too so he had his mana sorted as best as anyone really could. And with access to every color, he could do cheesy blue stuff like cyc rift and polymorphs jest, and use Amoeboid Changeling to take our creatures, as well as blue draw. He could use green ramp, white creature buffing and solid removal, and black draw, tutors, and other good stuff. and in red he could get Impact Tremors and Purphuros whcih work quite well with them, as do haste enablers. Zada, Hedron Grinder. He felt red was a little on the weaker side just because other colors offered more stuff overall. Building 5 color decks, he got to choose anything, and uniquely red effects or options that were better than another color's were few and far between outside stuff the red can slivers do anyway, like haste. But that's a different discussion.

They are pretty balanced overall though. I think they're in a good spot at least, but their obvious synergy is very strong at lower levels of play.

TypicalTimmy on If you're building Chishiro, include …

3 months ago

Chishiro, the Shattered Blade is a new Commander from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. If you decide to build him, Crown of Flames and Whip Silk will be great staples as they each cost 1 mana and can be returned for 1 mana. This is a cheap and fast way to build out an entire boardstate of 2/2 tokens who have menace.

If they also have haste, such as with Fervor or Fires of Yavimaya, you can also tap them for mana using something such as Cryptolith Rite. What this does is it will effectively double your mana production.

For example, suppose you have enough mana available to you for 3x castings of Crown of Flames and 2x returns, or a total of five mana. With haste and Cryptolith Rite, you can pay and that'll get you a 2/2 token. You can tap the token for to return the aura to your hand. From here, you still have 4x sources left. Each one will get you another 2/2, which can be immediately tapped to return the aura to your hand.

So rather than getting a total of two 2/2 tokens with five red mana, you get five 2/2 tokens. Now they all become tapped, but with any ETB damage effect, this can rapidly hurt everyone.

You can actually go infinite and win the game with this combo, too.

Now when the aura ETB, you get two 2/2 tokens. Tap one to return the aura, tap the second to cast it. It ETB, you get two more 2/2 tokens. Tap one to return, tap the other to cast. Two more 2/2 tokens.

Each time this happens, you stack damage.

It's a complex combo, but with so many redundant cards in Gruul, it'll easily be made.

So if you enjoy these sorts of combos, this one might just be for you.

You can also replace the haste and Cryptolith Rite with Mana Echoes and Chromatic Orrery.

Xenagos, the Reveler immediately comes to mind for far more mana, as does Nissa, Who Shakes the World. Her ability to make Forests add a second partners nicely with Whip Silk. Now each land pays for both the cost to cast and the cost to return. Merely having Nissa and Whip Silk equates to haste + Cryptolith Rite + token doubler.

Want to draw out your library? Boom, now you can.

Want to make sure pesky blue players can't stop you? Boom, now you can.

Want just one more way to deal damage to face? Boom, you got it.

Need some life? Boom, we got you.

Wanna swing for lethal? Boom, we got that too.

:) Gruul Enchantments just became a thing <3

Oh, and don't forget Storm ;D

hcmen1 on EGH (Elder Goblin Highlander)

4 months ago

I really like Mana Echoes in krenko. It’s insane.

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