Marath, Will of the Wild

Marath, Will of the Wild

Legendary Creature — Elemental Beast

Marath, Will of the Wild enters the battlefield with a number of +1/+1 counters on it equal to the amount of mana spent to cast it.

, Remove X +1/+1 counters from Marath: Choose one — Put X +1/+1 counters on target creature; or Marath deals X damage to target creature or player; or put an X/X green Elemental creature token onto the battlefield. X can't be 0.

Marath, Will of the Wild Discussion

GregariousG on Gonna Need A Bigger Playmat | *Primer*

1 week ago

To Kadj,

Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment! I have mixed feelings about Phyrexian Triniform. Originally, I was super hype for this card. Then shortly after, they print Triplicate Titan, which I think is just a straight upgrade. Yes, Triniform has the burst option for , but how often do I want to spend to encore for a vanilla 9/9? I also don’t like that Triniform is gone for the rest of the game after the encore play. Even with the encore option, I think Triplicate Titan is just a beater beater, especially with Goblin Welder. As well, it leaves better golems and is more recycle friendly. Even with golem support, I think Triplicate Titan is just the strictly better option.


No problem and thanks! I’m still surprised how much this concept has evolved and how effectively it performs. I have no problem with you netdecking me. Actually, could you post your link to Moxfield? I like to compare what other players are doing with the list.

Before the homie Ich-T, the commander of this deck was Marath, Will of the Wild. The previous iteration just made all the tokens, boardstalled so that people couldn’t attack me, had Purphoros to ping the table, and ultimated planeswalkers, and Craterhoofed as a finisher. It was really fun. However, I found that most of the time I played I would just get infinite mana and ping the table with Marath because it was the most efficient thing to do. Because I was always following that line of play, it was just better to play another one of my decks that did the same thing except better. Thus, I felt the need to remove Marath as the commander to encourage the kinds of play I originally wanted to do. I had my eye on Ich-T since his release and had been brainstorming Tron EDH at that time as well.

Samothrace on Who's Counting v3

2 weeks ago

I like your commitment to the Abzan/Ojutai flavor. Cool build. It’s too bad there’s no red so you can’t run Marath, Will of the Wild in here! But Ghave is almost as fun.

Raging_Squiggle on Could I get help with …

3 months ago

No love for Marath, Will of the Wild.. :( Such an amazing naya Swiss Army knife. That’ll always have my vote for any naya commander.

iammute on The Greatest Show on Earth - Merrow Wizardry

4 months ago

The land auras could be great here with the untap effects from Earthcraft and Derevi. I run Utopia Sprawl , Wild Growth and Fertile Ground in my Marath, Will of the Wild enchantress combo deck and they do a lot of work.

golgarigirl on Kaldra Battle Synergy

5 months ago

Gonna give the above comment the benefit of the doubt of being tongue-in-cheek, but it's not helpful either way...

Now to attempt to be helpful...can I ask what the goal of the deck is? Perhaps even why you chose your commander, or what makes a 'Helm Synergy' etc. Putting that in the comment would help us make recommendations (assuming you want help...maybe you're just posting a decklist for personal use, and that's fine too)! I can see trying to mimic the effects of the Kaldra pieces in your sorting? Godsend can mimic the sword in the colors you're playing, and Viridian Longbow or Marath, Will of the Wild are fun, since the sword doesn't require you to deal combat damage to exile something, just damage.

Raging_Squiggle on What are your Favorite Commanders?

7 months ago

I will always have my Lavinia of the Tenth flicker deck. No one ever uses Detain anymore, plus it hits a shit ton of stuff.

Another two I’ll keep around are Marath, Will of the Wild and Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre . Though Ulamog can be a bit above budget depending on how few wastes you decide to run.

golgarigirl on Commander Legends card is going …

1 year ago

Yet another reason my playgroup is enacting a soft ban on Sol Ring and similar T1 mana-generating cards. We each have our 'no holds barred' deck, but otherwise it creates too much of an arms race environment for our newer players in group, and those that don't have the funds to buy such a card.

Personally, I don't see this card holding it's current $100+ tag. Maybe that's my own bias...most my commanders don't even care about this only makes one color of mana which makes it useless for Marath, Will of the Wild and Scion of the Ur-Dragon. I may get a T1 Alesha, Who Smiles at Death, so what? I attack turn 1 for 3 damage or turn 2 and maybe get something if I had something in my yard? Which I could do already? Savra, Queen of the Golgari waits until late game for her first cast anyways...I use her as a removal spell. It doesn't really help me, even if I wasn't participating in the group soft ban.

multimedia on Omnath elementals mashup

1 year ago

Hey, good creation and nice Secret Lair Blightsteel :)

You should consider buying the new Zendikar Rising Commander Land's Wrath precon. In the $20 precon are several cards that can improve your deck:

This is a casual budget Elemental interaction, Risen triggers whenever any Elemental you control ETB which includes tokens. If you reveal a land with Risen then you put it onto the battlefield and create another Elemental which triggers Risen again. This can be a lot of card advantage with Elementals.

Another budget Elemental interaction that uses +1/+1 counters. Ancient is a good card for counters in multiplayer Commander because it triggers whenever any player casts a spell. The mana that Omnath makes can be used to activate Marath and you can keep doing this as long as you can keep putting counters on Marath. Omnath, Locus of the Roil, Obuun, Mul Daya Ancestor, Felidar Retreat, Evolution Sage can all be repeatable sources of counters onto Marath with landfall.

Some budget lands to consider adding to improve the manabase:

The Pain lands: Coast, Forge, Reef you pay 1 life to make colored mana, but that's fine in 40 life Commander and since Omnath is a life gaining engine with landfall. Can get these lands for less than $1 each. The Battle lands: Glade, Vista, Stream would help the manabase since they have good interaction with lots of basic lands and you can get them for less than $2 each.

Good luck with your deck.

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