Mirkwood Bats

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vintage Legal

Mirkwood Bats

Creature — Bat


Whenever you create or sacrifice a token, each opponent loses 1 life.

Last_Laugh on Korvold, A Hungry Guy

1 week ago

The Reaver Cleaver is a bit pricey, but is well worth the cost.

Mirkwood Bats would be amazing here.

I personally run Prossh with more of a group slug and hit every opponent at once subtheme. Feel free to check it out for ideas. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Prossh's Dastardly Bastard Children - Group Slug

Phule451 on Faerie Spams

2 weeks ago

Have you considered Mirkwood Bats and/or Starnheim Courser? While not faeries, they do both have flying and would really help you out here.


1 month ago

Some simple swaps I'd recommend which are low budget (I think?). These are things that directly serve the same purpose, but better.

Armilliary Sphere => Thaumatic Compass  Flip Thaumatic Compass serves the purpose you're using the sphere for, probably?, but with the bonus of extending in strength into the mid to late game as it turns into a Maze of Ith.

Sign in Blood => Tezzeret's Gambit 1 more mana, but proliferate and easier mana requirement. Or two more mana and no life cost.

Sisay's Ring => Thran Dynamo Self explanatory.

Fleetfeather Sandels => Swiftfoot Boots Hexproof is usually better than flying. The Equip cost is lower.

Leaden Myr => Dimir Signet Doesn't die to the next field wipe, which could be yours.

Some general cuts that are either working against you, not doing enough, or just to make space for other things. Cuts:

  • Crowded Crypt (Meh mana rock, not stellar token maker)
  • Illness in the Ranks (kills your slugs, could be kept with the right win cons)
  • Infernal Genesis (too expensive, opponents get to use it first)
  • Genesis Chamber (expensive, gives opponents creatures before you)
  • Gifted Aetherborn (too small, low impact)
  • Royal Assassin (Same)
  • Cabal Ritual (-1 card for speed. Gotta get a lot out of this for it to be in deck.)
  • Dark Ritual (Same)
  • Mana Leak (Great early game, but dead draw midway and on usually.)
  • Dispel (Good enough, but I needed to make space)
  • Fuel for the Cause (Same)
  • Dramatic Reversal (I don't see a combo with this in deck)
  • Morbid Opportunist (slow draw)
  • Altar's Reap (I don't see enough excess creatures until commander is in play, so you might as well turn it into a draw engine instead, see below)
  • Village Rites (Same)

Add: 6 lands. Duals are preferable, but basics are just fine as well. Harvester of Souls (draw engine) Vampiric Rites (draw engine) Mass Diminish (wipe) Mirkwood Bats (win con) Zulaport Cutthroat (win con) Bastion of Remembrance (win con) 2+ Mana rocks from list below

Some mana rocks to consider Arcane Signet Talisman of Dominance Mind Stone Worn Powerstone Replicating Ring Astral Cornucopia Everflowing Chalice

Slightly Higher cost stuff that goes really well with what you're doing.

  • Black Sun's Zenith => Infest (It's better usually, even at 3 mana)
  • Massacre Wurm => Vampire Nighthawk (Vampire is good enough, just not pulling weight at this point)
  • Asinine Antics => Grim Affliction (Another Polymorphist's Jest, but permanent)
  • Skullclamp => Slum Reaper (You already kill everything consistently, and this gives a S* load of draw) (Add a Trinket Mage to tutor it)

Gidgetimer on Interaction between Araumi of the …

1 month ago

Encore creates tokens, what you are wanting to do with Mirkwood Bats works. I shouldn't have mentioned anything about when a token ETB isn't creating a token, but sometimes I worry about stuff outside the scope of questions.

If you cast a creature and then cast Double Major (as an example) on it, a copy of the creature spell is created on the stack. When the copy of the spell resolves it becomes a token permanent since there is no card representing the spell. However; for things that care about creating tokens, the token that the copy becomes was not "created".

CamraMaan on Interaction between Araumi of the …

1 month ago

Can you explain that a little further...? I'm assuming Mirkwood Bats will trigger when I encore a creature via Araumi, correct? They both say "create", so I'm assuming that flies. But is there an example that can help...? And thank you for the help!

Gidgetimer on Interaction between Araumi of the …

1 month ago

They will trigger off of each other. Mirkwood Bats has a special case ETB and it can be treated as any other ETB. Encore has you create the tokens for each opponent and they are all created at the same time, so they will each see themselves and each other being created.

Not related to this question, but where you are going to have to be careful with Mirkwood Bats triggers is that copies of permanent spells become tokens, but that is not the same as creating a token.

CamraMaan on Interaction between Araumi of the …

1 month ago

If I encore Mirkwood Bats with Araumi of the Dead Tide will the token copies that enter play trigger off each other, or do they already have to be established in play before they trigger on another token ETBing? I know if the card triggered off a proper ETB they would all see each other, but written as it is I'm not as sure. Thanks in advance!

Tsukimi on Totentanz, Kazoo Kid

2 months ago

Ah the joys and downfalls of building a typal EDH deck! So many fun cards to choose from, until you have to get your list down to 100- we've all been there!

My suggestions to cut are:

Professional Face-Breaker, Pawn of Ulamog, Nezumi Informant, Nezumi Graverobber  Flip, Murderous Rider to name a few. You seem to have a really big treasure subtheme but also a good deal of mana rocks. The treasure subtheme seems strong with this build, especially with cards like Mayhem Devil and Mirkwood Bats- So I would definitely recommend cutting more than a few mana rocks like your signets etc. Honestly, there's quite a few random rat creatures you could cut entirely to make more room for cards like Pack Rat and Rat Colony

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