Felidar Sovereign

Felidar Sovereign

Creature — Cat Beast

Vigilance, lifelink

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have 40 or more life, you win the game.

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Felidar Sovereign Discussion

pretendingtoalright on Harvest - tips?

5 days ago


The changes i saw seemed pretty good. With the change in commander (although it would have been a good idea with maja too) u might want to add a landfall package with cards that work like Makindi Ox.

Sporemound, Zendikar's Roil, Rampaging Baloths, Emeria Shepherd, Felidar Retreat all generate lots of values from playing lands.

There's a lifegain subtheme in ur deck with no real pay out, tho I see u have Felidar Sovereign in the maybeboard.

Scytec on Help me convert this out …

2 weeks ago

You also have the option of using Athreos, God of Passage as your commander, because unfortunately Kaya is not a legal commander. The only planeswalker that are legal as commanders are the ones that specifically state they are on the card itself Commander works a little differently though, because there are traditionally more people at a table (4 people in a standard pod) lifegain doesnt mean quite the same thing as it does in brawl. Not saying it is bad, depending on the level youre playing at, doubling your starting life total can be really solid. Some options you could consider running alifegain list to win would be things like Approach of the Second Sun, Felidar Sovereign, and Aetherflux Reservoir. there are many other options as well, those are just the ones i would consider. Oloro, Ageless Ascetic is another very popular commander that deals with lifegain if that is the route you want to take. If you want to lean more heavily into the tribal side of things, especially with a focus in angels, I would consider Kaalia of the Vast. She is a really powerful commander. In the deck you tagged here, if you wanted to choose a commander from that list i would go with Firja, Judge of Valor. Selective card draw is really good in commander, and this one you should be able to trigger quite frequently. A phenomenal resource for any player new to the commander format is edhrec.com. This link should take you straight to the page for Firja, Judge of Valor as I threw it in the search bar before I tagged the link, that should give you an idea of what to expect from the site. I will be honest, Orzhov is generally outside my comfort zone, but you're welcome to tag me in anything you put together and I will happily take a look. Since you're building a 100 card singleton deck, I highly recommend having in the ballpark of:

10-12 Ramp of some kind Sol Ring, Arcane Signet, etc.

10ish Card Draw/Engines of some kind Mentor of the Meek, Mind's Eye, etc.

8-10 Pieces of Single target removal Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, etc.

3-5 Pieces of Board control Damnation, Wrath of God, Merciless Eviction, etc.

This will set your deck up to work consistently, and there are some card that will kind of fit multiple roles for you such as Magister of Worth and the like. I like to start by choosing my commander and working from there, but many people build the deck they want and then choose the best option from every viable commander they can. It is all personal preference. Let me know if anything I said doesnt make sense, or if you want me to clarify anything. Hope you decide to join us for the best format in the game.

Deathstroke2791 on YEET! [[Primer]]

3 weeks ago

Well, I normally like to have at least one "you win the game" cards in my decks as an out if an opponent is stopping my strategies. So that's why the Felidar Sovereign, but I just found out about Angel of Destiny. OOOOOO BUDDY! That's essentially the same win-con but I don't have to wait a whole spin around the table. So, Angel of Destiny will probably take that slot.

You are kinda right about Malignus though. When it's come in late game, it's a mild bummer to not be able to finish someone off. It doesn't matter whether an opponent's life total is 40 of 4, it's always going to deal half. My one concern about that is that I'd be losing one of my bulky creatures. If I go too heavy on the copying effects, and not heavy enough on the actual hitters themselves, there won't be enough bodies to throw around. I'm not saying you're not right; I am saying if I do make the cut, I need to find some other bulky creatures to include in other spots.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on YEET! [[Primer]]

3 weeks ago

That concern about Flameshadow Conjuring (the extra mana and high cmc creatures) actually came to my mind after suggesting it. In reality it is 2 extra mana since you need to activate Brion so I could see it being tough to pull off. As far as Rionya goes though, she is a blast. I actually have a whole deck built around her and it is super fun.

As far as cut's go, that is tough. This list is pretty tight as is. In you description you mentioned difficulty getting Felidar Sovereign wins, so maybe that one? Otherwise, Malignus seems like it could have a pretty low floor at times.

aholder7 on [Variant] Magic Noir

1 month ago

After reading through everything I have some comments to make.

The biggest issue I have is not actually the different mana pools. It’s that you can’t change card effects the way you are suggesting. You can’t simply say that all X costs in cards are now XX and that things that count lands now count devotion. That’s simply not something a format can/should do. See cards like Felidar Sovereign in commander. It hasnt been errata’d to say more than your starting total. It just will work if you haven’t taken any damage. Also Battle of Wits has not been erratad for commander. You simply would never want to use it.

Now on to the mana pools. This is a very complex addition. Probably too much for a variant to be viable. You are changing up the entire system of mana in the game. What’s more is that if you are trying to solve the stated problem of mana screw and make mana interactive you can fix it in much simpler ways. For example the singular rule “You may play a basic land from outside the game as your land drop” if you really want to use the mage noir system simply go with “On your turn instead of playing a land for turn you may add 2 mana of any color to your mana pool. This mana does not empty as phases pass. If you do so, at the beginning of your opponents next turn they may add a mana of their choice to their mana pool. This mana does not empty from their pool as phases end.” It doesn’t allow mana stacking between turns but that’s probably not something that should be allowed unless you are really looking to break a format.

DemonDragonJ on Other 'Philes

1 month ago

The new Triskaidekaphile is a very awesome card, but I do not like how only blue has another alternate win condition, so I have decided to make a new 'phile for each of the other colors. The general rule that I followed was that each creature would have a static ability, an activated ability, and a win condition that would trigger at the beginning of the player’s upkeep that both the activated ability and static ability could facilitate.

Luxophile Show

The name of this card means "light lover" or "lover of light," and it is a combination of Alabaster Mage and Felidar Sovereign, but the win condition is stricter, since player begin at 40 life by default in EDH. To balance that, it can also increase the power and toughness of creatures, to make it easier to reach the require life total.

Necrophile Show

The name of this card means "death lover" or "lover of death," and it combines Onyx Mage and Mortal Combat, but I changed the conditions for the triggered ability; I made it count all graveyards and then increased the number of creature cards that were required to win the game. I also gave it a way to put creatures into graveyards, which the original enchantment cannot do.

Here is an alternate version of necrophile that I also made.

Necrophile Show

This is an alternate version of necrophile that functions as a sacrifice outlet, to fulfill its win condition even more easily, but it also breaks from the mold of the other creatures, so I am not certain which version I prefer.

Pyrophile Show

The name of this card means "fire lover" or "lover of fire," and it is modeled after Chance Encounter, whose main problem is that it does not provide a method for flipping coins, so I added such an ability to this creature. I also chose to use +1/+1 counters, rather than luck counters, because they have a better synergy with creatures, but I also increased the requires number of counters, because of how easy those counters are to exploit. My original version of the activated ability was ", : flip a coin, if you win the flip, pyrophile deals 3 damage to any target; if you lose the flip, pyrophile deals 2 damage to any target and 1 damage to you," but I changed it to be higher risk, higher reward, which is a central philosophy of red (that it also shares with black). Is 3 power too high for this creature? Should it instead be a 2/1?

Zoophile Show

The name of this creature means “animal lover” or “lover of animals,” and I am perfectly aware that both this creature and necrophile have highly suggestive names, but I feel that those names are appropriate for these creatures, given their abilities. This creature is a combination of Jade Mage and Epic Struggle, but I made the activated ability more color-intensive and also increased the number of creatures required to win, since it now compensates for the enchantment’s weakness of not being able to generate creatures on its own.

What does everyone else say about these creatures? Do you like them?

Gidgetimer on Will Triskaidekaphile Become a New …

1 month ago

On the topic of the thread...

I seem to differ from most people who have stated a direct opinion on alt wincons in this thread. I'm always down for more alternate win conditions. To me the fun of Magic is the struggle to get a win condition through. The win always being from creatures being turned sideways is just boring to me. One of my favorite and most memorable wins was from Felidar Sovereign. Heck, the exchange over Felidar Sovereign would still stick out in my mind as one of the most fun points in a game even if it ended with me no longer having the Sovereign. So obviously not everyone has the same expectations of a game nor finds the same aspects enjoyable.

From my point of view Triskaidekaphile is a perfectly reasonable, if underpowered card. It provides an alternate win condition and a (expensive) way to achieve it. If it is played out "fairly", even with magical christmas land fast mana (Ancient Tomb, Mana Crypt, Sol Ring, Arcane Signet, second land), it takes until your 6th turn's upkeep to win and you only have 2 additional cards to protect it for the 6 turns. Even considering mana combos or giving it flash you should still be able to see it coming a mile away, there is just less time for the actual interaction.

If there were more pay-offs for exactly curating your hand to a certain size I could see this becoming a staple of the format. As it stands more cards are always better and this is a one-off effect. It will find niche usage, but not make any waves IMO.

griffstick on Will Triskaidekaphile Become a New …

1 month ago

@Omniscience_is_life Idk man I imagine this card slotting in blue decks or decks with blue way to easy, like a Thought Vessel does. Losing to this is easier than losing to Felidar Sovereign, Revel in Riches, Hellkite Tyrant, and Mechanized Production. Manipulating you hand to meet the required condition is way easier to do then all the above conditions with the exception of felidar sovereign, because you start the game at 40 life. It is also (outside of wheels) harder to mess with someone's hand. And for icing on the cake Triskaidekaphile is only 2 mana. It's a boring win condition and its a easy win condition.

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