Tainted Strike


Target creature gets +1/+0 and gains infect until end of turn. (This creature deals damage to creatures in the form of -1/-1 counters and players in the form of poison counters.)

amarthaler on She Came to Me in Whispers

1 day ago

Interesting build - I like it!

I too am enthralled by all things Phyrexian. Some of my personal favorites for Skittles are Haunted One, Sadistic Glee, Astarion's Thirst and Tainted Strike to name a few.

Check out my deck for inspiration - but I definitely like what you've done with your build! Long live Gix!


Mick-Tis on K'rrik, The Blood Wizard

2 days ago

Jimmy3671 that's an interesting card to put in, but I don't think it would be very effective. The deck doesn't have a lot of infect outside of Tainted Strike


2 weeks ago

insaneinmate I'm drooling over Gix's Command. Let us know how it plays out in your build!

Been playing Skittles a lot lately (bless my playgroup for allowing me to, lol), and I'll say the VIPs are typically Feign Death or Haunted One, Tainted Strike and Imp's Mischief for me.

TypicalTimmy on Help Me Pick A Commander

4 weeks ago

Oops, I missed your infect stipulation. Thankfully there are ways to give her Infect. For example, Phyresis, Grafted Exoskeleton and Tainted Strike all do it. Though to be fair, I believe these are the only ones that work in this way. Still, that's not too bad.

jarncards on destroy build destroy

2 months ago

id probably start with cutting Glorious Anthem, Duelist's Heritage, Strionic Resonator, Sunforger, Navigation Orb, Defiant Strike, Deflecting Palm, Night's Whisper, Rakshasa Debaser, Shakedown Heavy, Hoarding Ogre, Imperial Recruiter, Inferno Titan, Wingmate Roc,

Combat Calligrapher will get you killed ,

Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider is fair if you go the exalted route, idk about tokens,

maybe Tuktuk Rubblefort, you could always useUrabrask the Hidden instead

Throw in a random Tainted Strike. It probably wont be too hard to kill hit for 9 with a single creature.

IHATENAMES on Golgari Skullrush (Skullbriar Commander Deck)

3 months ago

Skullbriar is the commander so you can have it relocate to your command zone should he die/be exile/return to hand. The only place that makes his counters dissapear is hand and library.

Dragonscale Boon instant 2 +1counters untap. Can create suprise blocker. Evolution Sage land etb proliferate which is choose any number of things add an additional counter of whatever they have.

Smell Fear new removal option.

Reyhan, Last of the Abzan highly suggest this. Turns anything into a threat with your commander dying.

Solidarity of Heroes double counters for a potential Instant speed kill out of no where.

Biogenic Upgrade double counters after adding 3.

Branching Evolution counters doubler

Heroic Intervention protection

Fight Rigging free spell + counter per turn.

Hydra's Growth double counters

Primordial Hydra 2ndary threat if left alone. Synergies well.

Realizing now I didn't suggest any evasion. Some sort of evasion could go a long way. Trailblazer's Boots is the best example. Can't be blocked if your opponent has a nonbasic land. Essentially unblockable every time.

Evil idea

Tainted Strike infect kill someone. Can target opponents creatures too to surprise both and kill someone.

Glistening Oil infect.

Phyresis infect.

CEO_of_Piss on

3 months ago

I like Massacre Girl because each other creature dying buffs sarulf, so they survive the wipe and get a lot of counters

because you have green/black and a ton of spells consider Seasons Past with any tutor

Treacherous Blessing is a cute draw option here

Wave of Vitriol puts a lot of things in the graveyard and can really screw over people with greedy mana bases

Tainted Strike can surprise people with infect

Grind on You'll be lost in a cloud, With too much rain!

3 months ago

Cool deck!
Are you working on your mana base? If you dont want to change it there are cool cards like Ruination or Price of Progress. But if you dont run those you could consider Command Tower and maybe Path of Ancestry which scrys for each shadowborne apostle as they are human.
Would you consider Tainted Strike to help sengir?
Cheers and have fun!

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