True Conviction

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

True Conviction


Creatures you control have double strike and lifelink.

carpecanum on Evra-nne24

1 month ago

Maybe use some of the creatures with Prowess? Especially the Eidolon of Countless Battles.

True Conviction, Strata Scythe, Blackblade Reforged and Spirit Loop (Spirit Loop is not Lifelink so you gain twice as much life]).

DemonDragonJ on Impactful Lifegain to improve black …

2 months ago

What about True Conviction? Are you fond of that card?

TypicalTimmy on Good Card Design

2 months ago

For me, personally, I say it all boils down to "value". But, since value is subjective as much as objective, what exactly do I mean?

If you're speaking objectively, it's easy to see how a wincon or a set combo piece has value. Anything with repeatable draw is value. If you are combat-focused and a card such as Fervor gives haste on an anthem, that is valuable. Anger, more so, because it costs you nothing other than getting it into the graveyard and having a Mountain.

What I look for when I speak of value is two three key elements:

  • Is it repeatable?
  • If not, does it have immense bang for is buck
  • And overall, does it do 2 or more things I want my deck to do?

For example, Dragon Tempest is not only a damage outlet, but a combat enabler. That is some serious value for a deck that wants to throw damage all over the place.

Garruk's Uprising gives large creatures trample and gives you card advantage. If you're already playing a deck with large creatures, and this card isn't in there, you aren't playing it right.

Suppose you are playing a Mardu deck, like Queen Marchesa and you really want to get ahead. You know Necropotence is in there and you know you want to maximize it's potential. You happen to be going Weenies because you want to pad the boardstate. So if you have bodies on field and you know you need to pay life, having lifelink may be a great idea because now you can push damage, gain life, and turn that life into card advantage. You net a fistful of cards, clear the boardstate and push damage through. Therefore, a card such as True Conviction is really good. Your 1/1s hit for 2 and your 2/2s hit for 4. You get dozens of life and draw almost half of your library. Even if you only do it for 1 turn, it's an immense amount of value. Especially with that Ankle Shanker you just played. You may lose out on the second half of lifelink, but now your opponents must be forced into choosing between losing everything to 1 point of damage, or taking 2 or 4 to face.

Value to me is repeatable synergy. But if you don't have something repeatable, cards that go wide and hit everyone are immense. Arterial Flow is my prime example as for just THREE MANA you drop SIX cards, reduce a total of SIX life and you gain a little 2 back.

That's HUGE and it honestly baffles me as to why it isn't played more. If you aren't against graveyard decks, it should be an auto-include in every black deck.

So, to summarize, to me:

  • Value = Repeatable synergy or big-boom cards.

TypicalTimmy on Ardraina, Disgraced Angel

2 months ago

Vault of the Archangel says hello, as does True Conviction alongside Whip of Erebos for that sweet, sweet recursion.

markbeloit on No Pain No Lifegain

2 months ago

Pearl Medallion , Arcane Signet

Emeria, The Sky Ruin , Myriad Landscape , Sejiri Shelter  Flip

True Conviction , Akroma's Memorial

Ajani, Strength of the Pride

You could look at other planeswalkers too, but this Ajani seems to stand out the most.

gavriel1136 on Pattern Recognition #232 - A …

3 months ago

White is my favorite color in magic and I think this assessment was unfair.

First off, yes, white has catch-up mechanics, but not necessarily because it's LOSING. Red has Robber of the Rich, which wants you to have fewer cards in hand than your opponent. That's not because you're losing, but because it wants you to play fast cheap things and then refill. Sunset Revelry plays in similar space.

Second, White has like a thousand ways to destroy or exile nonland permanents, which absolutely includes planeswalkers. It has plenty of targeted things too, such as Angelic Ascension. I genuinely don't understand what you're talking about with White not interacting with them.

Third, White has admittedly fewer classic finishers than Green does (like Craterhoof Behemoth), but White still has its fair share. Akroma's Will, Bond of Discipline, and True Conviction (maybe others I'm forgetting) all fulfill the role of "I have a big board and want to get more damage through". If the only finisher you've been using is Approach of the Second Sun, I don't know what to tell you.

I love White and I enjoy reading your articles. At the same time, I think this one was not thorough enough to make the claims you're making.

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