Master of Cruelties

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal

Master of Cruelties

Creature — Demon

First strike, deathtouch

Master of Cruelties can only attack alone.

Whenever Master of Cruelties attacks a player and isn't blocked, that player's life total becomes 1. Master of Cruelties assigns no combat damage this combat.

Putnamto on My Shadowborn Apostle Deck

5 months ago


if i were to go that route i would ditch the servitude and just go B/g for my colors, Aetherworks Marvel is also something to look at when brewing your deck, esentially allowing you to do the apostle sacrificex2

my apostle deck runs light on demons actually, it has four Rune-Scarred Demon two Lord of the Void and a Griselbrand its not to hard to get all of those demons on board at once, and at that point you have probably already won, or somebody board wipes.

i also tried putting in demons that could not be cast like Master of Cruelties or Sire Of Insanity but they always somehow end up in my hand, and they arent to useful in this situation anyways

Ziusdra on Orcus Onslaught

6 months ago

Master of Cruelties could be fun to threaten opponents with, especially in a deck that pings them after combat.

carpecanum on

7 months ago

Virtus the Veiled, Raving Dead and Master of Cruelties. Putting them onto the battlefield tapped and attacking circumvents the attacking rules for Raving Dead and Master of Cruelties.

Any Deathtouch equipment would be useful on your boss.

metalflame on Kaalia Angels

8 months ago

Aurelia Warleader!, Steel Hellkite , and Master of Cruelties are must includes, and your deck needs protection I would recommend Mother of Runes

Icaruskid on Return of the Queen (Long May She Reign)

8 months ago

Great theme song! I like the style of what you've built here and would play it as-is right now!

Some notes:
- Breena isn't card draw. It's a good card though. Also your monarch cards count as card draw. ;)
- Faithless Looting would be better if you were running Reanimate or recursion spells. Night's Whisper might be better.
- Mythos of Snapdax is OK but probably hits your own permanents harder than you'd like. Consider Blasphemous Act, Vanquish the Horde, Wrath of God or my latest personal favorite Promise of Loyalty there. Those still hit your creatures too but on an empty board monarch shines.
- Open the Armory is good but Fighter Class was built for Sunforger.
- Everyone has their own preference for win conditions in control decks. Debt to the Deathless, Exsanguinate, Torment of Hailfire, Master of Cruelties, Approach of the Second Sun, and Revel in Riches are all popular. One I found recently that might be interesting is Near-Death Experience. It needs support cards to make it work but they are spicy like Stunning Reversal and Plunge into Darkness. It also pairs with Master of Cruelties and life swap spells. This list is a good example for more ideas is you like that path.

Here is my Queen Marchesa deck with its own theme song (less original than yours). You might like it.

Have fun ruling the battlefield!

RedBullMan2 on Cursed Kaalia

9 months ago

I used to have a kaalia deck so i pretty much know how it works. Rly good cards for the deck are Rakdos the Defiler, Burning-Rune Demon and Reanimate. Rakdos doesnt make you sacrifiec half of your permanents if it was from kaalias abiliy. (also idk if you know it Master of Cruelties is lethal if you put him with kaalia and your opponent doesnt have any creatures cause its reducing the opponents hp to 1 and then kaalia kills him with her 2 dmg)

ShredderTTN86 on Cursed Kaalia

9 months ago

fadedbadger23 I am giving this build an overhaul, the maybeboard is pretty much what its going to become plus a few other things. I do agree with you about Master of Cruelties though, he is definitely going to be in there.

Crow-Umbra on Awkward Eye Contact with Death (retired)

9 months ago

Thank you for the suggestion Doombeard1984. I had Master of Cruelties in an earlier version of the deck, and talked about it a bit in the "Evolution of the Deck" section of my primer.

Master of Cruelties is a lot of fun, and well.... cruel lol. I removed it because it usually painted an immediate target on my back in my playgroup, especially after a particularly heinous player knock out I pulled off with it lol.

I was playing with my friends last summer and hit one of them with an unblocked, Alesha-reanimated Master of Cruelties. After that combat phase was finished, I then sacrificed Master of Cruelties to a Goblin Bombardment I resolved in my 2nd Main Phase to knock out the player it just hit.

I lived the dream at least once lol. Master of Cruelties is currently hanging out in one of my binders.

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