Aggravated Assault


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Frontier Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Explorers of Ixalan (EO2) Rare
Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations (AKHMPS) Common
Onslaught (ONS) Rare

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Aggravated Assault


: Untap all creatures you control. After this main phase, there is an additional combat phase followed by an additional main phase. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery.

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Aggravated Assault Discussion

Jack-Frost on Who You Calling A Fossil?

4 days ago

Actually, I will give a few thoughts.

The Immortal Sun - What does this do for your deck or game plan? It tries to do a lot but instead only does a little of a bunch of things for too high of a cost.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary - Doesn't do enough and costs extra every time you want to activate it. Instead run Elemental Bond or Guardian Project .

Rishkar's Expertise - Most of your creatures are going to cost more than it can provide, so it's honestly not worth it. Look into Sylvan Library and Colossal Majesty instead.

Harmonize - I'm not a fan of paying mana to draw cards as it tends to kill most of what you were going to do on your turn. Instead look into cards like Defense of the Heart or Descendants' Path .

Decimate - Zacama, Primal Calamity should take care of most of your artifact and enchantment destruction on his own, making this redundant, but this card also comes with the unfortunate problem that you can ONLY cast it if you have viable creature, artifact, enchantment, AND land targets. If you are missing any one of the 4 it's a dead card, and if one of those 4 is your own then you're forced to destroy that. Now, if you find that you really need more artifact and enchantment hate look into cards like Krosan Grip or Force of Vigor .

Savage Stomp - Why would you risk your creatures with this? If you are able to target them then you already have removal in the form of Path to Exile or Swords to Plowshares , not to mention Zacama, Primal Calamity ability to deal damage to creatures. If your opponent has a combat trick then you just lost your creature. It's a gimmicky card and I think there are better things you can do with the card slot in your deck. For example, Aggravated Assault or Reckless Assault will give you multiple combats which will really let you bring the full power of your dinosaurs to bear without giving your opponents time to recover.

Commune with Dinosaurs - A waste. Run Sylvan Library or Sensei's Divining Top for much better and more consistent effects.

Priest of the Wakening Sun - Why? If you need a fetch then run cards like Worldly Tutor , Finale of Devastation or Chord of Calling . If you need lifegain there are plenty of better sources. This just reveals cards in your hand to your opponents, gains a tiny bit of life, and kills an entire turn with your expensive fetch.

Atzocan Seer - Skip the returning Dinosaurs. You're a creature deck, and a big one at that. Just focus on constantly dropping big creatures and hitting your opponent, putting so much pressure on them that they don't have time to worry about strategy. Aggro decks don't really worry about their graveyard. As for the mana, you'd be far better served with Birds of Paradise or Sylvan Caryatid , or if you go non-budget then Bloom Tender .

Drover of the Mighty - Why do you care how big your mana dork is? You shouldn't be swinging with him anyway. Grab a Birds of Paradise or a Sylvan Caryatid instead.

Gigantosaurus - I'm honestly really not a fan of anything that costs 5 of the same color. This pretty much kills anything else you were planning on doing on your turn, which is absolutely not what you want to have happen. Sure it's a 10/10, but it's really not worth that downside, especially without trample. Look at Carnage Tyrant for a fantastic alternative.

Kinjalli's Sunwing - This draws unnecessary hate and really doesn't help your game out that much. You have a deck of giant dinosaurs. This shouldn't be an issue. If you really feel you need it then look into Authority of the Consuls or Urabrask the Hidden instead.

Runic Armasaur - Too specific and unreliable. There are better uses for the card slot.

Sakura-Tribe Elder - While a good card, your deck can't take full advantage of this and would be better off running land fetches like Tempt with Discovery , Nature's Lore , or Skyshroud Claim , all of which are better and come out untapped.

Samut, Voice of Dissent - Why in heaven's name are you running this? This card is awful? If it's for the haste then there are tons of better cards. Look at Fervor , Rhythm of the Wild , or Fires of Yavimaya . Even Urabrask the Hidden would be a better way to spend 5 mana. Is it for the untap effect? There are still much better options such as Seedborn Muse . This card burns 5 mana for no good reason. No. Just no.

Shalai, Voice of Plenty - Meh. I'd run Leyline of Sanctity or Privileged Position instead. Asceticism , Archetype of Endurance , and Sterling Grove are other good options. All are harder to hit and kill. It's nice but overall i'd run the alternatives instead.

Shifting Ceratops - Doesn't do enough. It's nice but not good enough overall.

Territorial Hammerskull - While not inherently bad, it's also just "meh". It's okay. I'd rather have cards that give your creatures trample and just march your dinosaurs through your opponents, and/or bigger and better creatures.

Thrashing Brontodon - This is redundant with Zacama, Primal Calamity and you'd be better served with instants like Krosan Grip or Force of Vigor .

Hull Breach - Force of Vigor is a better alternative to this that also has instant speed.

Jaya, Venerated Firemage - Why? This is a waste of a good slot. Run Warstorm Surge and get a far better effect than her. If you want more damage then run Dictate of the Twin Gods . She's really not worth it.

Samut, Tyrant Smasher - This card is awful. Run any, and I mean any haste enabler instead. Her negative is awful and her passive is better on any other card. Honestly, run Xenagos, God of Revels . He's amazing, gives haste, doubles a creature's power, and add's their power to their toughness.

Temple of the False God - I've taken this out of most, if not all, of my decks by now. It's not great honestly. It seems really good, but if you get it early game then it's a dead land that stares up into you and slowly seeps the joy out of your soul, and if you get it late game then it's just an extra mana that really doesn't matter to you.

jakeelephant006 on Uril, Ultimate Bench-Presser

5 days ago

This deck seems to have a couple of weird things and a couple of holes in it. First off, your ramp seems to be through the roof and I don't really see why that's necessary. I would recommend cutting some of, if not all, the cluestones or maybe a sorcery speed ramp spell. Maybe consider switching one of your current sorceries for a Skyshroud Claim and probably switch Druid of the Anima for Sylvan Caryatid . Related to this is your current lack of enchantment cost-reducers. I would recommend adding one or two back in. You can switch some of your ramp for cards like Herald of the Pantheon or the new Starfield Mystic .

Next is card draw and tutors. You're not doing too bad at this, but I'm surprised you're not running Satyr Enchanter , Kor Spiritdancer , Sram, Senior Edificer or Open the Armory . Maybe even Three Dreams or Plea for Guidance are playable as well. Also, I think Harmonize deserves a spot because it can get you back in the game without any help.

Another thing you seem pretty weak on is removal. Both targeted and mass. I think Beast Within or Generous Gift or both would pretty easily fix your targeted removal. Maybe even Decimate or Qasali Pridemage . I think you ought to run at least one more board wipe. Single Combat or Divine Reckoning seem prudent. If you wanted to be able to hit more types of permanents, I'd highly recommend Tragic Arrogance .

My final category of things to add are other auras/enchantments and recursion/protection. Bear Umbra has been reprinted and it's still not here and Unquestioned Authority is also good. Also, the new Treefolk Umbra seems good enough to run. Maybe add back in Snake Umbra for card draw. Maybe On Serra's Wings or Asha's Favor for the host of abilities they grant and maybe Boar Umbra . For recursion and protection I'd say Hall of Heliod's Generosity , Umbra Mystic and Boros Charm are all cards that belong in here. Adding back in Retether seems like it would be fine and including either Eternal Witness or Auramancer or both might be good too. In general, I think this deck needs to be rebalanced a little bit.

Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "But my deck is already perfect. What am I supposed to take out?". I'm here to tell you, you're wrong and there are a few cards that seem ripe for removal. First off, Gideon's Intervention seems kinda silly in here. Really not what the deck wants to do. Maybe there are one or two cards that you really don't want to see in a game, but I think having single target removal in place of that would be better. Next off is Combat Celebrant . This guy is kinda slow, really vulnerable, and not an enchantment. If you really want this effect go with Aggravated Assault which, in concert with Bear Umbra, can give you infinite combats. Also, I think it's time for Wall of Reverence to bow out. It can gain you a bunch of life, but I don't think that it's worth the slot. As I mentioned before, the Keyrunes are easy pulls for some card draw spells, enchantment cost-reducers, and maybe another (probably basic) land or two. Maybe one or two other ramp spells (I might consider cutting Burgeoning if you don't add in more card draw) are worth cutting. I think 10-12 is a good number of ramp cards for this deck. Some of the weaker auras I'd look at are Scourge of the Nobilis , Felidar Umbra and maybe Mammoth Umbra and Burning Anger . Maybe I'm wrong about most of or all of those auras. That seems like the most difficult category to cut from.

I hope you've had fun reading all of this and that maybe a couple of my suggestions make a difference.

PookandPie on Your Average Uril deck

5 days ago

Ah, love Uril. One of my favorites. Here's my Uril deck so you know where my suggestions stem from:

Uril: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yeti

Commander / EDH PookandPie


You have Madcap Skills, but no Tilonalli's Crown . I find Crown to be immensely valuable as it pumps Uril right up to 10 power for only a 1R investment.

Chandra's Ignition is basically Single Combat except nobody but you gets to keep anything. Popping that with a 10 power Uril will typically wipe the field, let alone deal damage directly to your opponent's faces.

Cartouche of Strength is both absurd and good. +3 power, trample, and kills a creature of an opponent's unless its power is greater than 8 is great for 2G.

You run Bear Umbra already, so maybe Aggravated Assault for infinite combat damage from Uril?

Heliod's Pilgrim is a cheap card that can find any aura in the library. I typically use it to find Shield of the Oversoul or Bear Umbra. That seems to be worth considering. That definitely seems more useful than something like Trepanation Blade, in any respect.

Hope this helps!

SaberTech on If anyone can let Mono-R ...

1 week ago

Glint-Horn Buccaneer is another cheap and decent creature that is able to ping all your opponents for damage. When teamed up with all your other spells that require you to discard to draw more cards it should be able to rack up some reasonable damage.

It might also be worth looking at including Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion as another creature that could potentially combo with Aggravated Assault if you have 5 cards to pitch each time it attacks. If nothing else, it's good for ditching a whole bunch of unwanted cards for new ones, which also works well with the Buccaneer.

VaalVanir on [cEDH] Krenko Combo [[Primer]]

1 week ago


Thank you for commenting! Check out Dockside Extortionist (Commander 2019). Maybe we have a chance to win on turn 3 now.

By the way I have swapped in the two fetch-lands you have in your Maybeboard, and the result is sub-par. I really don't think we need to spend that kind of money of those fatch-lands.

I have swapped out Aggravated Assault for Goblin Shenanigans because my meta is stax heavy and i'm pretty sick of those Cursed Totem on turn 2.

I have swapped out Altar of Dementia for Extraplanar Lens because ... why not use the Snow covered mountains to our advantage.

So far this deck has won on turn 4 a total of 2 times out of 4 against a pod consisting of TnT, Urza, and Yagmoth. And these are tuned decks. It is way more consistent than Urza but has way less interaction than TnT.

It feels like my lines of winning keep changing with every draw. I do wish we had other ways to draw our library, i don't really care about discarding the stuff I don't need to win next turn.

Thanks for making this deck, it's very consistent and feels buttery smooth to play.

BMHKain on If anyone can let Mono-R ...

1 week ago

@crash328: Why not Risk Factor also? XP It's one damage less than Browbeat , but it can be used a second time in the grave. That said, I'm announcing it now; After those, & Bag of Holding , I think I got too much on my plate. 39 to be exact. But there are lots of stuff needed to be kept:

  1. Heartless Hidetsugu
  2. Fortune Thief (Because he still says so.)
  3. Aggravated Assault This actually gives me an advantage you wouldn't think of.
  4. (Unless it's said, & I feel I need to keep it; say its name; & why it needs to go.)

The rest is up to you. For now, I've heck to pay... XP

Caerwyn on Impure Fire of Hou-ou that levels Gods

1 week ago

Aggravated Assault can go infinite with Neheb as it creates an infinite number of postcombat main phases, each generating mana. It also untap creatures that deal damage, such as Heartless Hidetsugu .

Yesterday on Is combat damage still dealt ...

2 weeks ago

I was playing MTGO versus a Zurgo Helmsmasher Voltron deck. The Zurgo opponent had a Sword of Feast and Famine equipped to their commander and an Aggravated Assault , and was tapped out and swinging into me. Both I and the third player had no blockers.

'Strategically surrendering' is dumb and I hate it, but usually in my playgroups we have a caveat for an in-game way to kill yourself if you can. I had a Necropotence in play and paid all of my life into it to attempt to give the other remaining player a turn to come up with an answer. I lost the game before Zurgo could connect with me.

And then Zurgo connected with me anyway, and even though I was removed from the game my Commander damage total went up, and the Zurgo opponent's Sword triggered to untap their lands and they went on to win that turn.

Is this an intended part of the rules? If so, does this also occur for effects like Lifelink? Does this still happen if the player in my position spite-scoops?

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Aggravated Assault occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.03%

Red: 0.27%