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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Premodern Legal
Vintage Legal



If you would draw a card, you may instead choose land or nonland and reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a card of the chosen kind. Put that card into your hand and put all other cards revealed this way on the bottom of your library in any order.

awesomedude20 on Sekki, Ghost Piñata

6 days ago


AHH Abundance is beautiful I can't believe I forgot about that! Definitely finding a spot to throw that in, since missing a land drop is like... fatal in this lmao

But alrighty cool, thanks for the feedback again, helps a ton!

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Sekki, Ghost Piñata

6 days ago

My bad, I didn't realize you wanted more card draw pre-Sekki. Looking at your list you already have about 13 card draw sources, 9 of which don't appear to be too reliant of Sekki. That's actually a pretty good number, but I you still want more then green has other options:

Harmonize is still great here. It's not a flashy card, but it's straightforward and efficient.

Regal Behemoth could be interesting since it introduces Monarch into the game. It also doubles your mana which helps cast Sekki. I feel like Monarch could advance your game plan both pre and post Sekki. Before hand it's just a card draw source that can get your opponents fighting amongst themselves. Afterwards, if you have a giant Sekki in play, your opponent with the Monarch has to think hard about taking a big hit and giving you card draw, or blocking Sekki and giving you spirits.

Abundance isn't card draw, but it is very good card selection. Lifecrafter's Bestiary is another along those lines.

Sword of Fire and Ice and the new Sword of Forge and Frontier from ONE are also decent card advantage sources. These are nice too since you can equip them to other creatures for early value and then move them onto Sekki for added protection/buffs once it is in play. Though be aware that the latter sword is a non-bo with your green enchantments.

Good luck! I really like this idea you have going here.

Catpocolypse on The Island Awakened

1 month ago

Profet93 Shorter reply just because I don't think a reply the length of my prior ones is necessary here.

Song of the Dryads isn't a replacement for Beast Within imo, but a situation where I run both of them, I'm just not sure what to cut fit Song of the Dryads.

The PWs are not a staple part of the list, in fact they were cards that I spotted in at the very beginning and have been just good enough to avoid getting cut. Not anymore however, as cutting Wrenn and Seven for Abundance instead of cutting World Shaper. Thoughts?

That being said, there's really not a viable reason to run Doubling Season over Parallel Lives, especially when the main reason for the effect is the tokens, not the counters.

Angel of Jubilation: I didn't realize it cut off fetches, but it's also not a card that is ever going to pop up in my playgroup.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is a card I had in the original concept of the deck, but got cut later as it didn't fit the sac/recursion theme I was building around, especially with the elemental tokens, or any other tokens for that matter, not counting towards the devotion as they don't have green pips.

Catpocolypse on The Island Awakened

1 month ago

@Profet93 After a bit of thinking, what are your thoughts on cuts for your suggestions?

-1 Jaheira's Respite +1 Greater Good

-1 Colossal Majesty +1 Sylvan Library

-1 World Shaper +1 Abundance

-1 Forest +1 Yavimaya Hollow

Interested on your thoughts about this, especially the possible World Shaper cut.

Catpocolypse on The Island Awakened

1 month ago

Alright @Profet93, I'm home and ready to take a deeper dive into this.

Abundance + Sylvan Library is something I will have to test out, Abundance is always a card I keep coming back to when I'm building in green. I'll see about testing it out, my group of friends is fine with proxies so I can have a chat with them about it.

If I include Yavimaya Hollow as well as making half my forests snow covered, that brings me to 10 land cards with different names. I'm not sure I can be consistent enough with Field of the Dead for it to be worth including. Though in the future, if I slot in more land cards it is definitely worth considering.

My other explanation wasn't exactly to the point lol, so I'm gonna try to clear this up. The reason my playgroup is fine with Triumph of the Hordes is because they understand that when that card comes out, it is with the intention to end the game this turn, no waiting around, either respond or lose. Finale of Devastation doesn't have that same power in this deck simply because there isn't anything I can go and find that has the same presence or intent that Triumph of the Hordes does.

Skullclamp is definitely something I considered, though not towards my one drops. Most of them are very reliable ramp/landfall shenanigans, Llanowar Elves being the only exception, using Skullclamp on the one drops doesn't seem like the correct play to me. Using it on the elemental tokens however, I am heavily considering, as we have already discussed how good of a sac option they make for cards like Greater Good.

Burgeoning is an interesting case because sometimes it feels kind of useless, but it has also had it's moments where it becomes one of the most powerful cards in my deck. It's a risky card, but there will always be risky cards. The real reason I'm not really considering taking it out however is because my LGS only had one copy and I will honestly feel bad if I tossed $20 at a card that high in demand just to swap it out a week later.

I haven't had a chance to playtest with Greater Good yet, but I have high hopes for it, as it is significantly more reliable than Jaheira's Respite

Those are my thoughts, though unfortunately I haven't been able to back any of them up with testing yet. Interested to see what you think of my logic behind certain choices.

Catpocolypse on The Island Awakened

1 month ago


Super glad for such a detailed list of suggestions, I'll try my best to go down each one and give you my thoughts on them.

Abundance/Sylvan Library: Between the two, I'm leaning more towards Sylvan Library due to the synergies you outlined, but I am seriously considering both of them. From what playtesting I have done, I have more than enough ramp effects, but I lack in card draw in order to power how many cards the deck can churn through. What do you think about replacing Lotus Cobra with Sylvan Library and Colossal Majesty with Abundance? Sylvan Library makes a better 2 drop than Lotus Cobra considering how much ramp I have and you already outlined the problems with Colossal Majesty.

Field of the Dead was not included because I don't think I have enough variety in my landbase to reliably activate it. Even if I change half my forests to snow covered, I only have 9 different lands, that's including Field of the Dead. I just have way too many fetches meant to get double landfall triggers for it to be reliable IMO. Unless I'm leaving fetches uncracked on the battlefield, I don't think I'm going to reliably be able to get much value out of it. I'm excited to hear your thoughts on that because I don't think it is entirely out of the question yet.

Castle Garenbrig: I already outlined out I have enough ramp and am thinking about cutting some for card draw, plus pretty much all of my lands are playing around a landfall trigger system where I am consistently saccing them and playing them out of my graveyard one way or another. Castle Garenbrig doesn't play into that strategy at all and I don't believe I need the ramp, I have a fairly low curve as it is.

Yavimaya Hollow: Definitely a card I was considering, but I ended up keeping it off the list not because of anything game mechanic wise, but just price. I already feel like this deck is quite possibly my most powerful deck and my playgroup is very casual, and relatively budgeted. As time goes on, this is absolutely be included as new cards come out and I keep this updated, but as of right now, I think I would feel bad showing up with a deck worth of 1k and playing against my friend who consistently makes decks worth less than $100.

Finale of Devastation: I honestly prefer Triumph of the Hordes in this deck, I don't usually need to make my creatures all that much bigger to win, I need the damage they deal to do more for me. Trample is something I prioritize in other decks for the finishing power and Triumph of the Hordes is no different, as well as the Infect making it a clear finishing card. I'm not entirely sure what I would even find with Finale of Devastation. Cultivator Colossus and Ancient Greenwarden/Rampaging Baloths are my highest CMC cards and none of them are real game closers, just big hitters that have powerful synergistic effects with my game plan.

I'm actually going to touch on Greater Good and Jaheira's Respite together: Jaheira's Respite is a risk vs reward card in my eyes, as it swings from being a dead card to pulling out 5, 8, 10+ lands in a single turn. This is one of the cards that I already own, so no need to buy it somewhere and I plan on doing some playtesting with it in a live environment. If it doesn't give enough reward for the risks it poses, it is going to be swapped out for Greater Good. I don't have all that many creatures I want to sac to Greater Good but you're correct, the elemental tokens fill a perfect role in that.

Hope this explains some of my positions on your suggestions and I'm looking forward to your own thoughts on my reasoning for the choices

Profet93 on The Island Awakened

1 month ago

+1 Be sure to let me know what you think of each suggestion, seems like a pretty cool synergistic deck.

AbundanceSylvan Library > Collasal Majesty. Honestly, most cards over majesty. Despite the royal name, the card only triggers once, on upekeep. So best case you maybe ramp into it, play a creature with high power, draw a card or 2 before it dies. Abundance allows you to filter your draws and is synergy with Cultivator Colossus (lol, Collasal Majesty, Cultivator Collusus, anyways....). IF you were to find a slot for sylvan library, abundance would synergize extremely well (I forgot the way the synergy works at the moment, something about drawing cards of your choice without paying the life). Speaking of sylvan library....

Is Field of the Dead not in here because it comes in tapped, doesnt make elemtenals or both? It seems very much on theme with landfall and token geeration nevertheless and is extremely powerful. Can help make tokens when your commander becomes unavailable. Swap half of your forests for snow covered if you were to add in field to help reliably activate it. Not to mention that it goes well with Scapeshift, Spelndid Rec, etc.... Seems too good too ignore, your curve doesn't seem low enough to worry about it coming in tapped.

Castle Garenbrig - Ramp

Yavimaya Hollow - Protection

Neither castle nor hollow are high priority given you are limiting nonbasics. But it might be worth considering should you feel lacking on either front, particularly the latter, even though the former could be more helpful.

Finale of Devastation > Triumph of hordes? - Both act as a wincon, although finale has much greater variety and is not a winmore card.

Greater Good - Do you not feel you have enough 4+ power creatures to take advantage of this? I feel the tokens u generate would make this an easy inclusion. Not to mention it prevents theft and exile effects, all while allowing you to fill your grave with more lands if needed. Seems like the best card for your deck out of all of my suggestions, am I missing something?

Potential cut, Jaheira's Respite - You say in your description you dont want myriad landscape or blighted due to mana utilization. Yet you are okay with holding 5 mana back? What if you already have a lot of basics out (given your deck has only half) or they just aren't attacking you. Too situational for too low of a payout IMO. How has it played for you?

Looking forward to your response.

Niko9 on Bant enchantmentz

2 months ago

Nice build! I don't play straight up enchantress, but have a enchant side to a few decks, so here are a few things that I've found good. Not sure if they are exactly what you want for the deck, but figured I'd throw out ideas.

Mirri's Guile is one of my favorite turn 1 enchants, and it goes great with Abundance When you get to a point where guile doesn't have any amazing options, you can turn over your top cards with abundance and then get a fresh pile next turn.

Setessan Champion is another enchantress effect with a little upside of getting huge sometimes : )

Leveler could help you get to your thoracle win faster, though it is super risky.

Arasta of the Endless Web is a decent blocker and an enchant, and you'd be shocked how many spiders people give you. By the time your opponents even see it as a cost, you will have like 10.

Hall of Heliod's Generosity is a great effect, I just wish it wasn't so always expensive to get.

Moon-Blessed Cleric might be a great tutor for you considering how much draw you have.

And I guess Song of the Dryads might be good as removal too.

Again, not too sure how useful these are, but a few I've found handy.

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