Kiora, Master of the Depths

Kiora, Master of the Depths

Planeswalker — Kiora

+1: Untap up to one target creature and up to one target land.

-2: Reveal the top four cards of your library. You may put up to 1 creature card and/or a land card from among them into your hand. Put the rest into your graveyard.

-8: You get an emblem with "Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may have it fight target creature." Then put three 8/8 blue Octopus creature tokens onto the battlefield.

Kiora, Master of the Depths Discussion

TypicalTimmy on [Variant] Magic Noir

4 months ago

Having taken the time to actually read everything, my biggest concern is the multiple mana pools you have floating around.

  • hehe!

I think this could become wildly cumbersome and tiring. While we MTG nerds are not afraid of keeping track of a bagillion things going on at once with various triggers, activations, rules, priorities, etc... we are all use to only one very simple thing: A single mana pool.

  • Sidebar: Didn't WOTC end the term "pool"? I thought that's no longer how things are worded. Regardless.

This new format is very clearly distinct enough from Commander that there is almost no way to use the excuse I mentioned above, which honestly is a good thing. This means that by default, you've achieved more than most "new formats" ever have. You've created something entirely and wholly unique. So on that front, A+!

But the, and I apologize for being so brash but if anyone is going to do it, it might as well be me... clunky mana pool(s) aspect is rather daunting.

I think the idea of having the basic lands out for everyone to share or whatever is a really unique and interesting idea, and I'd love to see that reigned in and honed more. But I'd recommend scrapping the rest. Going back to the standard pool of mana is probably best. What you need to understand is that you could have played 1,000 games and truly balanced and honed and answered all questions and concerns. You truly could have built an entirely flawless design. But what you need to understand is that we are not you. Introducing new players to this grandiose design can come off as cumbersome, annoying and down-right insignificant. There's a truth in the idea that simpler is better. Simplicity is key. If you throw multitudes of overlapping and similar-functioning design elements of a game at someone, that's a sure-fire way to see them walk away.

I don't have any further insight on how to fix these aspects other than dumping them entirely. And also, giving players what appears to be unlimited (more or less) mana at the start of their very first turn is an almost guaranteed method to have a format die within the first few weeks. Why is this, you might be asking yourself? Well, because there is a problem known as "fixing".

When a format is "fixed", it means that the best possible deck(s) is / are discovered so quickly that there is literally no reason to not play those decks, assuming you are "playing to win" and not "playing for fun".

Oathbreaker struggled with this. I had a Kiora, Master of the Depths + Karn's Temporal Sundering that had multiple ways of going infinite as soon as Turn 2. The deck cost around $1,300 and by the time Oathbreaker died, it was nearly $2,000. But, you almost always won the game between Turn 2 - Turn 4.

  • Your Turn 2 - Turn 4. MY Turn 11 or 12...

A format like this begs to be "fixed", because you are giving players what seems to equate to... math... 6 x 20... 120 mana?? There is no way I am understanding this correctly, but if I am, you can see the issue there.

Entire decks could be played with that amount of mana, right off of Turn 1. That's... not good. Meaning the format will be fixed within days, if not hours, of launch. And once that happens, you have two options:

  • Banhammer out the wazoo and hurt your community as they deem you to be unfair and power-hungry
  • Watch it die because there is zero incentive to not play those decks

Either way, I am sorry to say, but it seems as though your idea is doomed from the start. Unless, of course, I am drastically and dramatically misunderstanding how the piles of basic lands work, that is.

griffstick on The Legendary Fisherman

8 months ago

I mean you might as well have the last kiora in there. Kiora, Master of the Depths

TheVectornaut on Hot Women Card Collection

8 months ago

I actually made an entire deck around this concept that works surprisingly well. Steve Argyle is a particularly great resource for this topic. In addition to Liliana of the Veil and Chosen of Markov  Flip, he's also done Deadly Allure , Guul Draz Vampire , Naya Battlemage , and Night Revelers . Other notable artists are Jason Chan ( Deathpact Angel , Fires of Undeath , Kiora, Master of the Depths , Mayael the Anima , Maul Splicer , Treasured Find ) and Volkan Baga ( Elspeth, Knight-Errant , Korozda Gorgon , Stoic Angel , Student of Warfare ). I ended up going with vampires + knights and some other cards I included are Hero of Bladehold , Knight Exemplar , Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts , Elenda, the Dusk Rose , and possibly the most ridiculous piece of Magic art ever created: Soul Collector . Some cards that came close to making the cut are Angel of Despair , Bloodflow Connoisseur , Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief , Knight of Dusk , Magister of Worth , Avacyn, Angel of Hope , Vampire Hexmage , and Veteran Cavalier .

Other cards that I like (sorted by type) include Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch , Lyzolda, the Blood Witch , Kemba, Kha Regent , Sunspear Shikari , Elvish Champion , Gaea's Herald , Quirion Dryad , Nimbus Naiad , Dreamborn Muse , Mistral Singer , Shipwreck Singer , Siren of the Fanged Coast , Akroma, Angel of Wrath , Archangel of Strife , Basandra, Battle Seraph , Razia, Boros Archangel , and Ire Shaman . Looking at this list now, it's clear I've spent far too much time researching this subject.

Massacar on gravetide reanimator

10 months ago

Personal opinion, but I would cut both Kiora, Master of the Depths and Nissa of Shadowed Boughs . Planeswalkers are fun, and I definitely like them in decks, but I feel like other things you are running might be more impactful.

I would definitely swap Oblivion Stone for the Nevinyrral's Disk in your maybeboard. I would cut the Titans' Nest and Phyrexian Scriptures as well.

Feel free to ignore any and all of these suggestions, good luck.

If you want to see my own list, Snack-rifice.

Stefouch on Pir & Toothy at the Dice Pool

1 year ago

Hi razer97!

Thank your for your upvote! I just switched this deck from Vorel into Pir & Toothy. So, some card interactions might seem to work better with Vorel.

The deck is lacking good combos. I don't play any tutor (due to the theme's limitations) so it's hard to fetch the missing pieces:

Other nice card interactions:

  • Cauldron of Souls + creatures that ETB with +1/+1 counters: easy recycle.
  • Pir + any spike: pay to add a +1/+1 counter on the spike.
  • Pir + any PW: free extra loyalty at each activation.

Suggestion: Gyre Sage with 5+ counters + Staff of Domination makes infinite life and draw.

Incoming changes

The following cards will be added to the deck:

HELLcaster19 on When Rashmi crafts a sea creature army...

1 year ago

Elmalco Nifty deck idea!

Have you thought about Kiora, the Crashing Wave or Kiora, Master of the Depths? I think they would work well with the theme of large sea bois. If you can get them to ultimate range, that is.

Also, the new card Ominous Seas will pair really well with your Greater Good

KIRK77 on Roon of the Hidden Realm EDH Deck

1 year ago

I would probably look to cut Verdurous Gearhulk and Cloudgoat Ranger. I would keep my eye on Wall of Blossoms, Mystic Snake, Karmic Guide, Elvish Visionary, Bounty of the Luxa, and Kiora, Master of the Depths when you play and see how good they are doing

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