Spawning Pit

Spawning Pit


Sacrifice a creature: Put a charge counter on Spawning Pit.

(1), Remove two charge counters from Spawning Pit: Put a 2/2 Spawn artifact creature token into play.

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Spawning Pit Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Should I Keep Angrath in …

2 weeks ago

That decision makes sense.

I'd say the sac outlets not costing any mana usually are the best ones. There are some I'd like to suggest in addition to your list (I didn't double check your decks, so I don't know if you play any of them.):

Carrion Feeder

Spawning Pit

Relic Vial

Another card that goes well into decks that want to sacrifice is Smothering Abomination.

Masterful on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

1 month ago

Khyheauts kirbysan Yeah Fleshtaker is underwhelming. Like you said, its lifegain and scrying isn't too useful, and the cost for sacrifice means its not a great sac outlet. Regardless, it wouldn't be a terrible card to play if someone likes its art.

I like Spawning Pit so far. It's nothing crazy, but it's more redundancy since being without a sac outlet is really painful for this deck. It'll feel underwhelming when we already have a sac outlet out, but it can still generate a lot of fodder from a large board.

kirbysan on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

1 month ago

I saw Fleshtaker this morning and was pretty disappointed. Only triggers off sacrifice instead of dying. Gain life instead of lose life and scry 1. Also sac outlet requires mana so you’ll be handicapped there.

Masterful How is Spawning Pit working out for you? I feel like it’s a dead card and kind of clunky. I’m never happy to have it in hand and I usually never have enough mana to get a good use out of it.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on

1 month ago

Spawning Pit is always a great, cheap sac outlet, as is Skullclamp. Ashnod's Altar is a little more expensive, but very powerful. Haunted Dead is a way to get multiple Sefris triggers per round. Finally, Grim Haruspex?

dlxhaz on K'rrik, The Emo Wizard

1 month ago

Spawning Pit and Phyrexian Altar Would do amazing in this

Masterful on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

3 months ago

Brightwrath Carnival seems powerful when combined with Reassembling Skeleton or Nether Traitor . It acts as another Pitiless Plunderer type affect. Otherwise, it can help turbo out more creatures. I must've overlooked it since it isn't a death trigger. For what to swap out, I'd probably go with Stoneforge Mystic , Blight Mound , Spawning Pit or some other redundant effect in the deck. I'm not 100% sure yet, but I might add it in an update sometime soon. After all, it has a ton of combo power.

SpaghettiKnife on Roll for Replication

3 months ago

Thanks for the help! I didn't know the sematics around the activated abilities wording, that's a huge benefit to know. As for the treason creatures, I totally missed that Delina taking them wouldn't end up doing much since they couldn't attack unless I also triggered an extra battle step. I'll probably keep Coercive Recruiter around because she'll scale infinitely with the number of clones (since each one is a pirate and triggers the last one), but will probably drop the other 3. I agree with Goblin Bombardment and Spawning Pit being good inclusions, they were actually both in here while I was building it and cut late, but I think they'd be a great replacement for the copying artifacts that don't actually copy for me. As for Disrupt Decorum , I love the card, but unless it drops like a rock due to the reprint I think it'll remain outside of our budget here. Thanks so much for the help!

Arkanox on Roll for Replication

3 months ago

Hi there,

I don't think Battlemage's Bracers and Rings of Brighthearth work with Delina because she has a triggered ability not an activated ability.

I quite like the idea of stealing stuff with Molten Primordial and sacrificing them to Tooth and Claw . But it is kinda unfortunate that the stolen creatures can't attack (when copying the Primordial with Delina). Goblin Bombardment and Spawning Pit might be a good inclusion if you wanna lean more into that.

I also like Bloodthirsty Blade and Shiny Impetus to create safe attack opportunities. Disrupt Decorum might fit here too (as it is being reprinted in the AFR Commander Decks).

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