Dance of the Manse

Dance of the Manse


Return up to X target artifact and/or non-Aura enchantment cards each with converted mana cost X or less from your graveyard to the battlefield. If X is 6 or more, those permanents are 4/4 creatures in addition to their other types.

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Dance of the Manse Discussion

Corrosive_Cat on Infinite Kaldra: One Man Army (w/ sideboard swap)

2 weeks ago

Amazing! A few of Dance of the Manse might not be terrible; if you leaned into graveyard strats with Thought Scours instead of Serum Visions, and perhaps some Taigam's Schemings and/or Gifts Ungiven, you could absolutely make it your game strategy, get all your stuff out at once. Really neat deck!

gwmort72 on Everything Tribal

8 months ago

Considering swapping out Reflections of Littjara and Cryptic Gateway , neither ever seem to be as impactful as they should be at that mana cost.

Considering The Scarab God or maybe even Dance of the Manse for recursion shenanigans.

Any thoughts?

Asder on Card creation challenge

9 months ago

Gravitational Flux


All creatures gain flying.

Whenever a nonland permanent becomes tapped, choose a player at random then players gains control of that permanent.

When Gravitational Flux leaves the battlefield each player gains control of all nonland permanents they own.

In the absence of gravity things have a tendency to simply... float away.

The card intended to be used here was Dance of the Manse but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few other cards that would fit this as well.

Create a creature or planeswalker that does some messing with gravity in the flavor.

CaptainToll on Are there any old cards …

10 months ago

Dance of the Manse : For pillowforty decks like Pramikon to return removed stax pieces like Suppression Field (very strong card as it includes fetchlands and PW's and shuts off a nice variety of other stuff....mainly all of my other decks as they often assemble creature loops), or Oath of Lieges , or Confounding Conundrum (vs pesky ramp) and so on. It's in mah baby Pramikon Hurr Durr Slow Game.

Driven / Despair : You got tokens? You in G/B? Man get your opponents some true despair. Super nasty in Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons . Could be deece in Grismold, the Dreadsower .

Ghostly Pilferer : You want to have a value piece vs commanders and a discard outlet for potential reanimator style and the ability to draw on its own? Here you go. Speaking of reanimator: get yourself some ape snake with Thieving Amalgam . This thing takes over the game, if reanimated early (sure Grave Titan , Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur , Sire Of Insanity and a heap of others do so too, but they are not as cheap as mah boi or make it a non game like the Sire or Jin-Gitaxias do). It's like a battlecruiser version of Consecrated Sphinx .

Joven : because reasons. Aesthetics. Insane with Liquimetal Coating . Stone Rain on a chonky stick.

CBaldy on Budget Sisay (Shrines)

10 months ago

Hey, I love the deck! I have a more competitive Sisay build, and I’ve been really interested in changing it to a shrine build. I know that all of the enchantresses aren’t cheap, but there are a few that are affordable that I’d highly recommend.

  1. Eidolon of Blossoms . This is a great card draw for little mana
  2. Satyr Enchanter . This is cheap and it’s on cast. Great card
  3. Mesa Enchantress . Really similar to Satyr Enchanter.
  4. Setessan Champion . Card draw and eventually a threat.
  5. Verduran Enchantress . A little more expensive $-wise, but still affordable
  6. Tuvasa the Sunlit . Not only does she give you card draw, she buffs Sisay by +3/+3 all on her own.

The two enchantresses that have constellation would be the ones I’d put in first, followed be Tuvasa. Since Sisay will be tutoring, it’s more important to have ETB triggers instead of cast triggers.

Because this is an enchantment deck, I’d also recommend some ramp that deals with Enchantments. Wild Growth , Utopia Sprawl , Herald of the Pantheon , Starfield Mystic , and Fertile Ground are all great options.

Destiny Spinner is a great card to protect your enchantments.

Grim Guardian is a nice card to get some incremental damage.

Protean Thaumaturge is a fun card that can become a threat out of nowhere.

Dance of the Manse and Open the Vaults are both great mass recursion.

But anyways, I hope that helps!

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Pattern of deck Pool?

10 months ago

Disclaimer: I do realize this is a very open-ended topic with highly subjective possible answers. Nonetheless, I'm very interested what other users do think about this.

What is this topic? Here we go:

I'm a person with a very pattern-oriented mind. I like it when I can find patterns and small logical connections. This relates to numbers, to grammatical similarities over different languages, the way tiles are laid out, personality types and how to handle them and so on...

And I also like to find patterns in commander deck pools.

For example, I've considered to build a deck for each existing colour or combination of colours (I gave up on this...way too expensive).

Other patterns I have or had:

  • Two-coloured decks with humanoid female characters with a CMC from 2 to 4 (I still have Feather and Siona.)

  • Mono-coloured decks around massive feral beasts (Goreclaw and Moraug are what remains of this.)

  • I've finished Archelos, Lagoon Mystic a while ago, and I love this powerhouse of a landfall deck, and I've considered building both Kwain, Itinerant Meddler and Yurlok of Scorch Thrash for the lore connection or the connection of both being reptilian three-coloured humanoids. I didn't, as Kwain doesn't fit my playstyle and Yurlok has no foundation in my collection...I would basically have to buy the whole deck. Doesn't feel great.

  • Finally, I've found a version of Thantis, the Warweaver that I've put many hours of thought into by now, and that version screams to be finally tested (curse you, covid!). After pulling a Koma, Cosmos Serpent last week, I've also build a pretty cool version of this. There might be a new pattern starting, with both Thantis and Koma being colossal, intelligent and dangerous beings in animal-shape. I'm already thinking about which creatures could be added to that pattern. Yorion, Sky Nomad is a hot candidate, maybe as a Dance of the Manse O-ring know, what's normally going through a brewers mind...

This way of thinking lead to frustration sometimes, as I got annoyed by not continuing the pattern. Currently, I've accepted this. I don't want to force myself into building a deck that doesn't make me excited when thinking about finally playing it. This order of priorities works fine for me.

Ok, here are my questions: Do you recognize this pattern of seeing patterns from yourself? Are you disturbed by this way of thinking? Do you have some of these or other patterns yourself? I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this. Happy exchange!

ShiltonCDXX on New Standard Shrines

11 months ago

Banishing Light doesn't have a cmc restriction on targets though.

Banishing Light also has synergy with Calix, Destiny's Hand and can be fetched back with Dance of the Manse if need be.

Would love to run this with the only creatures being the Fae of Wishes as it generally functions as a creatureless deck.

Thank you for taking a look and I appreciate the suggestion.

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