Tainted Strike

Tainted Strike


Target creature gets +1/+0 and gains infect until end of turn. (This creature deals damage to creatures in the form of -1/-1 counters and players in the form of poison counters.)

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Tainted Strike Discussion

Unlife on Boros Infect

1 month ago

I think this is great, I love the new take on infect. Most of my suggestions have to do with the manabase, I know you're running a fairly limited base but I would consider Inkmoth Nexus, just so you have one more option to get infect damage through along with Tainted Strike and Phyresis. I think you could also lose a Sunbaked Canyon and an Inspiring Vantage for a Silent Clearing, and either Fetid Heath or Graven Cairns, so you can turn red or white mana into more black sources.

How's your luck been in drawing creatures overall?

PhyrexianWombat on Phyrexian Flavour

1 month ago

Love a good Phyrexian deck! This one's dedication to the flavor is especially impressive, great job here!

I'd suggest trying out some of the "choose a creature type" cards such as Kindred Summons and Reflections of Littjara to take advantage of the newly-implemented Phyrexian creature type that all your creatures share, (okay, most of them at least, poor Consecrated Sphinx) but those cards themselves might be considered rather off-flavor. Hopefully we get some proper Phyrexian tribal support soon!

By the way, a second Tainted Strike seems to have snuck its way in there. If you end up looking for a replacement, Phyresis and Glistening Oil do a similar thing and hold the same thematic resonance, though they're a bit slower and more telegraphed.

raefgall on Infect & Proliferate

1 month ago

Other random thoughts: Thoughtcast and Thought Monitor are good with your artifacts. Tainted Strike can give you a surprise win. Rogue's Passage lets you sneak damage through. Serrated Arrows is great with proliferate. Triumph of the Hordes is pricey, but a good finisher. Black Sun's Zenith is a great, versatile board wipe, and with proliferate X=1 means your creatures survive while you proliferate theirs out of existence.

carpecanum on

3 months ago

Lord of Tresserhorn works well with Tainted Strike and Chandra's Ignition , alone or together. Protective Bubble

If you have a Torpor Orb laying around it helps your boss and Gutterbones . It only hurts the Gearhulk I think.

lagotripha on BG budget Infect

3 months ago

I like this list. I'd consider Become Immense as a 1-of.

If I was building it myself, I'd turn up the hand disruption, run Cabal Therapist , and throw stuff like Tainted Strike or Apprentice Necromancer into the sideboard for the sake of silly wins, but I don't think those are actual improvements to the deck.

BrassLord on Valentin, Mono Black(ish)

4 months ago

@qwrtypRight?! I was playtesting this deck yesterday, it didn't win any games, BUT it was doing stuff! I played Gray Merchant of Asphodel with 10 devotion on board, got a lot of looks from the table! Another game I got to kill a player by playing Tainted Strike on a 4/4 unblocked double striking creature owned by my opponent, using it to kill them, which is living the dream!

Some things I noted, resolving Maralen of the Mornsong was met with a lot of hate for good reason! Getting it down before they have time to play removal makes it easy to go for the soft lock.

Also, I think tudoring for card draw is super important. There were a few games where I fizzled after playing a few bombs. Necropotence seems like the keeper! Also conisdering Pyrexian Arena. But for sure open to suggestions and feedback! Can say that the deck does stuff, so it's a good start!

carpecanum on Slimefoot the Stowaway

4 months ago

Get 10 saprolings, kill them (combat, Devour, sacrifice etc.) and cast Tainted Strike . 10 Infect to all opponents.

Rodrigoks on Bloody Silverquills | Breena EDH (Primer!)

4 months ago

I tested my version today. Killed an opponent with a 10/10 infect Breena with Tainted Strike on turn 4. Grateful Apparition was amazing with Breena in play. Reaaaally nice and fast deck. Great build.

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