Swarm Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence


Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, you may copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

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Swarm Intelligence Discussion

hejtmane on Which Card is Best For …

1 month ago

The issue with Swarm Intelligence is mana cost I had it but that 7 mana was so prohibitive unless you had a ritual in hand you cast it tapped out and nothing even with fast mana why I went to double vision I got more value and easier to get out then swarm.

Thousand year storm is not worth unless you have a lot of rituals and 1 cmc spells was the first one i pulled from the deck rarely got value because it does not count top and other cards in the storm count so very underwhelming for a 6 cmc. Thousand year is a very dependent on deck construction does works while with Ral, Storm Conduit

That's my two cents as a person that use to play elsha as a storm/spell slinger type deck for a long while before going into more a breach/scepter/Brain freeze deck

Hardhitta7 on Which Card is Best For …

1 month ago

I personally like Thousand-Year Storm in my Spellslinger decks, but I also run more 1 mana cantrips than most people so it’s easy to build up storm and get multiple copies of stuff.

If your going bigger with the spells I would go with Swarm Intelligence so you can guarantee to get a copy if you only cast one big spell per turn.

Lanzo493 on Which Card is Best For …

1 month ago

Copying extra counterspells is actually extremely powerfl. It's the main reason Flusterstorm is so strong. With extra counterspells, your opponent has to use twice as many resources to stop you. You don't have to change the targets if you don't want.

I personally think Swarm Intelligence is the most consistent. I would run it if you have enough ramp to get there. If you're running a deck that likes to cast rituals and lots of draw cards in a turn, Thousand-Year Storm is the best choice. If you lack ramp and don't storm, Double Vision is your best bet. In any case, Veyran, Voice of Duality is great since it double triggers all of them as well as double triggers your commander's prowess.

DemonDragonJ on Which Card is Best For …

1 month ago

I am planning to build a red/white/blue deck with Elsha of the Infinite as the general, which shall have a strong focus on instants and sorceries, so I naturally will wish for a way to copy such spells, and I need to decide between Double Vision , Swarm Intelligence , or Thousand-Year Storm as an enchantment that shall perform that function, so which card between those three does everyone recommend?

Double Vision has the lowest mana cost, but the other two trigger multiple times, so they are appealing in that regard, but they would also trigger if I cast a counterspell, which could work against me.

What does everyone else say about this? Which of those three cards would work best in an Elsha deck?

Massacar on Yeah, You Better Run

2 months ago

I mean just dropping Deeka and the Summonings for Isochron and Dramatic Reversal would go well (and make your CMC curve even tighter).

Personally I would almost cut Swarm Intelligence over Summonings, it just feels like a wins-more card with that high of a CMC etc, but if you still want to drop the Summonings I would still consider dropping the swarm in favor of one of your proposed mana rocks or keeping Haze of Rage.

abby315 on Riku! Reku! Rikoo!

4 months ago

Here are my picks for weakest cards, without much justification except that for the most part I don't see them doing anything important with Riku, too expensive for what they do, or are too specific:

Spore Frog
Animist's Awakening
Desperate Ritual
Reshape the Earth
Sakura-Tribe Scout
Savage Ventmaw
Seething Song
Sunbird's Invocation
Pull from the Deep Volcanic Vision
Wild Ricochet
Hazoret's Undying Fury
Surrak Dragonclaw
Swarm Intelligence
Dual Casting
Volcanic Torrent
Decimate (since you need all legal targets, it can be awk to cascade into this one)
Amulet of Vigor
Trinket Mage
Murkfiend Liege
Wort, the Raidmother
Mana Reflection
Genesis Ultimatum
Cast Through Time

And I'm also recommending cutting all of your X spells that can be hit and missed with Cascade: Electrodominance
Genesis Wave

However, I'll echo what another commenter said in that cascade doesn't interact with Riku all that much. I mean, you can copy the permanents or spells cast off of Cascade, but you can't meaningfully copy the Cascade cards. You could choose to cut the Cascade package instead. It's up to you and what you want to play.

So that's my first evil pass at 30 cuts. :)

enpc on Need help cutting cards. So …

4 months ago

I get that sometimes people want to get straight into the card culling sometimes (since others have in fact provided feedback on the decklist) but there is an old adage about not putting the cart before the horse.

If you're not leaning into spell based win conditions, stuff like Mizzix's Mastery , Volcanic Vision , Hazoret's Undying Fury , etc all don't make sense here. These are spellslinger deck cards designed to work with a high storm count. Swarm Intelligence , Charmbreaker Devils and Twinning Staff are in the same vein. Remember, most of your instants and sorceries will just be ramping or some sort of card draw. If the deck is unable to operate unless you're copying/cascading these spells, then you have a fundamental issue with the deck.

I also don't think that cascade is the right choice here. Again, it's a mechanic that works well with "storm count matters" decks. That is not a battlecruiser strategy. You're better off just focusing on a craplaod of ramp and then hardcasting a big creature to then copy it. It means that you can focus on creatures that give you more bang for buck (think cards like Inferno Titan ) rahter than just a big creaature that will cascade into a mana dork and then be a vanilla beater (oh, and you don't get another cascade trigger off the copy since it just makes a token).

I also think that Ghalta, Primal Hunger is a bit of a catch 22 here. Sure, it's a big beater, but you can't copy it with Riku. On top of that, other than trample it's just a big creature and RUG doesn't exactly struggle to give stuff trample. Why not run Eldrazi instead? at least they give you cast triggers. Or Avenger of Zendikar who is a one man army (especially when cloned). You're alsonot running cards like Warstorm Surge or Terror of the Peaks who actually thrive in battlecruiser decks.

This is why it's really important ti dientify the actual win con of the deck rather than just jumping into cullign cards. Because there are lots of good cards, they just may not suite the deck. And without that clarity, you end up with a camel.

Omniscience_is_life on Riku! Reku! Rikoo!

4 months ago

Oh goodness me this would be so much easier if you weren't good at deckbuilding

I guess copying Obscuring Haze doesn't do much, so that one can be cut probably.

This isn't going to lower the amount of cards you have in the deck, but Swarm Intelligence is pretty much infinitely inferior to Thousand-Year Storm .

In Search of Greatness isn't amazing, it's not bad by any stretch but it'd definitely not amazing. I'd kill it.

Again, this won't lower the amount of cards (TWLAC from here on), just improve the quality of them: your ramp's average CMC is too high. I know it's easy to think "Oh, these ones put more lands into play and are ergo better for my strategy of casting massive stuff", but in the long run cards like Farseek , Nature's Lore , Three Visits , Rampant Growth , Into the North , and the signets like Gruul Signet , Izzet Signet , and Simic Signet will do better by you.

TWLAC but your card draw can be better considering you have Simic at your disposal. Stroke of Genius , Tatyova, Benthic Druid , Pull from Tomorrow , The Great Henge ... the list goes on.

Sorry I couldn't help cut very many cards, and I love the deck ;)

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