Stuffy Doll

Stuffy Doll

Artifact Creature — Construct

As Stuffy Doll enters the battlefield, choose a player.

Stuffy Doll is indestructible.

Whenever damage is dealt to Stuffy Doll, it deals that much damage to the chosen player.

: Stuffy Doll deals 1 damage to itself.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Stuffy Doll Discussion

Inforussle on Storm Commander

3 weeks ago

Consider Adding

Isochron Scepter : Infinite mana and infinite storm with Dramatic Reversal , however you don't have many 2CMC spells to support it otherwise

Mogg Maniac , Spitemare : More Stuffy Doll -like effects if you find you're needing redundancy

Silence or Grand Abolisher : Protection from the blue player during your storm turn

Desperate Ritual , Inner Fire , Pyretic Ritual , Seething Song : More mana-positive cards if you don't like the few you have already

Mystic Gate , Cascade Bluffs , Rugged Prairie , Skycloud Expanse : Its easy to fizzle the storm turn by having mana in the wrong colors; filters can help ease that

Remand : can act as either a last-ditch counterspell, or you can hold priority -> Grapeshot -> Remand -> pass priority -> Grapeshot to get more work out of your stormcount

Consider Removing

Brainstorm : You don't have much shuffle in this deck which can lead to not seeing new cards for 2 draws; you can leave this in if you're confident you can shuffle/scry the new top-cards away

Ignite Memories : 5CMC (imo) is a lot for the end of a storm-chain; your other payoffs may have smaller damage amounts, but are easier to weave into the storm turn

Brass's Bounty : Very expensive CMC card for storm; I can only see it paying off if you can cast it with copy which is a bit of an ask

Mind's Desire : Similar issue to Ignite Memories , having to keep free for the end of your storm-turn will really hinder you; it may be better to use that mana to add more to your count for a cheaper CMC payoff

The_Silver_Dragon on Please Don't Hurt Me

1 month ago

Tinnuki - Restoration Angel was originally a way to remove enchantments that could remove abilities if it happened. I've since removed it and added Thassa, Deep-Dwelling as a way to blink cards like Archaeomancer or Sun Titan for their amazing ETB effects.

I've removed Celestial Dawn as I can just mana fix with non-basic lands.

I've added Aven Mindcensor .

As much as I enjoy Narset, Parter of Veils and Teferi's Puzzle Box , I just don't think I can remove anything to fit them at this point.

I thought about Platinum Angel and would've loved another Brom card, but I feel like it would just be an easy target.

I've added both Stuffy Doll and Sun Titan .

hejtmane on Board Wipe Win-cons?

1 month ago

as mentioned Stuffy Doll and also add in Brash Taunter you can also look at Toralf, God of Fury  Flip so you can work both the angles of doing mass damage to everything

Tinnuki on Please Don't Hurt Me

1 month ago

Besides working on your very basic mana base, here's some quick opinions:

I'm not sure about Restoration Angel . If it's in there for creature protection, you could probably do that a bit easier.

Celestial Dawn is a cool card, but I don't think it does much here. It helps fix your white mana, but you only have two colors anyway.

Aven Mindcensor would do great in a control deck like this.

Narset, Parter of Veils is a generally good card to slow down your opponents. If you want to be really cruel, pair it with Teferi's Puzzle Box .

I'm surprised no Platinum Angel . Also, Pariah combined with a Stuffy Doll would be hilarious.

Sun Titan . You're playing white. You want a Sun Titan.

Hardhitta7 on Board Wipe Win-cons?

1 month ago

Stuffy Doll and Boros Reckoner .

There’s another one that’s 4 mana but I can’t remember the name.

MLS91 on Marisi's Marching Band [Goad EDH]

1 month ago

i hear you, i will contest -if you'll hear me out- your assessment of interaction with Brash Taunter and Stuffy Doll .

Both those cards in my mind deter people from attacking you, and when creatures are goaded they get to attack everyone but you. so with that in mind light mine field i view acts as a way to "bolt" people/opponents in the middle of combat if you do ever decide to swing out, granting greater versatility to both taunter and doll. however you are the pilot and you know the deck better then I. I rest my case and thank you for the time you have given me consideration

Davinoth on Marisi's Marching Band [Goad EDH]

1 month ago

     MLS91: Indeed! Lightmine Field + Vigor is pretty dope, however the whole purpose of this deck is to make my creatures take damage, so Vigor is definitely out of the question haha.

     I hate to say I don't think Lightmine Field will make the cut either, but I don't think it will. Simply synergizing with a couple/few cards in the build doesn't make it worthwhile IMO (especially considering creatures like Brash Taunter & Stuffy Doll are better blockers and seldom attack). I'm not sure that they're a permanent fixture, but the Vow Auras are considerably more versatile, and would definitely be a Non-Bo with Lightmine Field . While Lightmine Field can certainly be good, it's never going to help this deck win a game that it's not already winning (save maybe against token-gen decks). You could maybe say the same about the Vows, but they can definitely stop you from losing a game you're about to lose.

     You made a good case for it, though! =)

legendofa on Infinite Treason

1 month ago

Nice deck! Is there room for Stuffy Doll or Boros Reckoner in this list? Do you have an out if you start the combo when your opponent has more life, or have Banefire / Devil's Play filled that role?

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