True Conviction

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal

True Conviction


Creatures you control have double strike and lifelink.

paperhead on Seoul Sista!

4 days ago

The 'maybe board's is all cards to replace True Conviction, which has been under-performing.

Davinoth on Giada's Jihad [Angel EDH]

3 weeks ago

     PirateCptAstera: Glad you like it, look forward to hearing how it goes! =)

     abstractfive: I have been experimenting with the total volume of lands, and have found that I maybe could afford to cut one - with the volume of cards I'm drawing I've been pretty consistently able to hit every land drop. As for the utility lands, there's really no drawback in a mono-colour deck to running a few with narrow options. Arcane Lighthouse is an excellent political tool for helping the board deal with someone else's problematic creatures, and Hall of Heliod's Generosity is really just there to help me keep True Conviction (and to a lesser extent Folk Hero) around, as it's pretty much due for removal the moment it hits the board.

     As for Starnheim Aspirant - you're totally right that drawing it later in the game doesn't feel great, but even through the mid-game it's still pretty useful as it can free up mana to use for things like equipment, Divining Top or Swords/Path/Grand Crescendo after casting a 7 or 8 drop.

     Sungod: Not yet. It's on the maybeboard pending me finding one, but my Local Shop doesn't have any. I'm probably going to have to order one.

     Thanks for the comments and upvotes everyone! =)

CoarselyRefined on Aurelia, Angel Deck

2 months ago

Aegis Angel and Sephara, Sky's Blade go together like peas and carrots.

Akroma, Vision of Ixidor stacks with each new combat.

Angelic Skirmisher likewise sees (and lends) a benefit with an extra combat step.

If you lean into extra combats then I would also suggest getting cards like World at War or Combat Celebrant.

Cards like Always Watching will allow for you to swing and still be able to block. Pair it with Angel's Trumpet to force combat and gobble up your opponent's creatures.

I also like True Conviction to keep your life total up during multiplayer games.

If you care to sneak a non-angel into the mix I like Archetype of Aggression for a trample enabler.

Guerric on [Primer] Helming the Host of Heaven: A Giada Guide

2 months ago

I just wanted to respond to a few comments. Thanks for your patience!


True Conviction is a bit of a pet card for me, and I play it in a lot of decks, so its certainly a good suggestion. It's one of those cards that's always better than you expect it to be. The argument against it is that it is mana-intensive to cast and doesn't stick around too long as it is a target for removal. The weakness in this argument is that in decks where it is good you don't need it to stick around. As long as you can resolve it with a decent board, it will most of the time turn the course of the game and sometimes finish other players out of nowhere. It is a great card. I don't run it here because I have angels which do similar things. Sigarda's Vanguard, Lyra Dawnbringer, and Angelic Skirmisher do similar things while also being able to attack themselves and otherwise pump our team. In this deck we need as many angels as possible because we need to goldfish, and that limits our slots for enchantments that don't contribute to this theme. As such, I'm not playing it here, but those who are lacking some of the above angels may wish to. It's certainly good, I just feel in my case I need more synergy.

The Immortal Sun is, in my estimation, a pretty overrated card for most decks. It is at it's best as a hate card against super-friends decks which provides other benefits, so if that's a major thing in one's meta it is certainly worth considering. Aside from that, it does provide substantial benefits of course, serving as premium ramp, card draw, and an anthem to boot. That being said, doing too many things is not really an asset for a 6cmc card. It doesn't do any of these things at the point in the game where we need them (which is well before turn 6), and if we resolve it later, it will likely be removed before it can give us much benefit, leading to wasted turns. Compare that with True Conviction, which can immediately change the course of the game the turn it is cast, even if it is removed afterwards. I thought the card was cool when it first spoiled and I do have a former student who won a tournament because he used it to shut down and Atraxa player, but aside from cases where we are up against a powerful super-friends strategy and are fortunate enough to draw it, I think it just doesn't do enough at the time we need it to do the things it does.


You're welcome! Thanks for the kind words! You certainly can feel free to put fetch lands in. As you said, they would thin the deck. Even better would be to play lots of them with Crucible of Worlds and get all of your lands out! I just personally don't want to invest in fetch lands for that purpose in part because I don't want to spend the money on them and partly because philosophically I don't like playing off-color fetch lands in any deck, even though it currently still remains legal. That being said, if you want to, by all means do it! It will make the deck more powerful, particularly with Crucible.


I'm glad you are enjoying the deck! Too many lists for a deck like this tend to be good-stuff angels, or follow generic deckbuilding guidance that is misapplied here. Synergy is always the way to make a deck more powerful and consistent, and its actually even more important in aggressive decks than in control and combo decks.

In 1v1 I'm not sure this deck has ever lost. It's just very fast, and is hard for only a single opponent to keep under control. I had a colleague play it against me 1v1 while I piloted my best control-combo deck and I lost. As regards removal, if it's one specific deck you have in mind to destroy I can't comment with any authority without playing against that specific deck. I can give some general advice here, however, and that is that you don't want to play as much removal as you think you do. In general the pundits at the command zone would recommend somewhere around 10-12 pieces of targeted removal generally speaking, and by being in mono-white we have access to some of the best removal cards in the history of the game. This might lead us to believe that we should go all out here, but those same pundits would remind us that these are general guidelines don't apply to every deck, and that the deck's overall strategy needs to be weighed in. Though I am a control-combo player at heart I have built many successful aggressive decks here, and played elves pretty extensively in modern, and I can say that in good aggro decks we just can't afford to play too much removal. In order to win and remain viable we need to be able to goldfish very fast while also devoting a lot of space to hoarding cards and other resources to rebuild when we get blown out and play new threats when our current ones get removed. We just don't have the space to put in a lot of removal- if we make said space we'll run out of gas or options. Never forget that one of the best forms of removal is player removal. If we're worried about someone combo-ing off we'll kill them, and our other opponents will thank us for it. We also are happy to let them share some of the burden of removal. If someone is about to win with a combo and we don't have removal but an opponent does, they will certainly use it! We already are helping them out by having the target on our backs much of the time, so it is time for them to do their part. That's not to say that we won't remove things, and the best removal cards in white are indeed in this list! We just have to be willing to have a bit less than other decks since we have other means of dealing with opponents, and since we can't afford to sacrifice resources for more.

DreadKhan on Iroas Said, "The Lannisters Send Their Regards."

2 months ago

Tenza, Godo's Maul is an equipment that you might want to check whenever you have a Red Commander, with Iroas I think you gain plenty to justify it. Inquisitor's Flail is good for your Commander at least, but you don't have Trample built in, so it might not actually work unless you can count on having Vigilance. Maybe Brave the Sands would help? Drumbellower also exists.

True Conviction, Berserkers' Onslaught, and Blade Historian are Double Strike sources that seem decent and global. I find Gisela, Blade of Goldnight is a great damage doubler since she also halves it vs your stuff.

DreadKhan on

3 months ago

Soltari Champion and Soltari Visionary are pretty solid Shadows to throw into an evasive deck, Thalakos Deceiver and Thalakos Dreamsower are both utility creatures that have Shadow, and Dauthi Voidwalker is unheard of value for BB. You might care enough about an unblockable pirate for Changeling Outcast to be interesting.

Strixhaven Stadium is pretty good if you expect to sneak in more often than opponents can hit you, synergizes well with stuff like War Tax or Propaganda/Ghostly Prison type stuff. You could even throw in a source of lifelink, Whip of Erebos is low to the ground, Noble Purpose stacks with Lifelink and True Conviction also doubles your power while offering lifelink. I find I love having lifelink on my evasives, as they tend to be smaller. Another payoff might be Grim Hireling, which can generate plenty of treasure, which can either help with your high levels of card draw or remove things if you're desperate. Even obvious Smothering Tithe is a pretty solid card in a deck with this much card draw built in, but it is annoying to play/play against.

Dowsing Dagger  Flip and Sword of the Animist are good ramp with evasives.

Must be nice playing games with this much access to card advantage!

carpecanum on Evra-nne24

6 months ago

Maybe use some of the creatures with Prowess? Especially the Eidolon of Countless Battles.

True Conviction, Strata Scythe, Blackblade Reforged and Spirit Loop (Spirit Loop is not Lifelink so you gain twice as much life]).

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