Putrid Imp

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Putrid Imp

Creature — Zombie Imp

Discard a card: Putrid Imp gains flying until end of turn.

Threshold — As long as seven or more cards are in your graveyard, Putrid Imp gets +1/+1 and can't block.

PANDASrevenge on Jund Lands

6 days ago

looks like you could use some discard outlets to win with gitrog monster. Wild Mongrel,Oblivion Crown, Noose Constrictor and Putrid Imp are the best ones. Also I recently switched from krosan grip to nature's claim and have seen good results. also the green gifts ungiven seems great in here. Realms Uncharted. also maybe it's time to look to some mana rock acceleration despite the flavor fail. Expedition Map at the very least feels like an auto include.

BruhYouFarted on Rakdos Madness Aggro

8 months ago

Good List, I would recommend playing less tap-lands as in a deck like this, playing a turn 1 discard outlet is crucial to be fast. In an aggro deck, being stranded with 3+ tap-lands can leave you dead in the water. I see your point of Bloodmad Vampire Being bad because of one toughness, however it is one of the best madness creatures simply becuase it is such a threat to the board. For an example, if you play a Putrid Imp or a Insolent Neonate turn 1, an end-of-turn Bloodmad Vampire on turn 2 can really force an opponent's hand. I find that in your list, especially in playtesting, there is too many discard outlets and not enough beaters. Having more than 1 Putrid Imp or Cabal Initiate in play can feel like a waste that could be a Skophos Reaver or a Bloodmad Vampire.

carpecanum on The Shadowed Road

11 months ago

Living Death maybe? Putrid Imp would let you discard on every players turn if you want to fill up the graveyard and do a lot of dungeoning.

carpecanum on Yennet's Gumball Machine

1 year ago

Curator's Ward to protect your boss? Vega, the Watcher for card draw every time your ability goes off.

It's a shame Library of Leng is over a dollar. That and Putrid Imp work well together.

Ojallday on When do replacment effects occur?

1 year ago

I've had different opinions expressed on this, but the question is when do replacement effects apply? Do they happen after the priority of what they are replacing happens or can they happen any time an event they could replace occurs? For example I have a Dakmor Salvage in hand, a Putrid Imp and The Gitrog Monster in play I discard dakmor triggering The Gitrog Monster's ability to draw a card. Does the draw trigger go though priority then the dredge? Or can dredge occur any time a draw is on the stack?

balangaz on Hogaak

1 year ago

Putrid Imp é um efeito que te interessa nesse deck?

Só pra eu saber, se a carta eventualmente vira rara, tá banida?

Spider Spawning e Worm Harvest (se legal), muito caros? Tem tbm Tend the Pests .

O combo de Witherbloom Apprentice e Chain of Smog é rareless.

jaymc1130 on Need help focusing Sidisi, Mill …

1 year ago

I guess the question is: How many zombies do you want to make milling around with Sidisi?

The classic combo is Bone Miser + Sidisi + discard outlet ( Wild Mongrel / Putrid Imp , etc) + Darkblast / Life from the Loam . With Sidisi, Miser, and the discard outlet in play discard Loam or Darkblast, Miser triggers to draw a card. Replace the draw with dredge and return the discarded Loam or Darkblast. Mill. Repeat the process triggering Sidisi to make zombies for any creatures you mill. Eventually mill Kozilek, Butcher of Truth or another such Eldrazi shuffler. Resuffle the graveyard into the library. Repeat these steps to make an infinite army of zombies. What you choose to do with an infinite zombie token army at that point is up to you.

vossavant on Ultra-Budget Speed Dredge (2x 5-Card "Gold Hands")

1 year ago

I played against this deck several times, and it won handily 3/5 times. The first time I played your deck, I beat it, but it didn't draw well at all - mostly swamps and the Putrid Imp without the other combo cards, so I won't consider that a fair test. The second time was closer, and I ended up losing to your Imp and the Heir of Falkenrath  Flip, both being pumped up by discarding so they could fly over my small creatures. The other times I was just crushed, as planned :)

When the combo works in your deck, which appears to be most of the time (even the small creatures cycle out of the graveyard quite readily), it's unstoppable. It's almost impossible to come back from losing all of your permanents that early in the game. Makes me think the annihilator ability is broken, but that's only because you've built a deck that takes advantage of it so well. Nice work :)

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