Liquimetal Coating

Liquimetal Coating


: Target permanent becomes an artifact in addition to its other types until end of turn.

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Liquimetal Coating Discussion

Spisepinden on The Projects: Budget Urban Development

2 weeks ago

It's a damn shame this deck can't run Liquimetal Coating :P I love the theme!

As others have stated, the plan hinges on a fragile creature. Having Vines of Vastwood or Apostle's Blessing can be helpful, but if your Myr gets killed, it might be useful to have something like Evolution Charm to bring it back from the graveyard. You're probably not going to use the flying mode often, but being able to search for a land in a pinch is a great secondary option to keep it from being a completely dead card. The instant speed is nice as well.

Beyond that, a card like Nullmage Advocate might be a useful way to keep the land destruction going without relying on draws all the time. The cards you return to your opponent's hand won't matter since they have no mana to cast them, meaning they'll likely end back in the graveyard at your opponent's end step. And even if you're returning lands, the Advocate will happily flatten them over and over again, at no card disadvantage to you.

Other sources of destruction could come in the shape of Mwonvuli Acid-Moss and Conclave Naturalists, though the former might be a bit too slow while I could see the latter competing a bit with the Siege Wurm and Tangle Golem. There's something to be said about card destruction on legs, though.

Card drawing options are a bit far fetched for green, but if you're really desperate, Bonder's Ornament and Arcane Spyglass are probably your best options in case the game goes long.

On a final, sort of side-tangent note, even though I know the deck is mono green and almost certainly benefits from being able to ramp with a single color, I still feel that it would be a shame to not at least mention a card like Sanctum Gargoyle.

Happy deck brewing!

TristanTaylorsVoice on Mono Red Prison

3 weeks ago

Lightning Bolt interferes with the Chalice of the Void game plan. Some 2 Mana removal like maindeck Abrades might be nice though, particularly with the Liquimetal Coating game plan, maybe 2 over some Mind Stone. I think I prefer Desperate Ritual to stay as a 4 of because while worst late game, being able to facilitate a t2 blood moon (or t1 on the draw with gemstones) can be back breaking.

nbarry223 on T-1000 Saheeli Rai

1 month ago

Karn, the Great Creator might fit in here, since you could put 1x Liquimetal Coating in the sideboard and essentially tutor for it with his -2. His passive just lets you eliminate activated abilities when you make things into artifacts, and you can even land destruct (or anything 0 cmc) with his +1 since it will make them into 0/0 creatures. If you decide to go that route, you should put low cost silver-bullet artifacts in the sideboard as well.

For example, there's Damping Sphere / Grafdigger's Cage / Relic of Progenitus / Engineered Explosives which could all do well as wish targets and are just useful sideboard cards in general.

Icbrgr on T-1000 Saheeli Rai

1 month ago

I see where you are coming from edster however; typically this deck isn't focused on land destruction hence why I run more Liquimetal Torque over Liquimetal Coating.

Path to Exile is in the mainboard over Prismatic Ending because of its instant speed removal for high priority creature removal to survive long enough to execute a winning combo... I personally just have more or a aggro/prowess meta in mind.

DBCooper on Planet Of The Apes - Liquimetal Land Destruction

2 months ago

I love it! I would wonder if Hellkite Tyrant might have a home in this deck as a means to combo off of Liquimetal Coating to steal an opponent's board.

Great deck!

Knivesthebrutal on Lord Windgrace CEDH Land Hate

3 months ago

Liquimetal Coating an opponents land (preferably a basic); then then you Splinter them ALL from your opponent's deck.

Argothian Wurm and Shivan Wumpus are also fun bodies to get out early and force opponents to make those hard choices, as does Deus of Calamity - it's actually decent creature removal. Opponents, in theory, shouldn't have the gas to have big blockers out, so they have to chump block or lose more lands.

Destructive Flow is nice stax card

Bramblecrush and Reclaiming Vines are ok spot removal of non-creatures (including lands)

Reap and Sow , Mwonvuli Acid-Moss are ok land-destruction themed land fetch

Daryl, Hunter of Walkers and Pyrohemia or Pestilence make decent critter control/card advantage (obviously works wonders against zombie decks), though that is getting away from the theme of the deck...

legendofa on Infinite Golem Potential (EDH)

3 months ago

Liquimetal Coating + Clock of Omens lets you keep Feldon as the commander. Otherwise, I think you have to go into .

Intruder Alarm and Wurmcoil Engine are higher-budget options for untapping and tokens.

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