Dragon's Rage Channeler

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Dragon's Rage Channeler

Creature — Human Shaman

Spacebeest on Rakdos Storm

6 days ago

storm build prosper is very fun indeed :)

i have found Dragon's Rage Channeler Burning Prophet and Quicksmith Genius to be quite helpfull in my storm build. The quicksmith is probably even nicer in yours as you can take advantage of the discard.

some alternative finishers to concider Aria of Flame Sentinel Tower.

I'm gonna steal your idea of Pentad Prism, didn't have that one in my list yet!

Dead_Blue_ on Izzet Aggro (Token Spam, Burn)

3 weeks ago

Protects youre threats, pumps them, and makes them unblockable

Imagine the opponent is playing Murktide. You have a flipped Delver and they have a Dragon's Rage Channeler with Delirium. It’s combat, they declare DRC as an attacker, you declare Delver as Blocker. They Unholy Heat targeting Delver, you use Apostle's Blessing on Delver in response. It survives the heat and kills DRC and lives to attack next turn.

wallisface on How is Ragavan Remotely Balanced?

1 month ago

My personal thought is that the card would be perfectly balanced if they took away its dash ability. With dash if can be a little too flexible, imo - though i should say that while the card as-is is quite powerful, its not at all broken.

Reasons why Ragavan isn’t as good as it reads:

  • While this is often a very strong early-game play, mid-to-late game this becomes effectively a dead-draw, as its often not going to be able to do anything of value once higher-mana’d creatures are in play. Comparably, a card like Dragon's Rage Channeler remains a lot more relevant in later-game scenarios.

  • While the “nab your opponents card” can certainly be useful/strong in some matchups, there are a lot of other matchups where its a completely pointless effect. In those matchups the monke isn’t really doing anything except making a few treasure (and oftentimes that treasure won’t be particularly useful after the early-mid part of the game, given the mana-curves monke-decks often dwell in).

Personally, if an opponent plays a turn-2 DRC and Monke, i’m probably prioritising killing the DRC first in almost all scenarios (~80-90%).

I would say that if you’re having serious troubles with the Monke, that you need to probably be including more interaction in your decks. Note that is true for deckbuilding regardless of whether monke exists or not, it’s just that monke helps make this weakness blindingly obvious.

jek22 on Cultivator of the Unnatural (RG Urza)

1 month ago

I like it a lot! I mean I'm going to hate playing against it, but that means it's good lol

If I had to cut cards that I found confusing or didn't fit, I'd go with Eye of Vecna, Blinkmoth Urn, Ratchet Bomb, Elsewhere Flask, Wedding Invitation, Cinder Glade, and Dragon's Rage Channeler.

Mystic Forge seems a little redundant with your commander and clashes with Grafdigger's Cage. Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots aren't that necessary unless you want protection. Haste would just be for attacking since there are no creatures with activated abilities in the list, and there are only one or two creatures that I think you'd want to attack with.

I know you're looking to cut cards, but I'd recommend Voltaic Construct, put Passionate Archaeologist back in the deck especially since you'd be paying 0 to ping people for 1 or 2 in most cases, and Blood Moon would be funny but it depends on who you play against.

Overall I think it's a great deck, I'm not sure what else you could cut to get you to 100 though.

JustJohn97 on Budget Burn

1 month ago

Dead_Blue_ Thanks for the suggestions! I appreciate the heads up about Goblin Guide and budget card recommendations are always welcome. I've heard Goblin Guide is a good card but never grabbed a copy/playset myself. In this deck it would probably be competing for a spot with Dragon's Rage Channeler and/or Vexing Devil. At this time I think I prefer Dragon's Rage Channeler due to its ability to manipulate my next draw, and Vexing Devil would help me cast Chandra's Incinerator early should an opponent decide to sacrifice it (4 damage for 1 mana ain't bad either). Plans always change though and perhaps as I get a few games in I might feel differently.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

wallisface on I solved mana screw and …

1 month ago

Ok, here’s my last attempt at conversation on this thread, with some examples of why this wouldn’t work - specific to the Modern format.

From what i’ve gathered so far you want your concept to change the following in magic:

  • make currently strong cards less-played, and currently unseen cards more-played.

  • reduce peoples ability to play high-pip-count cards

  • reduce peoples ability to play 4-colour piles

  • reduce the chances of mana screw/flood.

Now, your suggested plan actually does none of this, as illustrated here:

On the topic of reducing play rate of powerful cards, that’s just not going to happen. Most of the strongest Modern cards only cost a single mana (sometimes 2) anyway. Some of the most powerful creatures, Ledger Shredder, Dragon's Rage Channeler, and Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer become a LOT stronger with your concept, as DRC/Shredder can filter away Wastes so your land-draws are actually worthwhile, while Ragavan can just fix your mana with Treasures. Cards like these would become incredibly powerful and cause other cards to see even less-play than they currently do. Added to this, your concept encourages unfair tactics (because split decks are a LOT easier to abuse), so stuff like turn-2 combo will become super-rife in the metagame (further reducing the play rate of less-powerful, “fair” cards).

On the topic of reducing the number of pips that can be played on cards, how useful is this? Yes, you will make a bunch of fringe cards like Phyrexian Obliterator unplayable, but that card sees no play anyway. Murktide Regent is still as easy to cast as-ever, with the help of those creatures mentioned in my last paragraph.

On the topic of reducing the playability of 4-colour piles, I also don’t see your concept helping. Because any non-waste land needs to provide high-value, I can see peoples landbase devolving to nothing but fetches and triomes. In that scenario, it may end up being the case that decks end up incidentally running more colours than they normally would have. And, in any case, Wrenn and Six exists to still ensure Omnath’ll come into play.

On the topic of reducing mana screw - drawing non-useful mana is the same as not drawing it at all. You’ve already seen from my previous math that a 50% split of good-lands and Wastes is completely non-viable. Id you have 25% Wastes (so, 1 Wastes per 3 good-lands) then you get close to the sane decent draw-odds you’d have in a regular game. BUT, if we’re making this change just to end up with roughly the same odds of a bad opening hand, what’s the point? And, adding to this, once you have a Wastes-percentage configuration that works, there’s nothing stopping decks undermining the restrictions you’re trying to put in place by abusing that system.

You also can’t just keep saying that you’d ”ban all those cards” in response to every one pointed out to you that would break this concept - at some point you need to take ownership that the idea is just bad.

So in short, this concept:

  • Doesn’t work.

  • Won’t get close to achieving what you want it to.

  • Based off feedback here, isn’t going to get any traction in the real world.

JustJohn97 on Budget Burn

2 months ago

TapatioDorito Thanks for the suggestions! I like the idea of using Play with Fire to help scry for cards. That was actually my thought process for switching out my Monastery Swiftspear with Dragon's Rage Channeler. The suggestion by wallisface to add Seal of Fire just confirmed it haha! I may end up switching in Play with Fire for Lava Spike if I decide I want to manipulate that top card more. I think Dragon's Rage Channeler beats out Play with Fire for now because I prefer Lava Dart in the graveyard and surveil fuels Bedlam Reveler.

Temur Battle Rage and similar effects are interesting and something I hadn't considered. It would help increase combat damage, but I think it makes me more vulnerable to creature removal by piling effects onto one creature. I'll keep that in mind though!

Thanks again for the suggestions!

Travenura on Izzet Aggro 2?

2 months ago

Hello SeekerofSecrets! First off, thank you for being the first to comment.

I love how consistent mono decks are with their mana base, which is why when I first started playing modern I played mono red goblins. I'm fine with going mono red is what I'm getting at. It's my favorite color after all! :D

I'd like to know more about why you'd include Lava Dart, Soul-Scar Mage and Dragon's Rage Channeler (is that Darcy?).

Isn't lava dart too weak? Even if it does eventually act as a Tarfire isn't sacrificing a mountain more detrimental than doing 2 damage total? Am I missing something?

Soul scar mage has prowess but it doesn't have haste. If you compare it to Delver of Secrets  Flip, soul scar mage needs a damage source from you, which means a card from your hand, most of the time. I understand that delver makes you lose the element of surprise, and doesn't have haste, but passing through your opponent's creatures with a 3/2 flier as soon as your next turn is pretty good, is it not?

Finally, dragon's rage channeler in this deck will only trigger if you have at least one of a land, instant, sorcery, and creatures. That's a lot to ask for is it not? Wouldn't you want to run enchantments or artifacts to get Dragon's rage channeler to trigger easily? Plus there's only 8 sorceries total.

P.s. Crash Through does let you draw a card, but is the trample really that good? Why not Dragon Mantle for example?

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