If you would draw a card, you may instead choose land or nonland and reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a card of the chosen kind. Put that card into your hand and put all other cards revealed this way on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Abundance Discussion

Neotrup on Fa'adiyah Seer questions.

2 weeks ago

You reveal it for Abundance to confirm that it's a nonland, but you don't reveal it for Fa'adiyah Seer, nor do you discard it.

BruhYouFarted on Fa'adiyah Seer questions.

2 weeks ago

So if I choose Non-Land with Abundance, I can keep the card without revealing/discarding it?

BruhYouFarted on Fa'adiyah Seer questions.

2 weeks ago

If I activate Fa'adiyah Seer's ability with Abundance on the battlefield, could I activate Abundance naming Land to guarantee the draw, or is it considered a different card and the "reveal clause" doesn't activate? If we do the Abundance thing again but I choose Non-Land, will I always have to discard that card? What happens when I use the Fa'adiyah Seer to dredge a Stinkweed Imp? Do I dredge it and then immediately discard it?

MrHuffle on KonoSuba: Crimson Magic of Explosion (Omnath)

1 month ago

Hey Profet93!

Thanks for the +1 and the awesome comment!

Field of the Dead - A fantastic card and while it is a bit out of budget, the main reason I don't play it is because it doesn't make elementals. Although, it will make the maybe board for my Omnath, Locus of Creation build.

Nylea's Intervention - I mainly it use for grabbing fetches and Homeward Path, but your suggestion of Realms Uncharted will probably replace it the next time I order cards :)

Tempt of Discovery/Vengeance - My playgroup is pretty greedy when it comes to lands so usually they tutor, especially in the early game. And even though opponents usually don't choose tokens, it's still worth having for me alone.

Abundance - Funny enough I added this card two days ago, so I haven't had the chance to test it out yet unfortunately, so I'll have to find out.

Blighted Woodland - Is good but I just took it out for Ghost Town. Usually, I have more efficient ways of getting lands than a 2 for 4 rate.

Castle Garenbrig - More ramp, I like

Cryptic Caves - Wish I thought of this earlier, going in

Sol Ring - Again a great card that would improve the deck, but artifact ramp just isn't on theme.

Life from the Loam - Definitely an eventually addition.

Thanks again for checking out the deck!

Chief_Warlock_Engineer_of_Skavenblight on +1/+1 deck

1 month ago

What about an Ivy Lane Denizen with Scurry Oak or Herd Baloth to make infinite Tokens and a infinitely big creature. I see you run Craterhoof Behemoth but not a single token creater.Maybe some more Tutors would also help like Shared Summons which puts these to pieces at instant speed into your hand? Eventhough Shared Summons is a bit low powered considering that you run such a powerful Manabase. So maybe Worldly Tutor, Summoner's Pact or Survival of the Fittest instead? I'd probably cut Abundance, Triumph of the Hordes, The Great Aurora (since you only run 32 lands) and Managorger Hydra, since you run Forgotten Ancient already which is a strictly better version of Managorger Hydra. Also in terms of carddraw it seems like you could have some more. Maybe a Return of the Wildspeaker or Greater Good to be able to use these big creatures to keep on drawing into fuel. Maybe consider dropping the fight effects like Khalni Ambush  Flip and Smell Fear. They seem rather inconvenient without deathtouch even if they can easily be used as target removal, but i guess drawing into a wincon is worth more than getting rid of a creature?

legendofa on targets for dakkon?

3 months ago

The only moderately successful Possessed Portal build I've seen used Abundance to fake-draw lands to make tokens for Rampaging Baloths. There's probably much better options now.

Platinum Emperion should work fine in a control deck as long as you can protect it.

Megaspell on +1/+1 deck

3 months ago

Would Ezuri's Predation be an option for this deck?
It synergises pretty well with your commander.
I would probably take out Abundance seeing that you cut Cultivator Colossus recently.

Starsky2814 on Omnath, A Song of Creation and Chaos

6 months ago

Any thoughts on including Cultivator Colossus? I was thinking of pairing it with Abundance to rip all my lands out and into play off the trigger and then stack my library however I’d like within the process. Worth it or not?

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