Archon of Cruelty

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal

Archon of Cruelty

Creature — Archon


Whenever this enters the battlefield or attacks, target opponent sacrifices a creature or planeswalker, discards a card, and loses 3 life. You draw a card and gain 3 life.

Wickked on Henzie's true power

2 weeks ago

I really like the deck. It looks very similar to mine. My first thought is that you have a bunch of lands that come in tapped. A bunch of the dual lands are relatively cheap these days. I like to use the Shock, Pain, Filter, Battlebond, Check, and Slow lands. They come out untapped and can tap for 2 colors. Lands are always a great investment for your collection, they make your deck run allot smoother and once u have them you can use them in whatever deck of those colors. There are a couple of creatures I would also suggest if your looking to upgrade Pathbreaker Ibex can overrun your opponents defenses, Archon of Cruelty is a great blitz target as well as huge threat if left on the field to swing a couple times, Vindictive Lich is an amazing card in this deck in so many ways. The deck looks like a buncha fun as is, and I'm happy to see people brewing with Henzie's unique playstyle. Heres a link to my deck so you can give me some critiques. Let me know what you think of my suggestions.

Gangsta's Paradise - Henzie "Toolbox" Torre

Commander / EDH Wickked


SufferFromEDHD on Gangsta's Paradise - Henzie "Toolbox" Torre

1 month ago

High Market and/or Phyrexian Tower more sac effects.

Volrath's Stronghold recursion.

Deathrite Shaman quality mana dork.

Archon of Cruelty and Rune-Scarred Demon are quality etb.

Scythe Specter big effect.

Sneak Attack Henzie #2

I your deck. I'm gonna dig thru my collection and build one of my own.

chivalruse on Is it wrong to pick up women in a dungeon?

1 month ago

Ashen Rider, Archon of Cruelty, and Agent of Treachery might be good entomb targets. You could also consider running Raffine, Scheming Seer, Varina, Lich Queen, Occult Epiphany, and The Celestus as good ways to fill up the graveyard for Sefris reanimation.

wallisface on Endless Hunger

2 months ago

Fenrixx I would suggest at least ditching Beacon of Creation as it doesn't really synergize with anything you're doing, and is generally just a bad spell. I also think you're running too many cards as 1-ofs and 2-ofs, which is going to limit your ability to have a consistent plan, most of your deck should be playsets of those cards that matter most.

I still think going all-in on insect tribal is a bad approach here, especially as the only card that even remotely benefits from this tribe-restriction is Grist, and as said before, she'd benefit more from having a deck that can present other threats and supports her staying on-board for a long time, rather than just buffing her +1.

Around your Persist plans, it's interesting, but I think you're lacking the ability to reliably pitch cards into your grave. It feels like a lot of the time you're going to be stuck with these cards in hand indefinitely if they're drawn. Added to this, Persisting creatures is a lot of effort and really you want to get some massive payoff for doing so - like bringing back an Archon of Cruelty. I personally don't see the benefits being worth the hassle of bringing back these swole insects. Importantly, none of them do anything on the turn they enter, which is a big downside for their required investment.

A direction to try take this where insect-tribal might feel more relevant would be in some kind of land-ramp package. Combining Scute Mob, and Scute Swarm with lots of card that can let you play multiple lands each turn, could end up netting you some large rewards, and actually help validate these creatures being in the deck (it also might help validate Giant Adephage and Living Hive). I think if you're bringing any insects at all into a deck, you want it to be where those cards are actually decent choices to include, and then incidentally help Grist, as opposed to only existing in the deck because of their creature-type. At the moment it feels like your choosing cards based on their creature-type alone, which feels like a bad idea.

DawnsRayofLight on Chainer, Dementia Master

3 months ago

As someone who has played Chainer for close to a decade, I have some suggestions I would like to offer. (though everyone's decks run differently!)

34-35 lands is usually enough. I would recommend 34 with Agadeem's Awakening  Flip that gives you 5 spots:

In those spots:

Mana Crypt

Thought Vessel

Charcoal Diamond

Coldsteel Heart

Jet Medallion

(Or all the expensive artifacts like Grim Monolith or what have you)

In place of:

1x Cast Down--> Lethal Scheme: This card is amazing in any reanimator list

1x Culling the Weak--> Phyrexian Altar: you need more sac outlets with some staying power

1x Dismember--> Soul Transfer: seems janky, but versatile

1x Doom Blade--> Baleful Mastery: you can hit more with it.

1x Go for the Throat--> Infernal Grasp

1x Power Word Kill--> Deadly Rollick/Altar of Dementia: for a better killspell or for a sac outlet

1x Sacrifice--> Ashnod's Altar: need more sac outlets with staying power

1x Terror--> Meteor Golem: This guy helps so much with things Black cannot remove

1x Victim of Night--> Karn Liberated: This guy helps so much with things Black cannot remove

Cruel Tutor--> Mikaeus, the Unhallowed: bonkers for some staying power, also has combo potential

Unmarked Grave--> Putrid Goblin: this or Walking Ballista are good for combos with Mikaeus. Putrid GOblin + Ashnod's Altar/Phyrexian Altar + Mikaeus = infinite mana (or sub ashnod's altar for mill).

Suggested Drops, see next list for suggested replacements

Blood Pet--> sort of an eh card, I might think of something with more oomph

Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip--> I do like her, she just never did anything when I ran her.

Ruthless Technomancer: I have debated a lot adding him, in something like Korvold, he is an all-star, in chainer, he can be good, but I would almost always rather have Disciple of Bolas

Skirge Familiar: I get the reason it is in here, but there are better cards.

Black Market: It's nice, but can be too slow.

Liliana of the Dark Realms: I just have never been a big fan, she feels too lackluster.

Final Parting: good card, but I feel you can part with some tutor because you have MORE than enough

Sidisi, Undead Vizier: good card, but I feel you can part with some tutor because you have MORE than enough

Rune-Scarred Demon: good card, but I feel you can part with some tutor because you have MORE than enough, there also some stronger creatures to fit in the spot.


Archon of Cruelty: expensive mana wise but an all star.

Kokusho, the Evening Star: has been in my deck from the beginning and has flat out won me games.

Brainstealer Dragon: seems janky, but I added to just try it and it has been amazing.

Black Market Connections: You need more draw (also helps with ramp)

Phyrexian Arena: You need more draw

Bolas's Citadel: an amazing card. Wins games all the time.

Disciple of Bolas: card draw and life gain

Fell Stinger: card draw

Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed: Great for recursion

Reanimate, Liliana, Death's Majesty, Living Death. and Animate Dead: it is good to have other means of reanimation if Chainer keeps getting removed (I also suggest sac outlets to help keep your creatures from getting exiled when they spot remove Chainer)

Hope this helps! Here is my list to maybe show you how I run the list: The True Meaning of Death and Taxes

Crow-Umbra on Musashi's Mosh Pit [Primer]

3 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions DawnsRayofLight, I just made a few more changes this morning after getting some games in last night. I was going to do another brief update write-up.

Some of the stuff you suggested, I do have on the Considering List for my Moxfield Version of the deck. The Considering/Maybe list is much deeper there:

  • Burakos, Party Leader - They're definitely a cool one. Ngl, I thought of making a janky Party Isshin list with Burakos in the 99. As for my current deck, I have 1 Cleric, 3 Rogues, 2 Warriors, and 0 Wizards. That kind of spread just isn't currently consistent enough for me to want to include Burakos.

  • Elder Brain & Archon of Cruelty - I have copies of both cards and they're both very cool. I just don't really want to play anything north of 5-6 cmc in Isshin. I've found that in times when I do have 6+ mana available in mid-late game, I prefer to do board rebuilds and leave mana open for interaction/removal, as opposed to playing 1 big creature that's a lightning rod for removal, and feel bad if it doesn't survive the full turn back to me.

  • Hammers of Moradin - This is a cool one. Definitely something I'm looking for a slot for in my current round of edits.

  • Black Market Connections - I recently picked up a copy, but I put it in my Anhelo, the Painter deck, since I thought it would get more mileage there as an engine for the spellslinger needs, as well as creating tokens for Casualty 2

DawnsRayofLight on Musashi's Mosh Pit [Primer]

3 months ago

Some suggestions from the recent sets that may have flown under your radar:

Burakos, Party Leader: You'll at least cause an opponent to lose 2 life and you create 2 treasure tokens, there are a few "party" cards in my Isshin list so sometimes I get some more bang for my buck out of him.

Elder Brain: this card has just been hilarious. It may be high on the CMC but with the treasure tokens made you can still run it out fairly quickly.

Archon of Cruelty: not so new, and high CMC, but I haven't had issues getting it out and it flat out wins games. (I had one game where I discarded Archon to Fable of the Mirror-Breaker  Flip, brought it back with Olivia, Crimson Bride, next turn put out Isshin and used the mirror breaker to copy Archon and it was game over. mind you this was in about the first 5 turns.

Black Market Connections and Smuggler's Share have become staples in most of my decks. Highly recommend.

Greatsword of Tyr: bonkers in Isshin

Mysterious Limousine: seems janky but has been an all-star

Hammers of Moradin fall is a similar vein to greatsword of Tyr

Urabrask, Heretic Praetor: I did not like this card when it was spoiled, I decided to test it as a means to counter control decks and give some more card draw and it has been surprisingly good. It doesn't seem like it is amazing when you're using it, but being on the other side of it playing control or a combo deck it was a nightmare.

Gilver on UB Ninjas

3 months ago

If you want to play a Ninja tribal deck you might want to change your commander to Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow. For Ninja tribal decks, she is the usual way to go. Satoru is meant to cheat in big mean creatures like Toxrill, the Corrosive or Archon of Cruelty for only 4 mana. Ninjas in Satoru decks are still a good option, since they help you to continue playing your game with your pokers without the commander on the field, so if you want to keep Satoru, you might want to cut some ninjas or add some fat meanies to your deck.

If you are interested, here is my Satoru build:

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