Pull from Eternity

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Pull from Eternity


Put target face-up card that's removed from the game into its owner's graveyard.

king-saproling on Full Metal Alchemy

2 months ago

Sunforger seems like it'd be fun here, especially if you included Pull from Eternity and maybe even Tithe + Mistveil Plains. It can also fetch combo pieces via Enlightened Tutor.

Also Moonsilver Key might interest you as a tutor for certain combo pieces (Monolith, Metalworker, Ironworks, Treasure Vault, etc.)

I take it Grim Monolith is excluded due to price?

DrukenReaps on Teneb, the Harvester

3 months ago

Alright I suppose these are what I'd choose to keep then- Teneb, the Harvester, Pull from Eternity, Harness Infinity, Planar Birth, Eerie Ultimatum, Sun Titan, Minion's Return, Unholy Indenture, Emeria Shepherd, Splendid Reclamation, Animate Dead, Eternal Witness, Timeless Witness, and Noxious Revival. This is if you want to lean fully into those cards that win the game.

Dread Return, Reanimate, and Reclaim are ones that I'd still try to find a spots for above the others.

Gidgetimer on The "A" Team (Tayam Rube Goldberg Combo)

4 months ago

The "buff the Druid" line of play is a bit niche, isn't the main focus of this Tayam deck, and requires 2 specific cards; that is why there is only 1 card slot devoted to it. There are six other cards I have seen commonly used to buff the Druid and three more that jaymc1130 suggested. So that I don't draw into dead cards I don't run them, only Gift of Granite. It may be confirmation bias or that I don't feel that one piece of a combo is a dead card if there are 10 tutors that can find the other piece. I have only been disappointed to see Gift of Granite once. On the flip side, it is responsible for a good number of the wins that the deck gets. Again this may be because I will tutor for it when Devoted Druid is out. The other druid engines require two additional cards making this the easiest one to tutor.

About the tutor situation- Money is a little bit of an issue, I'm not the type that will ever say "money is no object" about a game. Having said that, Demonic Tutor is already in the deck. The tutors that I want for the deck that I have not purchased and am waiting on either a reprint or a bonus at work are Vampiric Tutor and Enlightened Tutor. Vampiric will be a straight slot-in over Profane Tutor, and I'm not sure about Enlightened. It may get me to cut Pull from Eternity.

Gidgetimer on The "A" Team (Tayam Rube Goldberg Combo)

4 months ago

Hey, thanks for taking the time to comment. First I am going to address the questions and then move onto the suggestions.

Gift of Granite is there to combo with Tayam and Devoted Druid. Making her toughness 4 allows you to tap for mana and untap by placing a -1/-1 counter 3 times completely fueling infinite Tayam activations. There are other card that can enable this line, but I like the aura because I can find it off of Lost Auramancers and flash I feel is the most useful of the +0/+2 for a single mana enchantments.

Oblivion Ring is there as a removal that can be returned with Tayam. Returning Eternal Witness to return an Anguished Unmaking might be a slightly stronger play, but would require more mana and more cards to have been milled if we encounter mid-combo permanent based disruption.

Lotus Bloom is there to make 3 mana incase we are able to establish a "counters only" loop with Tayam. You can repeatedly do the loop returning the Lotus Bloom until you are able to find one of the altars, or one of the Druid lines. It enables more varied versions of the engines. I have not taken the time to list them with all the other ones because I feel the primer is long enough at this point, I should probably put it in the line where I mention counters only engines. I'm not sure of another similar card outside of LED (price prohibitive) that would fill a similar role.

Pull from Eternity is because I am paranoid about things getting exiled and the entire fragile machine falling apart. I have never had it happen. I have actually never had a single integral piece exiled. But it is a security blanket for me. I might be making the deck strictly less powerful by doing this, but power level is quite high enough for my meta.

Sun Titan and Angelic Renewal are both good cards, but I'm not sure what I would cut for them. There is just so much redundancy already and i'm not sure that they would make any of the lines more resilient or more compact.

Soul-Guide Lantern is a great suggestion! There are so many new and varied variations of activated graveyard exile effects that I haven't kept up with all of them. I pulled the Tormod's Crypt from a M21 booster when I was intending to order a Nihil Spellbomb for the deck and just slotted it in and left it. I will definitely have to order a Lantern.

legendofa on Card creation challenge

5 months ago


Enchantment - Aura

Enchant legendary creature or planeswalker

Sacrifice enchanted permanent, exile Promotion: Put the creature or planeswalker card that Promotion was attached to into the command zone. That card is your commander and has partner. Other commanders you own have partner. (This effect doesn't end at end of turn.)

I'm pretty sure that wording covers most weird corner cases: no animated enchantments or artifacts, you don't lose your original commander, everything goes where it's supposed to. Not sure what happens if you grab it with Pull from Eternity or Riftsweeper..

Create a spell that can only be cast if you control two commanders.

DragonWolf420 on Pattern Recognition #225 - Exile …

6 months ago

if exile is "failing" then could you cite more than just 1 example? Pull from Eternity isn't even a good example. it moves the card from exile to the grave, not the hand. i'm not counting the other cards you mentioned since those cards are what sent their targets to exile in the first place. so thats not really the player bringing their own exiled cards back.

SteelSentry on Path to Exile or Swords …

7 months ago

Thanks for the responses; honestly, I figured Swords to Plowshares would be the favorite.

If anyone was wondering, I'm tuning my Osgir, the Reconstructor deck. I currently have both, but decided to cut one of them once I get a copy of Pull from Eternity on my hands, and wasn't sure. I don't actually play Path to Exile usually, I just happened to have a copy when putting this deck together.

Interesting insight in general though ^-^

jamochawoke on Path to Exile or Swords …

7 months ago

In a vacuum it's Swords to Plowshares. Getting rid of someone's cheap commander or utility combo piece creature is worth the extra 1-5 life you'll have to chunk through to win (if you're even using life as a wincon to begin with).

It's not always best though.

I run Path to Exile more often because I love having the option to ramp myself if I absolutely need to in mono-white or having the option to color fix when splashing. It's especially good if you're using cards in your deck like Pull from Eternity, Riftsweeper, Eternal Scourge, Mirror of Fate, or Misthollow Griffin. It can also be more oppressive than Swords if you're doing evil things like Winter Orb abuse.

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