Chain of Smog

Chain of Smog


Target player discards two cards. That player may copy this spell and may choose a new target for that copy.

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Chain of Smog Discussion

Dete on Kess EDH

1 week ago
Young Pyromancer => Sedgemoor Witch si es q poni chain of smog obvio

Jace's Sanctum ya teni otros 3 q hacen reduccion, hasta sacaria 1 mas

Thousand-Year Storm real es la raja pero demasiado setup, mejor poner Bonus Round

Mana Geyser/Jeska's Will muy pocas cosas con rojo

muchas weas muchas weas, lo intente ordenar lo mejor posible y probalemente se puedan sacar hasrtas cartas mas

jaymc1130 on Pin Cushion

1 month ago

Ugh, lag double post. Sorry mate!

jaymc1130 on Pin Cushion

1 month ago

Do me a favor and play around with the Sedgemoor Witch + Chain of Smog win line and tell me how it fares for you! Need a Yawg player to offer me some insight.

Flagellum on Need help deciding on a …

1 month ago

I'm stuck between two different strategies and for each of them I'm stuck between mono color or dual color commanders. Im looking at a pain/punisher deck or a lifegain matters deck. What I need is advice on which of the two commanders you think would fair better for each strategy and why. Which of the two to go with I will have to figure out myself. Budget generally is less than $10-15 a card but cheaper is always better :) I do have most of the more expensive staples (think Craterhoof Behemoth, Wheel of Fortune, Demonic Tutor ect.) however.


Torbran, Thane of Red Fell vs Mogis, God of Slaughter: this is a pain/burn/punisher deck. My question is, is the addition of black with admittedly more pain options and tutors/draw worth Torbran's ability to break parity? They'd run the same gambit of cards for the most part but Spellshock is much more damming with Torbran out and readily available. Mogis would run Torbran in the 99 though.

Lifegain Matters:

Dina, Soul Steeper vs Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose: again both like lifegain but Dina prefers quantity over quality whereas Vito is the opposite. I do not own Exquisite Blood (my idiot self traded it away years ago) so that combo probably isn't going to be included. However I am aware of Dina's combo with Witherbloom Apprentice and Chain of Smog which I can pull together. Vito with Blood Tribute will one shot an opponent. You could also run a lifelink creature and pump it with +1/+1 counters through Unspeakable Symbol to gain a ton of life and dome someone with Vito. I also own Aetherflux Reservoir so I can death star someone down with either commander. Crypt Rats with lifelink could also cause some huge shenanigans with Vito.

I've built and play tested some preliminary decks (on tappedout) and I'm leaning towards Torbran/Vito. Just need a slap of reality if I'm wrong :)

glhfJKiHax on The Whale Who Cried Wolf

2 months ago

Deck looks great.

I’m currently looking into making my own build and was wondering if you are still running this at all?

Also have you considered any updates recently?

In regards to wincon density have you considered the Chain of Smog and Witherbloom Apprentice lines? It was something I was considering to put in mine

glhfJKiHax on Cazur and Ukkima Food Chain

3 months ago

Have you considering adding another nice compact win-con in Chain of Smog + Witherbloom Apprentice?

Grubbernaut on What are some combos that …

3 months ago

My favorite thing is a forced draw with Thoracle trigger on the stack. A closer example to yours is Chain of Smog + Witherbloom Apprentice; you wait until they discard their hand, then counter/remove.

Safaris on Liliana, Heretical Stealer

3 months ago

You might look at Chain of Smog. The discard is fine on its own and with Professor Onyx you instant win by targeting yourself.

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