Living Death

Living Death


Each player exiles all creature cards from their graveyard, then sacrifices all creatures they controls, then puts all cards they exiled this way onto the battlefield.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Living Death Discussion

BiggRedd54 on Slough of Slaughter

1 week ago

Pyre of Heroes . This will also lean a commitment to graveyard recursion, so some payoff spells like Living Death or Wake the Dead . Rakdos Signet , Rakdos Locket and Talisman of Indulgence are all better than Commander's Sphere and will speed you up.

*was looking at your maybeboard

Reliquarian on The Scarab God - Zombie Tribal

1 week ago

Looks good! +1 upvote from me.

You could consider adding some of the new Kaldheim cards. There is a good amount of zombie tribal support in that set (like Rise of the Dread Marn & Narfi, Betrayer King for example).

Other card suggestions are Living Death , which could combo with your Scarab God (You can exile any good creatures in your opponent's graveyards and then Living Death to get all the good stuff on your board). Another good option could be Ashnod's Altar to use with all of the tokens you're making. Skirge Familiar can also get some of your reanimation targets like Jin and Sheoldred into your graveyard for the Scarab God to make tokens of. As for your mana rock package, I would consider adding in Coalition Relic since it is a great little mana rock that will do a lot more for you than some of the rocks you already have at 3 cmc like Chromatic Lantern . Finally I would consider adding Night's Whisper to go with your Sign in Blood . You could either replace the Sign in Blood with it or just run both depending.

Hopefully those suggestions are helpful. Happy brewing!

CBaldy on Wait, more Slivers?!?!

1 week ago

TheSlowestBro. Thanks for the suggestions! If I can get my hands on a Bidding, I’ll definitely try it out. As for Living Death , I have one, so I’ll play test it! Thanks for the suggestions. Welcome to the hive mind

Gorbah on Bloodline of an Ancient Coven

2 weeks ago

Hey VampRamped

First of all thanks for the comments and feedback ! I will playtest Living Death instead of Toxic Deluge and Pact of the Serpent for Phyrexian Arena

I think these changes are an upgrade indeed !

Scapegoat however is a keeper. Incredible plays with this card ! You can use it as protection but also as an aggro play ! This card has won me games when i have Purphoros, God of the Forge on the battlefield!

Will check your Edgar Markov brew right away :)

Talk you later

VampRamped on The Ancient House of Markov [Primer]

3 weeks ago

I appreciate the passion and work that was put into this primer and hope you get some more recognition and comments for the work you put into it.

My main concern with your deck is that card draw choices, besides skull clamp, are far too modest. Minions' Murmurs and Pact of the Serpent , are all as much or less mana than your current card draw choices and will draw significantly more cards than with your current card draw. As more of a midrange deck Phyrexian Arena is a fine but I would replace Sign in Blood , Night's Whisper , and Read the Bones as even in commander generally I personally think they are pretty weak cards.

Besides that, I just wanted to shout out Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord as I think an amazing card for Edgar Markov EDH in general as it has so much utility and flexibility for its mana cost. As well with the Sac outlets you have Living Death is an awesome card that has so much utility from a one-sided board wipe, to a game finisher with artist effects and Malakir Bloodwitch ETB.

PS: Curious is Necropotence not in your deck because it's not allowed in your playgroup or a similar reason?

You can check out my own personal primer I wrote here, and would be happy to get you thoughts

VampRamped on Bloodline of an Ancient Coven

3 weeks ago

Seems like a very good decklist to me honestly, would probably mostly run as is but would make a few changes that don't make too much of a difference. Here are a few ideas I wanted to run by you since I imagine you also have a lot of experience playing Edgar Markov.

Haven't actually tried running Scapegoat though mostly because I'm worried that you still lose too much momentum if you cast scapegoat to save your vampires. I would certainly still keep it as a board protection slot and probably run Flawless Maneuver . I think that leaving open the extra 1 to 2 mana to leave the vampires intact as opposed to in your hand is worth the price. Also, you get the added benefit that it's free when Edgar Markov is in play which is pretty great.

Toxic Deluge is a really good board wipe, though I feel like there is very little point in board wiping because if for whatever reason you need a board wipe in Edgar Markov that must mean that you are really losing, and all casting one is going to do is make you lose a little less. Also since most board wipe cases are against some go wide/tall green deck they probably have significantly more mana and will rebuild way better than you so board wiping is really a long shot. With all that said Living Death is an insane board in Edgar Markov, especially considering how many sac outlets you have in your deck. In my experience most times you play Living Death is a 5 mana one-sided board wipe that triggers all the benefits of the sac outlet in addition to death triggers. Their are very few times in my experience where it is actively bad to cast Living Death .

Lastly Phyrexian Arena seems to go against the grain of what your deck wants. As I understand Edgar Markov Aggro you want to end the game as fast as possible, but Phyrexian Arena wants the game to go long to gain the most value. For a card replacement, I have not got to play it yet but Pact of the Serpent seems like an amazing new card that gives you that massive burst of cards that lets you keeps the ball rolling after you dump your hand of vampires onto the board.

Overall though I think its a great deck and all my criticisms are very minor, I have my own personal decklist here would be happy if you checked it out and gave your thoughts on the deck. My personal list is not purely aggressive but I'm sure that you may have some valuable insights on the list.

jamochawoke on UR Dragon: Reignited

3 weeks ago

E-Witness is gold. Regrowth is also pretty nice. Swan Song kind of sucks in the fact that it gives them a token that can actually block your big flying lizards. A much better card to run would be Silumgar's Scorn which will basically be Counterspell in your deck, or you could just run Counterspell as well. Icon of Ancestry, Tooth and Nail, and Worldly Tutor are all really strong.

For tutoring/filtering Winding Way is also pretty good, especially if you can find a way to cast it multiple times. That brings me to a pretty fun combo with it and other yard fillers:

Living Death , Patriarch's Bidding , or Rise of the Dark Realms are good game enders especially if you have Dragonlord Kolaghan or Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund in the yard.

As for tribal support/buffs I found these to be the best for dragons:

VampRamped on [For Sale] The Rich Get Richer

3 weeks ago

I think the deck is very good but I see the potential for it to be that little bit better by honing in a little more on what you want your deck identity to be, Allow me to explain.

On the one hand, you run cards such as Vicious Conquistador , Pulse Tracker , Skymarcher Aspirant , Universal Automaton , Vampire Cutthroat , Vampire of the Dire Moon , these are all good cards in an Edgar Markov deck focused on trying to kill the table as fast as possible but with all the aristocrats you have, they are at best, 2 bodies for one mana. If you are trying to go for an aristocrats strategy Elenda, the Dusk Rose , Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle , Bloodline Keeper  Flip, Living Death , and Patriarch's Bidding , Blade of the Bloodchief are all going to give you significantly more bang for your buck in an aristocrats strategy

On the other is your many many aristocrat's pieces which I know can be good in an aggressive strategy, but these aristocrat cards are harder to justify when you have plenty of vampires in your deck that say, "I'm not a very good card, but I can kill you really fast if I build momentum." I think aggressive choices can be very much so be justified if the card itself is a very high-quality card.

Also quick side note why is Sphere of Safety in your deck? seems very unnecessary considering your playing go, wide aristocrats, Edgar Markov

But yeah I like the deck especially the fact that you recognize that just because your playing Mardu doesn't mean 15% of your deck should be removal spells. I have my own list that you can check out at this link where yes I also do try to balance two strategies at once but I think that my deck makes it work since most of the cards in the deck are not only great in there intended role but pretty good at getting the other job done.

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