Chain of Smog

Chain of Smog


Target player discards two cards. That player may copy this spell and may choose a new target for that copy.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Chain of Smog Discussion

balangaz on Hogaak

1 month ago

Putrid Imp é um efeito que te interessa nesse deck?

Só pra eu saber, se a carta eventualmente vira rara, tá banida?

Spider Spawning e Worm Harvest (se legal), muito caros? Tem tbm Tend the Pests .

O combo de Witherbloom Apprentice e Chain of Smog é rareless.

JustcallmeSoul on Licia, the Sanguine Storm

1 month ago

So, I know this deck hasn't seen a ton of attention as of late, but I see that you're still updating it which is awesome! Have you looked at any of the new Strixhaven cards? some of them are insane, and most notably: Professor Onyx . Liliana of the Yale is an absolute BOMB in this deck. She does 2 damage any time you cast or copy and instant or sorcery to EVERYONE at the table, as well as gaining you two life. She makes Licia, Sanguine Tribune easier to cast, she dodges most of our board wipes, she protects herself with her -3 forcing opponents to sac their strongest creature, and her ultimate is at worst 3 damage and opponents empty handed, and at best 21 damage. And as an added bonus, she's also part of a 2 card infinite combo with a card we could easily be playing, Chain of Smog . Target ourselves with chain of smog and just keep copying the spell infinitely before letting it resolve.

The99 on A Better Belbe, Corrupted Observer

1 month ago

Hey Arcaneful,

I really appreciate that. Glad to know the channel has helped and that you're enjoying it. Your preamble here made my day, so I'll give the rest a go, haha. Let me preface by stating the deck is undergoing change (to include a mention I see)...

  1. Hulk is all about the sum of it's parts. The question is: are those parts good for the deck as a whole? Generally, no, but with your current budgetary constraints I think this fits perfectly for you. It's going to be a bit clunky - most hulk piles are - but it's not awful here. Maybe stick to just one sac-creature

  2. I almost feel... You running Witherbloom Apprentice + Chain of Smog may be better. Chain is just good in general, getting folk hellbent (which often occurs), but works in tandem as an A + B with the Apprentice. This feels better > Bolas's Citadel (which I've never been high on). You can very easily tutor-to-field Apprentice and with any other tutor find the Chain of Smog, the pieces fit together a little better. Pack an Eternal Witness or Noxious Revival in case you do use Chain early

  3. I... Really like Decree of Pain. It's generally better in a creature reliant meta (yes), but Belbe makes everything possible. I think that, even if you just drew four cards, it's pretty damned solid removal. Two of those cards are from Belbe and a pinger, but that's okay, haha. I may even fool with that here!

  4. Chalice is a card currently being added... It's value has increased with the number of storm based decks relying on Underworld Breach. Note: I try not to put cards in for singular strategies, but Chalice at 0 does not effect this list in the slightest. If there were one list for it, it's here. I would not say this replaces either of the aforementioned stax pieces, but it will play alongside them. Hang tight for the update here!

Be well, have a great week and break a leg with the rest of your college courses!


zAzen7977 on TINY PUNISHER - Discard/Stax [cEDH Primer Update]

1 month ago

MrNoodlesworth, I’m hanging in there, thanks for asking. Been extra busy lately with work and personal stress, but somehow I find time to squeeze some games in here and there. How about you?

I appreciate your enthusiasm with my primer! Tinybones is my favorite commander and I want others to see his full potential. I think he should be considered top-tier.

Let me know how it goes with Sedgemoor Witch , that’s an interesting infinite combo with Chain of Smog . For anyone who missed it, the goal is to target myself with Chain of Smog, discarding my hand but choosing myself over and over, creating infinite tokens. What did you swap for the Witch?

RNR_Gaming on Top Cards From Strixhaven

2 months ago

Curious as to what everyone thinks about the new set both power wise and flavor wise. Just for fun rate your top 5 picks for the most powerful cards and top 5 picks for flavorful/favorite cards. Of course they can over lap.

Honorable mentions

All of the magecraft cards...cause we all know Chain of Smog is going to be a thing.

Plumb the Forbidden - aristocrats players are going to love this! However, I'm not sure what the floor is for this card; the ceiling is very high though.

Fervent Mastery - well 4 or 5 mana is a bit steep at sorcery speed but god dang that's a lot of value RNG aside.


(This isn't in any particular order)

1) Rushed Rebirth - it doesn't even have to be you own creature! I see this going into any Birthing Pod /Evolution deck that can run in aswell as just being a snap include in things like Meren and Muldrotha. Hell, any BG deck will probably want this if they're running creatures.

2) Galazeth Prismari - now I know some of you are thinking this is just a worse version or Urza but this dragon still has a strong bit. Having red in its' color identity opens us up to shenanigans with Dockside Extortionist . Also, it can break parity with cards like Winter Orb which I'm sure if you've played against that type of strategy you know how infuriating it is.

3) Beledros Witherbloom - essentially a "free" spell at the cost of 10 life. Makes token fodder for things like Contamination but it's that untap "all" lands you control once each turn that's got my gears turning. Now, I doubt it'll outclass frog but it definitely opens golgari up to some big mana ridiculousness. Honestly surprised canal coffers hasn't spiked.

4) Ecological Appreciation - card is just value town city but we already have other similar cards that don't see much play. This just looks very breakable.

5) Solve the Equation - it's a tutor!

Favorite Cards

1) ink sheild - I love the art and love that it's a proactive fog! I hope for more cards like this in the future.

2) Yedora, Grave Gardener - they just keep printing cool things to verse 5 for, for Yisan. Granted I think this belongs in the 99 of decks that can blink lands but it's a very cool design space.

3) Rushed Rebirth - I just think this card will set up some really interesting plays

4) Shadrix Silversquall - so one of my favorite play styles in casual is king maker and the alternate art is just awesome

5) Magma Opus - obviously not a fan of this in commander but I can see this being super busted in a pioneer deck with fat caster mage - Torrential Gearhulk even though pioneer is dead at my lgs :( still think it'd be a lot of fun.

StopShot on I need help choosing another …

2 months ago

@Raging_Squiggle, the cards you suggested removing have benefitted me countless times in cEDH though. Personally, I'd rather remove Terminate first. Holding up less mana every turn to address multiple threats is better as it gives me more flexibility. If you want to advance your boardstate it's better to hold up two 1's and a 2 than two 2's and a 3. Finding ways to do things cheaper without need for ramp is in a way card advantage as I see it and it mitigates how severe a discard cost is when you build your deck around flexibility than tempo. As I said I like playing more reactively than proactively. As for my experiences Lightning Axe 's removal capabilities in commander I find to be on par with Lightning Bolt 's capability in 60 card formats - not capable of removing everything but efficient enough to not get in the way of doing two things at once. Sinister Concoction is telegraphed removal which is incredibly undervalued in multiplayer settings as no one willingly wants to have it proc on their best card in hand, and having that kind of chilling effect on a whole table for one mana is pretty strong. And then there's Molten Vortex which is probably the best thing on earth for removing hatebear after hatebear and bypassing counter spells in blue combo decks. Losing lands to it may seem steep, but the cost is nothing when your opposition is locking you down and locking you out in the first place and if its a dead card I pitch it to the Lightning Axe or Sinister Concoction anyway.

Personally I've grown to loathe "non-black" removal spells. It's not just this combo but its also The Gitrog Monster and Kaalia of the Vast and Nekusar, the Mindrazer and Opposition Agent . I acknowledge there are a lot of non-black targets I can use it on instead, but picking between a Doom Blade and a Murder when Lightning Axe / Dismember takes out more of them for less mana sums up my approach to this. And I do run Chaos Warp , Anguished Unmaking and Generous Gift along with a slew of boardwipes for anything bigger - I just didn't mention I ran them here when the focus of my thread is on small and early game threats where the heavier removal isn't as apt at addressing these problems.

Still, even without the mana ramp the combo can come down on turn three by casting the cards on consecutive turns or on turn four by playing them all at once, and we are talking about competitive black which has plenty of tutors. In the early game holding up 2 or 3 mana for only one answer every turn I find to be a waste. It's not just this combo either as I'm in the company of decks that are looking to end or lock the game before turn six if left in a vacuum. At the same time I still want to acknowledge other non-aggressive strategies do exist and striking the balance is difficult when one set of cards is too slow for my current meta and another set don't go far enough for everything outside of that meta. Personally, I think the small spells still have some merit in all cases whereas the larger spells become an annoying liability when you're put on the clock. It's another reason why I value being reactive than proactive, to value flexibility over tempo, because I'd need to pick a different commander entirely if I want to match the speed my competitors play at. However, my opponents lose much more value than I do when they go headfirst into certain strategies only for them to be thwarted such as with the Witherbloom Apprentice + Chain of Smog combo or with the Auriok Salvagers + Lion's Eye Diamond combo or the Worldgorger Dragon + Animate Dead combo or anything that relies on Doomsday . My deck is built to address this kind of madness, but when I make card decisions I still want to keep more normal metas in mind when picking cards. Cards like Magma Spray and Fatal Push are incredibly narrow, I know that, but what I need to know is which card of that set is the best for taking on problems outside of my own meta.

StopShot on I need help choosing another …

2 months ago

I enjoy playing competitive EDH and one of the recently spoiled Strixhaven cards I already know is going to shake-up my meta and make things difficult for me. Namely Witherbloom Apprentice is the card I'm dreading as it can close out a game if it's controller casts Chain of Smog as it can be copied infinitely if the controller always targets themself with it. It's very likely every BGx deck in my play group is going to run this combo given how easy it is to setup and when you pair the possibility of closing out the game on turn two through Dark Ritual or Sol Ring into a mana rock, it becomes a lethal threat I can't ignore when making deck building decisions. As such, I feel I need to add another one mana creature removal spell in my deck, but I'm stumped over which spell I should include not just to address this potential combo but also have the most practical use outside of it as well.

My current list of removal spells are: Path to Exile , Swords to Plowshares , Sinister Concoction , Dismember , Lightning Axe , Molten Vortex , Red Elemental Blast , Pyroblast and Terminate (I enjoy playing more reactively than proactively.)

The removal spells I'm considering are: Dark Betrayal , Fatal Push , Human Frailty , Lightning Bolt , Magma Spray , Weight of Spires and Seal of Fire . (The last one I'm considering for its use around counterspells by casting it early.)

Notable exclusions are: Deadly Rollick , Defile , Dispatch , Force of Despair , Galvanic Blast , Murderous Cut , Mutual Destruction , Necrotic Wound , Pyrokinesis , Reckless Rage , Skred and Tragic Slip as I feel I don't have the means to meet these card restrictions consistent enough to be useful in my deck, especially in the early game. I'm also not considering two mana removal spells like Go for the Throat because I feel at this point cost effectiveness matters more than removal range.

Of course the best removal spell is going to depend heavily on the meta, but I'm generally trying to figure out which of the spells I'm considering is the best in a competitive environment in general. I'm looking for feedback and second opinions on whether you think any of the spells shines well above the rest through your own play experiences. I appreciate any insight I can get, thanks.

Caerwyn on MDFC Sorcery in Strixhaven

2 months ago

Chain of Smog is a cute card with Magecraft, since you can just repeatedly target yourself to infinitely stack Magecraft triggers. It forms an instant kill with Professor Onyx and I suspect will be quite strong with a number of other Magecraft triggers.

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